5 Wonderful Tips for Building a Fully Remote Recruitment Process

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remote recruitment process

Remote recruitment is now the new black in HR. The world’s economies are slowly restarting, leaving us all with no choice but to embrace remote hiring with open arms.

If we know one thing for certain, it’s that this pandemic pushed us to upgrade the way we work.

You can’t cook a delicious dinner without the right utensils. The same thing goes for a remote recruitment process. You can’t conduct one without the right solution.

So what’s the best way to build a fully remote recruitment process?

You’re just about to find out the best tips for building a fully remote recruitment process in this article.

Roll up your sleeves and let’s dig into the good stuff!

hiring platform

Hiring is not the same anymore. Nowadays, every recruiter’s dream is to find the right talent every time, even when hiring remotely. Challenges are spurting out like daisies, though. Applicants are scattered around the country or world. Transportation is hard. Social distancing is a barrier. But the best way to adapt to the new way of work, is to invest in a hiring platform.

A hiring platform covers the entire hiring cycle from A to Z. From automating processes, centralizing data, shortlisting, filtering, screening, to instilling a memorable applicant experience – and much more. For instance, our hiring platform can save 90% of your time, cut down hiring costs by 70%, and boost your decision accuracy by a whopping 95%! Also, our solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence and hiring technology which makes remote recruitment a much easier and joyful experience for businesses worldwide!

You must have been misleaded by a job description as least once in your life. You read a Content Writer job description and apply for the job. Two weeks later you find yourself rushing through traffic getting Starbucks for your boss, or maybe even picking up your manager’s kids from school. Misleading job descriptions can literally destroy your remote recruitment process.

There are multiple reasons why job descriptions don’t match job roles. Such as when the recruiter has absolutely no idea what a job role entails, or when the responsibilities for a new job in the market are still vague. The best way to swerve around this problem is to get an expert to help you out, or you can resort to our intelligent AI engine that can write the job descriptions for you!

Next, the plan is to get as many eyeballs as possible on your polished and shiny job description. Just a little tip: don’t let your job posting stay active for longer than 30 days. The longer your remote recruitment process, the faster you’ll lose your top applicants.

Did you know that the best applicants are usually out of the job market in only 10 days?! This is why companies need to move fast, or else they’ll risk losing their top talent. With that being said, start posting your jobs on free job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, FlexJobs, RemoteOK, and more. Or, we can help you post your job on 10,000 job boards.

Yes, you read that right!

Having all your data and resumes stored, shared, and recorded in one centralized place is a blessing in this day. This is why we strongly suggest you invest and manage all your jobs with an applicant tracking system. An ATS makes applicant comparability, centralized data, reporting, communication and information sharing a breeze.

For instance, our ATS can help you manage and organize applicants, parse resumes, rank applicants, and automate the entire pipeline with customized actions. Also, an ATS can be integrated with video interviewing software. So you can seamlessly integrate video interviews into your current ATS and perform all related interview actions from there.

Not sure what video interviewing software is? We’ll talk more about it in the next point.

Stick around.

CVs might show you a snippet of the applicant’s skills and experience, but not their personality or attitude. At the end of the day, you want to hire a person, not a CV.

Video assessments are in a league of their own.

They’re also a great way to express one’s character. Video interviewing software allows you to remotely assess applicants, students, patients, or team members through videos. By capturing their video responses, you can test their knowledge, skills, aptitude, conditions, or eligibility for any particular position.

Did you know that 83% of applicants’ state that they are satisfied with their video assessment experience? Our video interviewing software allows you and your team to watch applicant replies, revisit them when you need to, leave comments and share feedback that are visible to each other.

Then, it’s just cherry-picking your best applicants.

The bottom line

If you’re aiming to build a remote recruitment process, then don’t panic. With a hiring platform, accurate job descriptions, awesome career sites, an ATS, and video interviewing software, you’ll be armed and ready to set yourself and your applicants up for success!

If Bob the Builder can build and fix things with his talking vehicles, then you can build a remote recruitment process with the right tools and tips!

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