Recruitment Software: 6 Great Ways EVA-REC Boosts Team Collaboration

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It goes without saying that emerging technologies, like advanced recruitment software, can significantly modernize, improve, and streamline the hiring process. And one of the advantages it brings to the talent acquisition space is team collaboration.

HR professionals often face difficulties when it comes to sourcing new talent within an organization, but thanks to technological advancements and innovations, HR teams can now effortlessly address the challenges of finding and attracting fresh talent by leveraging advanced recruitment software that boosts collaborative hiring.

Today, recruiters can seamlessly collaborate in one centralized place: recruitment software.

In this blog post, we will discuss the six awesome ways recruitment software like EVA-REC can help you boost team collaboration.

Speed up hiring through a quick talent identification

Recruiters using a recruitment software to pick qualified candidates

There is a vast pool of candidates in the market and identifying the right talent for a particular position is not a walk in the park for recruiters. But with recruitment software recruiters can quickly identify potential candidates for job roles without any hassle.

Recruitment software acts as a gatekeeper for recruiters and hiring managers. For example, with recruitment software like EVA-REC, you easily turn your offline resume database into an online and searchable one. After uploading a mass number of resumes into the system, EVA-REC will parse the information and create a profile for each and every candidate.

Then, you can easily filter through the database by using keywords or matching candidates to the most suitable jobs in a single click. This will help you determine whether a candidate should move to the next stage of the hiring process or not. As a result, recruiters and hiring managers can make decisions based on the matching skill sets of candidates.

Improved communication and greater flexibility

Recruiter using recruitment software from the comfort of a remote location

One cannot deny the importance of effective communication and flexibility to recruiters, hiring managers, and even candidates. Many businesses leverage the use of chatbots to communicate with candidates and enhance their candidate experience. All thanks to cutting-edge technology like recruitment software.

Candidates don’t like to be left in the dark, hearing crickets. They always want to get real-time updates. So, recruitment software like EVA-REC enables recruiters to keep candidates in the loop through automated follow-up emails. These emails are personalized and inform candidates of the next steps. So as soon as you move candidates from one stage to the other in the hiring process, they will instantly get an email that updates them on their application status.

It helps to set clear roles and tasks

Hiring team working on a recruitment software

Lack of an understanding of who does what is one of the biggest setbacks in recruitment. This often leads to duplication of work, lower productivity, and a lack of trust. Luckily, this is quite easy to overcome with recruitment software, as it allows you to assign different tasks to different team members.

So if you want to assign a specific pipeline or job role to a specific teammate, you can easily do that with the click of a button. Inviting this teammate means that this person will be fully in charge of this stage and will own it from start to finish. So if it used to take one recruiter to manage a single vacancy, multiple teammates can join hands and collaborate to expedite the process.

What’s more, you can even specify the permissions for specific teammates, on every level. Such as whether they can create, update, delete or view applications, approvals, or templates. As a result, this will help teams get a clearer understanding of what their role is, what they’re in charge of, and to who they should report.

Keep all discussions in a centralized place

Team collaborating and communicating on recruitment software

Thanks to cloud-based recruitment software, teams from different departments can stay connected at all times – whenever, wherever. This plays a crucial role in shaping, enhancing, and molding the team’s collaboration in one central hub.

With modern recruitment software, teammates can interact together under one tab. So instead of waiting 17 hours to solicit interview feedback, they can quickly boot up the recruitment software and engage in discussions that flow in real-time.

So if you just moved a candidate from one stage to the other, recruitment software will instantly notify teammates and keep them up to date on candidates, notes, to-dos, and discussions that were left by other teammates. It is that easy!

Fast and easy interview scheduling

List of candidates shortlisted with a recruitment software for interviews

The reason time to hire can take 40 days on average is that recruiters struggle to find a suitable time to interview candidates. It’s even more challenging when teammates have to coordinate their calendars together.

On the bright side, modern recruitment software rids you of this pitfall. It helps you schedule interviews with ease and hire top talent in a few days only. For example, advanced recruitment software is often integrated with popular calendar providers to streamline the process of scheduling interviews for the entire hiring team. Through such integration, recruiters can quickly check their team’s availability, book meeting rooms, and send invitations to teammates, candidates, and external attendees in one single click.

Consequently, when you send an interview invitation to a candidate, the hiring team and the candidate will both get an email sent straight to their inbox. They can even include other information such as the map of the local area, the location, the time, or helpful directions.

Solicit feedback from teammates

Hiring team share feedback with each other on the recruitment software

Getting feedback from HR managers or teammates can be a hassle sometimes due to their busy schedules. This means that soliciting feedback from them during working hours is no easy feat.

Luckily, recruitment software shortens the time required for you to gather feedback from teammates and managers. This will help ensure a more transparent and fair recruiting process.

So, with recruitment software, teammates can gather feedback from multiple sources to make more informed and unbiased decisions. Plus, this will help ensure that everyone is involved in the hiring process.


There is no doubt that team-based collaborative hiring can help in sourcing well-qualified job candidates while giving a boost to the overall efficiency of the hiring process.

The greatest advantage of recruitment software for collaborative hiring is that it saves valuable time for hiring managers and recruiters. In addition, recruitment software facilitates centralized document storage so that members of the hiring team can easily access all the important information from one single system.

Ready to put collaboration at the heart of your hiring process? See how EVA-REC can help!

EVA-REC is an on-demand ATS that automates and improves the hiring process with AI technology. From small businesses to industry giants – we aim to offer fully customizable, world-class features that help create a rich and immersive hiring experience for recruiters and candidates. With EVA-REC, companies can drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias and dehumanize the hiring process. Request a free demo today!

Hire the right candidates faster

Easily collaborate with your team to evaluate candidates, gather feedback, and decide who’s the best fit, with our award-winning hiring platform.
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