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Say Goodbye To Bias in 2022 With Video Interviewing Software

September 18, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

The world is changing at a very fast speed. With the rise of technology, new opportunities are arising for businesses all over the globe: such as the use of video interviewing software.

This innovative technology allows companies to interview potential employees without inflicting any bias.

With video interviewing software, you can confidently say goodbye to recruiting bias in 2022. How does this work? The software allows businesses to assess each candidate accurately and make more informed talent decisions.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how video interviewing software helps businesses eliminate recruiting biases once and for all. 

What is Recruiting Bias?

Cross section of candidates of different nationalities using a video interviewing software

We will start by discussing recruiting bias and how it can impact businesses. Recruiting bias is when a recruiter or hiring manager favors one candidate over another. This usually happens because of personal preferences, such as liking the candidate’s personality or style.

Types of Bias in Recruiting

Many types of bias can occur during the recruiting process. Some of the most common include:

  • Race bias
  • Gender bias
  • Age bias
  • Ability bias.

Each type of bias can significantly impact the outcome of the recruiting process.

Effects of Recruiting Biases on Businesses

There are many effects recruiting biases can have on businesses. Some of the most common include:

  • Increased turnover rates
  • Missed opportunities to hire top talent
  • Decreased employee morale
  • Unfairness in the workplace.

These are just a few ways that recruiting bias can impact businesses. As you can see, it is essential to eliminate bias from the recruiting process.

How Video Interviewing Software Can Help Eliminate Recruiting Biases

recruiter interviewing a candidate using a video interviewing software

Now that we have discussed recruiting bias and its impact on businesses, let’s discuss how video interviewing software can help. Remember, video interviewing software does more than just eliminate recruiting bias. For example, video interviewing software can help you in:

  • Speeding up the recruiting process
  • Getting an accurate representation of each candidate
  • Reducing the overall cost of recruiting
  • Enhancing remote recruitment
  • Streamlining recruitment processes
  • Evaluating candidate assessments remotely
  • Hiring diverse candidates.

As you can see, video interviewing software provides several benefits to businesses. Now let’s look at some ways it can help eliminate recruiting bias.

Getting Others’ Opinions

It is possible to obtain the different opinions of your team through video interviewing software. This is because the software enables businesses to share interview recordings with other teammates.

Therefore, others can share their opinions on each candidate, which can help eliminate bias and pinpoint the best candidate for the job. This will not be limited to just soliciting the hiring manager’s opinion. Every teammate can share their thoughts and comments. Which will create a fair and equitable assessment process, all throughout.

Video Interviewing Software Holds Everyone Accountable

Another way that video interviewing software helps to eliminate recruiting bias is by holding everyone accountable. This AI software allows businesses to track which questions were asked and by whom. This information can help identify any bias that may be occurring in the assessment process.

For example, if the same questions are asked for all candidates of a certain race or gender, this could indicate bias. By holding everyone accountable, businesses can quickly address any issues of bias and take steps to eliminate them.

Ensures That Everyone is Treated Fairly

Everyone should be treated fairly, regardless of race, gender, or other personal characteristics. There should be equal treatment and fair hearings for all candidates.

This is made possible by video interviewing software, which records each candidate’s interview and evaluates them equitably. This ensures that everyone is treated fairly and that no one gets special treatment. This will also help to level the playing field and eliminate the possibility of bias from creeping in.

Assessing Non-Verbal Cues

Another way that video interviewing software helps to eliminate bias is by assessing non-verbal cues. When meeting someone in person, it is easy to pick up on cues that may be missed when talking over the phone or through email.

With video interviewing software, businesses can better understand each candidate. This is because they can see the candidate’s body language and facial expressions. This will help provide a more accurate assessment of each candidate.

Reviewing the Data

Recruiters can review the data after each interview to see any bias. This is because the software will track which questions and answers were asked.

This data can assist businesses in identifying any patterns of bias that may exist. By reviewing the data, companies can quickly address any biases and take the right measures to eliminate them.

Furthermore, the correct decisions regarding who should be hired for the job will be made after reviewing the data.

Wrapping Up

Investing in video interviewing software will do more than just eliminate bias. It will monumentally help you improve the quality of your decisions, streamline the recruitment process, and make the right hires every time. 

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