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Reduced test bias

Teachers reduced test bias through unbiased video assessment interviews that assess students fairly and consistently.

More student engagement

The school engaged students through a localized assessment experience. Allowing them to take their assessments in 5 different languages.

In-depth insights

Teachers cultivated more insights on their students through scientifically validated psychometric reports, that are reliable and trustworthy.


International school



The setback

Due to the widespread of Covid19, the renowned international school started looking for a safe and innovative way to remotely assess students, without the whiteboard. They sought to divert away from traditional assessments, and find an alternative method to accurately assess their students during exams.

  • Inability to assess in-person
  • Outdated assessment process
  • Lack of remote learning

Elevatus helped the school build a seamless assessment process

Teachers were able to mitigate test bias, enhance testing performance and accurately assess students with an engaging experience done through video assessment interviews.

Shorter assessment time

With automated and customized video assessment interviews, the school created a faster, rich and immersive assessment experience for teachers and students alike.

Improved test performance

Students got to express their knowledge and understanding towards any subject freely, deeply, and comfortably - from their own home. Helping them boost their testing performance by 86%.

Digitized learning experience

The school eliminated geographic constraints and created a seamless online learning experience powered by AI and advanced video assessment interviews.

Trusted by 200+ leading companies

Join the 200+ companies who are using our video interviewing software to spot top talent faster and build skilful workforces.
“We are proud of this cooperation with Elevatus, which aims at benefiting both parties. It also aims at strengthening our leadership position as we move towards a digital transformation in the banking sector, and all other fields of our business.”
Isam Samara Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Capital Bank of Jordan
“Our focus during our growth stage was to acquire the best talent. That’s why we chose Elevatus, one of the big players in the region. They have simplified our recruitment process, their end-to-end talent management solution has helped us to successfully hire some of the region's qualified talents, saving our HR department plenty of time previously spent filtering and assessing CVs manually. We're sure our next best-fit candidate is only an A.I. powered assessment away. Thanks to the brilliant team behind Elevatus.“
Muhannad Ebwini CEO & Founder at Hyperpay
“It has been a great experience working with Elevatus. The solution improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process and reduced both the time and cost usually consumed.”
Amal Odeh Human Resources Manager at Seagulls
“The Seagulls-Elevatus partnership is a powerful combination. Elevatus’ approach using advanced A.I. technology is a game changer not only for our industry - but for businesses in general.”
Eyad Halabi Sales & Marketing Director at Seagulls
“Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) originated back to the 1950's. It represents simulated intelligence in machines and is a subset of Data Science. In 2018, Elevatus’ young and passionate team built a wonderful intuitive solution that is capable of thinking like a human. They have skillfully succeeded in developing this technology with the best global methods of personality analysis using A.I. technology. In addition, they developed a comprehensive solution that specializes in facilitating the HRM processes. Thank you Elevatus team and good luck!”
Mosab Hourani Senior HR at Jordan Kuwait Bank
“BDC has been using Elevatus since 2018, and I have to say that it has significantly transformed the way we run our business. Elevatus has contributed to the continuity and enhancement of our mission; which is delivering effective development programs. By using Elevatus intuitive Artificial Intelligence technology, we were able to shortlist applicants and assess them using the video assessment tool.”
Mohammad Snobar Head of Public Relations and Communication at Business Development Center
“I’ve been using Elevatus for a few months now. Great team, great support and above all it delivers what it promises. Hiring managers are loving it! Especially the senior ones who are able to get a good feeling of the potential candidates’ personality, presentation and communication skills. This is a huge time saver for them plus it is COVID19 safe. Speed, security and quality are definitely worth the investment.”
Imran Yousuf Managing Partner at Antal International
“When it comes to specialty & innovation, Elevatus is coming up with their unique and professional solutions. They are very efficient and provide an exceptional service.
We have worked with Elevatus from the beginning and it was clear to us that we are working with outstanding organization.”
Mohammad Darwish Senior Human Resources Manager at Samsung
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