The year 2020 was an exceptional year. We all had to overcome restrictions, adapt to changes, and embrace the new reality of remote work. 

However, amidst the worldwide chaos induced by the pandemic, Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) managed to add another key milestone in its digital transformation plan: upgrading its hiring process through Elevatus’ A.I. solution.

JKB partnered with Elevatus to utilize its advanced video assessment tool for internal and external hiring purposes. Within only a year of using Elevatus’ solution, JKB was able to efficiently hire applicants 3X faster!

Elevatus helped in optimizing Jordan Kuwait Bank’s initial screening process, increasing the number of quality applicants, and scaling its hiring process with ease.

This was enabled by:



“Elevatus’ young and passionate team developed an intuitive solution. They have skillfully succeeded in developing this technology with the best global methods of personality analysis using A.I. technology. In addition, they developed a comprehensive solution that specializes in facilitating HR processes.”

– Mosab Hourani, Senior HR at Jordan Kuwait Bank




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