4 Great Ways to Boost Employee Assessments With Video Interviewing Software

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An employee using video interviewing software

Conducting employee assessments with video interviewing software isn’t exactly a new concept. However, its quite natural for employees to get quite distressed when their performance reviews, appraisals, or employee assessments are right around the corner. And let’s be honest, many employers tend to feel the same way. 

Words could get lost in translation and eyes could turn into fountains of tears. It’s not easy, we know.

However, conducting employee assessments are still an integral part of every organization. These assessments particularly aim to build and maintain an adequate level of performance.

So what are employee assessments?

Employee assessments are an effective way for managers to review and evaluate their employees’ performance and productivity. They can also unravel the skills, aptitude and personality traits of an employee. Companies conduct employee assessments to measure performance improvement, offer promotions, and train their employees.

In this article, we’re going to share 4 great ways to boost your employee assessments with video interviewing software so you can create a culture of high performance!


Create an effective learning path for the future

A recruiter using video interviewing software

While the majority of employee assessments manage to meticulously evaluate employees and identify shortcomings, they don’t always offer learning support. Once you identify a certain gap in your employee’s performance, you must instantly provide guidance and support. Or else, the assessment process itself will become a wasteful experience.

All employee assessments should be linked to learning opportunities and resources. Employees want to know how to improve, not just that they have to improve. As a manager, you want to create an effective learning plan after evaluating your employees, and avoid wasting time on creating assessments that won’t create a positive impact.

Did you know that our video interviewing software can unleash the full potential of your team, instantly identify their strengths and weakness, and recommend online courses through Coursera and Udemy?

Make a list of what you want to evaluate

Managers evaluating their employees

Before you bolster into an employee assessment, take a moment to create a list of things that you want to evaluate. Are you looking to use video interviewing software to assess the delivery pitch of your Sales team? Unravel any skill gaps in your team? Address your employees’ productivity?

Whatever the reason, make sure you thoroughly write down what you want to evaluate, how the employees scored on each factor, and what skills need further improvement.

Here’s a quick tip: Consider giving each point a rating out of 5.

5 representing superior and excellent performance, whereas 1 representing weak and poor performance. This way, when you begin assessing your employees, you can easily assess and rate their performance in their video assessment interviews.  

Assess employees with video interviewing software

A recruiter watching a video assessment interview

Our video interviewing software allows you to remotely assess applicants, students, patients, or team members through videos. By capturing their video responses, you can instantly test their knowledge, skills, aptitude, conditions, or eligibility for any particular position.

Remotely assessing your employees with our video interviewing software can help you get excellent personality and intellectual insights. With valuable insights at your fingertips, you can easily track performance progress, explore blind spots in how your teams operate, identify skill gaps, and increase self-awareness.

What’s more, you can simply use your model answer as a benchmark when evaluating employees. To simply put it: our AI engine will intelligently compare your model answer to your employee’s answer. Then, it will generate a relevancy percentage that dictates how well each employee performed in his or her video assessment.  

As a result, with our video interviewing software, you can wonderfully boost your employees’ experience with just a few clicks!

Be clear, transparent, and consistent

A manager assessing her employee

Employee assessments shouldn’t be a nerve wrecking experience. Rather, they should be open and transparent. First and foremost, make sure your employees know why they’re being assessed. Consider having an open dialogue during the assessment, and don’t forget to elaborate further on the process and the points that will be discussed.

Also, remember to schedule consistent assessments that assess all employees with the same criteria. Scheduling and conducting consistent employee assessments can unbelievably help your team grow professionally and give them the means to improve in their careers.


Employee assessments don’t have to be an experience that everyone dreads. Reviewing the performance of your employees can become a breeze, once you use video interviewing software and follow the right steps. If you’ve got an employee assessment around the corner, we suggest you follow these great tips, apply them, and tailor them to your needs. Once you’ve gathered valuable insights from the points above, you can make better, accurate, and stellar assessment decisions from this day on!


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