How to Build a Talent Acquisition Strategy Framework That Actually Works

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A talent acquisition strategy framework goes beyond hiring talent that meets the company’s needs. It goes as far as also considering the needs of the prospective employee.

A talent acquisition strategy framework tends to fail if it solely focuses on just hiring top talent – and sidelines what the potential employee’s needs may be. This might not be necessarily included in the definition of talent acquisition, however, it remains an important part of the success of a talent acquisition strategy.

The talent acquisition strategy framework is built on the knowledge of the skillsets, experience, qualifications, and personality traits for a position.

Building a talent acquisition strategy framework that works means understanding the key elements of a talent acquisition strategy.

In this blog, we start with the definition of talent acquisition, as it is essential to understand what it is and its functions in the HR department.

What is talent acquisition?

recruiters building a talent acquisition strategy

Talent acquisition is the process of identifying and acquiring skilled talent to meet organizational needs. It comprises of strategies, tactics, and the processes required for finding, recruiting, and retaining top talent in a company.

Unlike general recruitment, where sometimes quantity is given more value than quality, talent acquisition focuses on a curated process that businesses rely on to identify the very best fit for their team.

Companies that look to acquire the best talent for their teams often have talent acquisition specialists whose primary role is to source and identify candidates who have the skill set that the company needs to thrive and grow.

In all of these, the talent acquisition team develops a talent acquisition strategy framework that covers all the steps; from the inquisition to the retention of employees. This ultimately makes it a very delicate process as missing out on important aspects of the talent acquisition strategy framework might result in a failed strategy.

Gain visibility

Successful talent acquisition strategies to manage hiring process

Potential candidates need to hear about you if you want them to apply to your job openings. Both large and small businesses need to be their own biggest advocates. So be sure to showcase your culture with your network, post about it on LinkedIn, and give your employees a reason to be excited about working at your company.

Visibility includes, but is not limited to, the searchability of your job postings on different job boards and getting involved in community events. Why? Simply because top talent might find it difficult to trust and work for a business they’ve never heard of.

Improve your company culture

A team of talent acquisition specialists creating hiring goals to meet with talent acquisition strategies

Your company must have an identifiable culture of high performance. Candidates want to clearly know the benefits they will be gaining once they join your company. They also want to know more about the work environment and atmosphere. Values are great, but they are not enough to distinguish your company. You need examples of your company culture in action. This will essentially build trust with potential employees.

When you build a suitable work culture, you will incredibly enhance your employer brand. This will not only help in the acquisition of top talent, but it will also help you foster employee retention.

Level up with metrics and feedback

Hiring team working on different tasks simultaneously on a recruitment software

Data is a hallmark of modern talent acquisition. Unfortunately, it is frequently overlooked by many businesses. Data drives better business decisions. Metrics will help you to measure the financial costs, efficiency, and candidate experience.

For example, a hiring platform like EVA-REC intelligently provides advanced analytics and reports in one visually appealing dashboard. Where in seconds recruiters can instantly view all the data related to their jobs, how long they’ve been open, and how many candidates they’ve attracted. This way, recruiters can easily pinpoint any bottlenecks or gaps that exist in their talent acquisition strategy.


Involving career growth and development as part of talent acquisition strategies

Qualified candidates prefer a personalized hiring process; from the application to the onboarding process.

You can leverage a hiring platform to automate and personalize communication with candidates across their favorite channels. Whether it be via phone, email, SMS messages, or social media. As soon as you move a candidate from one stage to another in the hiring process, they will automatically receive a personalized message informing them of the next steps. This will keep the candidate in the loop at all times and enhances the candidate experience and talent acquisition strategy.

Test new technologies

Talent acquisition specialists creating strategies that work

While the HR department is still ravishing the introduction of user-friendly ATS, a slew of new technologies has arisen to aid talent acquisition – such as AI-powered resume parsing, interview scheduling technology, chatbots, video assessments, and more.

Therefore, it is essential to stay on top of talent acquisition trends to remain relevant and modernize your talent acquisition strategy framework. But be sure to pilot, test, and learn about the new technology prior to investing in it.

Final words

Acquisition and retention of top talent is a constant challenge in this day and age. However, building a great talent acquisition strategy framework, with the help of the right tools will give you an edge over competitors.

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Ready to achieve talent acquisition success?

With our end-to-end hiring platform, build a fast, friendly, and exceptional talent acquisition strategy framework. Hire top talent at scale and see how getting started couldn’t be any easier.
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