Elevatus Unveils Version 3.0 Breakthrough in Technology to Redefine Intelligent AI Solutions

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Tech company Elevatus exclusively launched the much-anticipated Version 3.0 of its intelligent A.I. solutions. The new features consist of the finest and most distinctive technologies in the world, by combining both Artificial Intelligence and innovation to launch its brand-new release. Elevatus’ release aims to save and optimize business processes from the havoc and chaos induced by the pandemic. 

Despite the increasing turmoil shaking the world today, Elevatus is providing exquisitely intelligent A.I. solutions that are giving businesses the opportunity to regroup and establish solid work processes at a time where vulnerability and uncertainty are driving them into “survival mode”. Elevatus’ enhanced features and solutions have placed their clients in the forefront, all ready and set to bolster into a fresh new year with powerful A.I. solutions right at their fingertips. Leaving all challenges, setbacks, and troubles in the past.    

Elevatus offers unique A.I. solutions that are redefining the way businesses operate and make decisions at the workplace. Businesses worldwide are using Elevatus’ A.I. hiring solution and video assessment tool to ultimately enhance and scale their business processes. The tech provider aims to ease various work functions and decision-making when it comes to hiring, assessing, training, developing, surveying and much more. 

“Elevatus’ Version 3.0 is incredibly changing the way businesses operate. We launched this release knowing very well it’s going to help businesses from various industries transform the way they carry out their daily work processes. Our clients are seeing the fruitful impact of our A.I. solutions on their revenues in various industries, such as the pharmaceutical, banking, telecommunication, retail and media industry.” said Yara Burgan, CEO of Elevatus. 

The cofounders of Elevatus are setting new expectations for A.I. solutions, with the most advanced and innovative system release. The new release was rolled out in December 2020, and includes an updated and modern user interface, as well as the latest features of Elevatus’ advanced A.I. solutions. The purpose of this release is to enhance the user experience based on their clients’ feedback and roll-out the latest innovations that have been rigorously developed during the past year at Elevatus R&D and innovation lab.

The key features and updates of the new release include: 

  • An enhanced and more user-friendly interface
  • Adding the option of online billing
  • Detailed privacy control settings and user management
  • An added preference section that allows for more customization
  • Elevatus’ advanced and latest A.I algorithms integrated with the new solutions 
  • Updated A.I recommendation engine that supports many languages 
  • A more dynamic, customizable, and enhanced branding page
  • Customizable evaluation forms
  • Optimized, enhanced, and more automated pipelines
  • Adding the option of sending questionnaires with logic jumps in the pipeline
  • An improved Candidate Portal that is integrated with Coursera & Udemy
  • Integrations with top tier technology providers such as Zoom, Meet, DocuSign, Slack, SAP Successfactors, Oracle, LinkedIn & 10,000 + job boards.

Elevatus’ incredibly advanced solutions and Version 3.0 created a transformational revolution in various industries. It yielded compelling results, and helped the tech provider gain a competitive edge with its groundbreaking release. As a result, Elevatus’ clients can now speed up their processes 3 times faster, enjoy a seamless user experience, and boost their revenue number incrementally. 

“Elevatus is once again blazing through a new year with powerful achievements. We aim to design A.I. solutions that create an impact in the tech space and digitally transform the way businesses operate. Amidst this worldwide turmoil, we’re offering businesses the chance to revamp the way they work, and give them a beacon of hope, trust, and power. More is yet to come with Elevatus, and this is just the beginning!” shared the co-founder of Elevatus, Yacoub Zureikat. 

Become a leader in hiring today!

Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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