5 Simple Tricks to Boost Team Collaboration With a Hiring Platform

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Today, collaborative hiring is getting all the rage nowadays – and for very good reasons. For starters, hiring is no longer a one-man job.

Gone are the days when recruiters would leave hiring responsibilities only to the HR managers. Now, team collaboration is about involving the entire team in the hiring process – all through a hiring platform.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that team collaboration should be built on a strong foundation of open communication lines, common values, and workplace flexibility – instead of a rigid and unbending 9 to 5 work schedule that may cause team silos.

But that time was yesterday.

Today, recruiters can seamlessly collaborate together in one centralized place; a hiring platform. This way, teammates can ensure the smooth flow of their workflows, communication lines, and team collaboration.

In this blog post, we reflect on the importance of team collaboration with 5 easy tricks that enhance it with a hiring platform.

Keep all your hiring discussions in one place

recruiters collaborating through a hiring platform

Instead of fragmenting communication lines across platforms like Gmail, Hangouts, or Slack – a hiring platform centralizes all your discussions in one single place.

Thanks to cloud-based hiring platforms, teams from different departments can stay connected at all times – whenever, wherever. So when it comes to recruitment, this type of hiring technology plays a crucial role in shaping, enhancing, and molding the team’s collaboration in one central hub.

With a modern hiring platform, teammates can interact together under one tab and in real-time. Say goodbye to back-and-forth email discussions that roll on for days on end. Instead, engage in discussions that flow in real-time, all within the hiring platform.

So instead of waiting 17 hours to solicit interview feedback, boot up the hiring platform and engage in timely discussions. Where in seconds, your teammates can see your feedback, comments, or thoughts regarding a specific candidate – and give you their feedback too straightaway. So instead of having a never-ending email thread or relying on water cooler breaks to speak to a teammate – a hiring platform allows you to discuss candidates with teammates on spot, with no delay.

So if you just moved a candidate from one stage to the other, a hiring platform will instantly notify teammates and keep them up to date on candidates, notes, to-dos, and discussions that were left by other teammates. This way, everyone will be kept in the loop and no one will feel left out!

Set clear roles and tasks

talent acquisition team setting roles and tasks

One of the biggest setbacks in recruitment (and the bane of team collaboration) is the lack of understanding of who does what. This often leads to duplication of work, lower productivity, and a lack of trust. Luckily, this is quite easy to overcome with a hiring platform. Simply, you can invite your teammates to help you out on the hiring platform and assign different tasks for different users.

So if you want to assign a specific pipeline or job role to a specific teammate, you can easily do that with the click of a button. Inviting this teammate means that this person will be fully in charge of this stage and will own it from start to finish. So if it used to take one recruiter to manage a single vacancy, multiple teammates can join hands and collaborate together to expedite the process.

What’s more, you can even specify the permissions for specific teammates, on every level. Such as whether they have the ability to create, update, delete or view applications, approvals, or templates.
As a result, this will help teams get a clearer understanding of what their role is, what they’re in charge of, and to who they should report to.

With full visibility to the entire team, HR managers can seamlessly invite team members, and track where they are with each candidate. So instead of conducting unproductive meetings or complex email exchanges – this centralized hiring platform allows you to boost collaboration like never before.

Digitize the hiring process entirely

a hiring platform digitizing the hiring process

The crux of team collaboration is a disorganized and lengthy hiring process. It’s nearly impossible for teams to collaborate together when processes are not streamlined and admin work is on the rise. Not only does this lead to disgruntled work, but it also leaves teammates with no energy whatsoever to communicate or act together as a team.

The great news is that a hiring platform is geared up with automation and powerful technology that eliminates admin work and digitizes the hiring process seamlessly. Giving teams their time back and allowing them to focus more on what matters – building connections with candidates and championing team collaboration.

