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Video Assessment Interviews: 5 Innovative Ways to Hire for Fit

November 13, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

You know how important it is to find the right person for the job. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming to determine the best fit, even with all your resources. More specifically, you want to find the best candidate, but you don't have time to waste on interviews that won't work out.

Therefore, we believe that video assessment interviews are one of the most innovative and effective ways to hire for fit.

In fact, countless businesses find their perfect employee by using this approach. This guide discusses five innovative ways to use video assessment interviews in order to find the best candidates for your business!

But first - Define "fit"

A recruiter excited for using video assessment interviews

What does it mean to be a “fit” for a company? Is it simply having the right skills for the job? Or is there more to it than that? Companies are increasingly looking for candidates who are not only qualified for the job but also a “fit” for the company. But what does that mean? Fit can be defined in many ways, but at its core, it is about finding someone who shares the same values and culture as the company. It’s about finding someone who will not only do the job well but also be a good fit for the team and the company culture.

On the bright side, video assessment interviews are one way that companies assess fit. In these interviews, candidates are asked questions about their values and how they would handle various situations. The video enables companies to look for nonverbal cues that indicate how candidates will fit in. As a result, these videos are more effective than traditional interviews at assessing fit. And since the video is stored and shared, it can be used for ongoing talent assessment as well.

The problem with current methods

A recruiting team leveraging video assessment interviews

Employers are looking for any edge they can get to help them find the best possible candidates. There's no denying that the traditional methods of hiring don't always result in the best employees. In fact, studies have shown that up to 80% of employees hired through traditional methods end up failing within 18 months. The high turnover rate can be attributed to several factors, including mismatched skills and personality traits. One method that has been gaining traction is the video assessment interview. These assessments are a newer way of hiring that aims to better match candidates with positions.

So, in a video assessment interview, candidates are asked questions and then given a chance to respond on video. This allows employers to better understand who the candidate is and how they would fit into the company culture. While video assessment interviews are a step in the right direction, they still have some drawbacks. One major drawback is that they can be biased against introverts or those who don't perform well under pressure.

5 innovative ways to use video assessment interviews in the hiring process

A recruiter using video assessment interviews in the hiring process

As the workforce becomes increasingly globalized, video assessment interviews are becoming a popular tool for employers who want to connect with candidates from around the world. Here are five innovative ways to use video assessment interviews in the hiring process:

To screen candidates from different time zones: When it comes to screening candidates from different time zones, a video assessment interview can be an extremely effective tool. Obviously, one of the main benefits is that you won't have to travel to meet with the candidate. This can save a considerable amount of time and money. Additionally, a video assessment interview can help to level the playing field, as all candidates will be judged based on their performance in the interview rather than on any potential geographical advantages or disadvantages. Finally, conducting a video assessment interview can also show that your company is willing to invest in new technology and innovative hiring practices. Ultimately, this can help to attract top talent from around the globe.

To assess technical skills: A video assessment interview is a great way to assess a candidate's ability to use software or other tools. The video format allows the interviewer to see how the candidate interacts with the tool, and how they handle any problems that arise. Additionally, video interviews provide a more realistic assessment of a candidate's skills than traditional written interviews. As such, they are an essential tool for any employer looking to hire candidates with strong technical skills.

To assess cultural fit: Video assessment interviews are becoming increasingly popular among employers who want to get a sense of a candidate's cultural fit with their company. By observing a candidate's nonverbal communication and body language, video assessment interviews can provide valuable insights into how well they would fit in with the company's culture, such as:

  • Do they make eye contact when they're speaking?
  • Do they use gestures to emphasize their points?
  • Do they appear relaxed or nervous?

When employers pay attention to these and other nonverbal cues, they can better understand whether a candidate is a good fit for their organization. Ultimately, video assessment interviews are an important tool in the hiring process, and they can help employers make more informed decisions about which candidates to hire.

To assess soft skills: In today's job market, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with strong soft skills. Often, these skills are just as important as hard skills, and they can be difficult to assess through a traditional interview format. That's where video assessment interviews come in. This type of interview allows employers to get a better sense of a candidate's communication and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, video assessment interviews also provide an opportunity for employers to see how candidates interact with others and handle difficult situations. As a result, they can be an invaluable tool in the hiring process.

To save hiring costs: Not to mention, traveling to meet candidates in person can be costly. Video assessment interviews present an attractive alternative, allowing you to assess candidates from the comfort of your own office. By conducting video assessment interviews, you can avoid the cost and even time associated with travel and get better candidate insight. In addition, video assessment interviews allow you to meet a larger pool of candidates than would be possible if you were to meet them all in person. As a result, video assessment interviews can save you both time and money.

Final thoughts

Video assessment interviews are a great way to assess fit, and they can be very innovative ways to hire new employees. They can also be fun for both the interviewer and the interviewee. Have you ever used a video assessment interview in your organization? If not, what is holding you back? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! EVA-SSESS is a next-generation video interviewing software that enables you to pinpoint and hire top talent fast by testing and evaluating key skills and abilities through secure and unbiased video assessment interviews.Want to see EVA-SESS in action? Get a free walk-through demo here!

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