How to Build a Strong Remote Team You Can Depend on With Video Interviewing Software

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The advancement of technology and video interviewing software has drastically altered the global work culture. If we can do everything from the comfort of our homes, why not work remotely?

Various factors, from the pandemic to Millennials’ desire for a better work-life balance, have led to businesses worldwide adopting the work-from-home model. It’s a model that has proven to be highly productive but requires careful implementation.

When your company invests in hiring remote workers, those employees must be able to participate in the day-to-day operations. Video interviewing software is helpful not only during the hiring and selection processes. Consider it a continuous tool that will assist you in further investing in your remote workers.

In this blog, we will explore the various steps you can take to build your remote team with video interviewing software.

Recruit Carefully

An HR manager recruiting carefully using video interviewing software

Studies have shown a notable increase in productivity among employees who work from home. However, it is essential to note that this increase only applies to workers who have the self-control, motivation, and aptitude to work remotely. You won’t be able to supervise the team because they will be working from home, so you need to hire people you can rely on.

Therefore, you need to tweak your standard process to make it more suitable for hiring a remote team. Hire candidates with strong communication skills, quick response times, and expertise in their field.

Luckily, video interviewing software makes it much easier to recruit remote candidates. It makes it easy to connect with candidates from different countries or even worldwide.

Furthermore, video interviews give employers a clearer picture of a candidate than a traditional resume or cover letter. Recruiters can better understand candidates’ personalities, communication styles, and qualifications by seeing and hearing them in their own words.

Use Reliable Communication Methods

A recruiter communicating affectively using video interviewing software

Communication is essential for building a strong bond with your team. However, when the entire team works remotely, communication becomes more difficult.

With today’s tools, there are countless ways to stay in touch and bring the team together. Several popular tools make communication easier with your remote team, such as

This tool has made video conferences convenient and simple for teams of 100 or fewer. There are several options. It’s also where you can set conditions to keep cameras on all the time.

Microsoft Teams
It’s yet another helpful tool for planning official meetings and social gatherings. It is easy to use and compatible with all devices, allowing you to interact with your projects and collaborate with your team.

This well-known software makes regular communication with the team simple and efficient. It is accessible via desktop and mobile apps, making it simple to use. It also allows other software tools to be integrated, which saves time.

These are important tools for improving team communication. Fortunately, a one-of-a-kind video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS provides access to all of these tools and more. As a result, video conversations will encourage effective collaboration while also helping your employees get to know one another better.

Invest In Your Team’s Development

An employee taking interviews through video interviewing software to develop

You must invest in the development of your remote team if you want it to be effective and productive. Training is an important part of any business because it gives employees the skills they need to do their jobs. However, it is more difficult to determine what type of training each team member requires when working remotely.

Worry no more!

Video interviewing software can help you conduct personal video interviews with each member of your team. This way, you can ask each one a set of objective questions about the skills required for your team’s development. The answers to these questions will help you determine the training needed.
Moreover, using video interview software will allow you to assess your team member’s understanding. As a result, you can identify and improve your remote program’s weak points. Overall, this will help you build a stronger remote team.

Impart Work Culture

A manager imparting work culture throgh video interviewing software

Companies must establish a strong work culture for their remote employees. It helps them feel connected, valued, and appreciated despite the physical boundaries. However, maintaining a work culture in the office is more accessible than in a remote setting.

The right way to create a work culture is to blend it into everything you do. But how is this possible with a remote team?

You should have figured it out by now. Yes, through video interviewing software.

When you communicate with your remote workers via video, you have the opportunity to give them a sense of your company culture. Remote workers may struggle to connect with your company on a cultural level if they do not see the office environment or coworkers.

Overall, video interviewing software allows your remote team to see and interact with your team while understanding the cultural environment.

Wrapping it up

Building a remote team entails more than just initial planning, recruiting, handing out laptops, and telling your employees to get to work. You should interact with the team more and monitor their progress. Video interviewing software is an excellent tool for strengthening relationships within your team and helping you build a stronger one overall.

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Pinpoint and hire great candidates at top speed!

See how our video interviewing software can help you identify and secure top talent fast with unbiased and secure AI video assessments.
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