What’s more, a hiring platform empowers recruiters to work more efficiently and make better talent decisions. For instance, our AI hiring platform helps them filter, source, and screen thousands of resumes in seconds, rank candidates from highest to least fit, and accurately match the right candidates to the right vacancies.

They can even integrate with the tools that they already use on a daily basis, such as Zoom, Gmail, Indeed, Glassdoor, DocuSign and so much more!

Not only does the hiring platform save up to 17 hours per hire, but it also helps recruiters improve the quality of their decisions, sail through the hiring process fast, communicate more, and create a meaningful hiring experience for everyone involved.

Fast and easy interview scheduling

recruiter scheduling interviews through a hiring platform

If scheduling interviews with candidates gives you more than just a headache, then we feel your pain. We see how teams struggle to find a suitable time to interview candidates. It’s even more challenging when teammates have to coordinate their calendars together.

No wonder why the time to hire takes 40 days on average!

Modern hiring platforms rid you of this pitfall. They help you automate and schedule interviews with ease, and hire top talent in a few days only. For example, many advanced hiring platforms are integrating with popular calendar providers to streamline the process of scheduling interviews for the entire hiring team. Through such integration, recruiters can quickly check their team’s availability, book meeting rooms, and send invitations to teammates, candidates, and external attendees in one single click.

Consequently, when you send an interview invitation to a candidate, the hiring team and candidate will both get an email sent straight to their inbox. They can even include other information such as the map of the local area, the location, the time, or helpful directions.

Ultimately, with a hiring platform you can instantly and quickly get interviews scheduled on your calendar, receive live notifications, send automatic reminders, and inevitably take the stress out of hiring. Allowing you to improve the candidate’s experience, set up time slots that suits everyone’s convenience, and avoid interview no-shows. So you can take the pain out of interview scheduling for good!

Reduce overhead and solicit feedback online

talent acquisition team soliciting feedback fast

Getting feedback from HR managers or teammates is not always a walk in the park. Especially when it’s hard to catch a good time to chat with them in the midst of their busy schedules. Which means, that soliciting feedback from them during working hours is not always easy.

How does this impact your hiring? Your team’s feedback about a particular candidate or HR matter is beneficial because your team will potentially work closely with the candidate in the future. So their input and feedback is incredibly valuable.

Luckily, a hiring platform helps you shorten the time required to gather feedback from teammates and managers. This way, you can ensure a more transparent and fair recruiting process. Having more input can easily help you craft better candidate personas, hiring processes, and recruitment criteria. Why? Because your teammates might know more about specific positions or the company culture than you.

Especially if they’ve been with the company for longer periods of time.

So, with a hiring platform, teammates can gather feedback from multiple sources to make more informed and unbiased decisions. Plus, with multiple teammates involved in the feedback loop, everyone will be on the same page and more involved in the hiring process.

On another note, when multiple teammates offer their feedback, you will be providing useful training for new recruiters who aren’t too familiar with the company’s hiring process. As a result, this will ramp up team collaboration, keep unconscious bias in check, and foster a more cooperative hiring approach.

Final words

Whether your hiring team is working remotely or on-premise, team collaboration is an essential ingredient to hiring success. After all, when teams work together like a well-oiled machine – hiring top talent becomes much easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

A hiring platform allows teams to keep communication flowing smoothly, set clearer roles and tasks, move faster, schedule interviews easily, and solicit feedback in less time. All in all, a hiring platform paves the way to a better collaborative experience for your hiring team as a whole.

EVA-REC is an award-winning hiring platform that automates and improves the hiring process through next-generation AI technology. Small businesses to industry leaders rely on EVA-REC to find and hire the people they can depend on. With EVA-REC’s world-class features, companies can seamlessly ramp up team collaboration, streamline the hiring process, and create an immersive experience for recruiters and candidates alike.

Put team collaboration at the heart of your hiring ‏

Easily collaborate with your team to evaluate candidates, gather feedback, and decide who’s the best fit, with our award-winning hiring platform.
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