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Candidate Sourcing: 5 Tips to Creating an Efficient Global Recruiting Strategy 

May 27, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

As the competition for talent is on the rise, it has become important for companies to create global recruiting strategies. One factor driving this shift is falling unemployment around the world. Ultimately, it has made it difficult to attract top talent to this economy.

CEOs say they’re worried about finding the right talent for their companies, with the necessary skills. To support growth and remain competitive in sourcing and recruiting top candidates, organizations need to build a comprehensive global recruitment strategy.

In today’s blog post, we go over some awesome tips that will help you create a winning global recruiting strategy. 

Organizations Know That Strong Global Recruiting Strategies On New Virtual Hiring Approaches

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To build or grow a global recruiting strategy, you will need to understand and learn from unnecessary issues that halt efficiency. Such as: 

  • Disjointed tools used in various locations
  • Friction points out that slow time-to-hire
  • Decisions made without proper reporting and data
  • Lack of trusted data or compliance per territory
  • Lack of functionality to compete for talent on a global scale

The below practices will walk you through the ways you can improve your global recruitment strategy:

1. Inspire The World’s Top Talent To Join You

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The global talent market is huge but the competition is even tougher. When more employers look for top talent without boundaries, it takes more to attract talent for both high-demand and highly specialized roles.

These past years taught us that employer branding, authenticity, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion all have the power to sway a job seeker one way or the other.

Look at the message your career sites send to candidates. Your career site is the face of your company. It’s one of the first items candidates interact with and you really needed to set the stage there. So make sure your message is accurate, relevant, and above all, friendly. 

2. Simplify Your High Volume Hiring Approach

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Consistency is key in global recruiting. Whether your recruiters are hiring from different offices or seeking out global talent from a single headquarters. Your talent solutions can help you master high-volume hiring while maintaining the elements unique to each location.

For example, international businesses include many different workflows and processes –  but prioritize standardization.

3. Maintain A Consistent Candidate Experience From Anywhere

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While it would be nice if job seekers came to your career site and applied right away, we know that multiple touchpoints are needed to stay on their radar.

The best way to compete is to create a consistent, branded candidate experience with touchpoints that make talent from anywhere in the world feel a sense of belonging. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Modernize your outreach using a universally accepted approach: text
  • Access talent quickly outside of varying business hours
  • Adapt communications to language specifications
  • Track outreach with talent through universally-accessible candidate profiles in your ATS to easily execute data privacy requests

4. Comply With International Policies

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While global recruiting, there is a lot of data flowing, and potentially a lot of risk.

Global talent acquisition amplifies compliance concerns. Different countries have different protocols, legislation, and policies to consider. That’s where having an experienced and globally equipped talent solution becomes an integral part of risk mitigation. Not sure where to get started? Here are a few pointers that may help: 

  • Integrate hiring tools used to attract, engage, hire, and advance talent under the same talent platform for a single source of truth
  • Partner with vendors with noted international data transfer and privacy standards so your data is secure between all your systems
  • Ensure your tools can meet the GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield, Swiss-US Privacy Shield, and other applicable data privacy laws
  • Configure your solutions to address varying regulations across different locations
  • Set individual job openings to provide specific compliance questions required by a certain country and add them to future corresponding job templates
  • Keep candidate communications off employees’ personal phones and in a secure, compliant platform

5. Create A Truly Localized Hiring Experience

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The only thing that’ll cut it when it comes to quality of experience and satisfaction is the feeling that a candidate's needs and preferences are uniquely met. While features are the engine of user task execution, content is the essence of user experience. When localization is done right, the notion of a truly native experience becomes possible. This allows international companies to benefit from using SaaS solutions as much as any other company.

Bottom line 

As borders become less relevant, global companies are in a position to connect even more people with job opportunities across the world. It’s all about having the right partnership to get you there. But our award-winning hiring platform will make your global recruiting strategies even easier to implement!

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Recruit better, faster, and fairer

Join hundreds of recruiting teams who increased their hiring success and recruited winning teams with Elevatus.

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