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One-way Video Interviewing: Adapting To The New Normal

July 22, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Even before the pandemic, recruiters worldwide were gravitating toward new ways of working.

While it might seem like Covid-19 precipitated video interviewing, the shift was already well underway.

Not only do one-way video interviews reduce the cost and effort associated with recruitment, but they also help to remove implicit bias from the talent identification processes. So what exactly should you know before adopting them? We got you. In this article, we share the fantastic ways video interviewing adds great value to your hiring process,

Time-to-hire Is Reduced By A Large Amount

recruiter using video interviewing to look at candidates

One-way video interviewing saves a huge chunk of your time. Just think about all the time you have invested and wasted on organizing in-person interviews, rescheduling face-to-face assessments, trying to collaborate with your team and following up with candidates. The time you spend on all of these tedious tasks keeps adding up with each candidate you interview. But, video interviewing is here to solve that. Video interviewing done through EVA-SSESS helps a recruiter save around 80% of their valuable time to assess candidates on a larger scale. This is because you can send hundreds of video assessment interviews to candidates with one click. Then after the candidates send the recorded videos back, you can assess the results at any time or place that is convenient for you. Since video interviewing is automated with EVA-SSESS, you can assess hundreds of candidates in just two days, allowing you to hire at scale and embrace the beautiful side of efficient hiring.

Your Cost Of Hiring Is Minimized

recruiter interviewing a candidate through video interviewing

Raise your hand if you have been dealing with candidates that don’t show up, never-ending phone interviews and job positions that have been open for months. Not only does this cost your company billions of dollars, but it can also drain you mentally and physically. But when you use video interviewing, you assess multiple candidates a day. This way, you move faster through your hiring process and make the right hire faster. This reduces your hiring costs by 96%. Look at it this way: After crossing out costs of travelling, decisions, and unqualified candidates– you eliminate all the extra costs that may have a huge bearing on your hiring process.

Get A Polished And Improved Employer Brand

recruiters happy about the success of video interviewing

Every employer wants to be the chosen one for candidates. This can only be done in one way: providing a great candidate experience. And there is no better way to do that than with video interviewing. When you give candidates the flexibility to conduct their interviews at their own pace, you are boosting their satisfaction and engagement with your hiring process. But how does that work? Video interviewing gives candidates the space to shine by showcasing who they are and pitching themselves in the best way possible. Furthermore, when candidates conduct a video interview with EVA-SSESS, they can retake their responses and even prepare in advance. You can also personalize invitation messages and emails to candidates. This makes their experience more personalized while you simultaneously improve your employer brand.

No More Hiring Bias While Recruiting

recruiter looking at stats provided by video interviewing software

Video interviewing reduces hiring bias in various ways. For starters, video interviewing encourages collaboration by letting team members collaborate in one place. This will stop one recruiter’s bias from affecting the overall hiring decision. Furthermore, recruiters will have a database for the candidate’s video interviews on hand. This lets recruiters come back whenever they want and review them. They can then share them with their team to remove any risk of bias. Video interviews give a structure to your hiring process. This is mainly because every candidate is asked the same set of questions. Since this makes the process more standardized, recruiters won’t apply their own personal opinions because every candidate is treated the same. For example, with EVA-SSESS, recruiters can compare the candidate’s answers to their model answers. The model answer is the ideal answer expected from the candidates. EVA-SSESS’s AI capabilities will then generate a relevancy percentage for each question submitted by the candidate. This percentage will show you how much the candidate’s answers match your model answer. This discourages recruiters from relying on their intuition and gut feeling to assess candidates. Instead, they can depend on the power of AI and advanced technology to assess all candidates fairly.

Final Thoughts

In short, video interviewing lets recruiters expand their reach, identify top talent, and assess candidates easier and at a fraction of the cost. As we continue to implement video interviews into the hiring process, it’s easy to acknowledge that video technology is the future, and it’s here to stay. We hope that this article has told you everything you need to know about the new way of conducting interviews. EVA-SSESS is a next-generation video interviewing software that enables businesses to pinpoint top talent and build diverse workforces fast. It uses modern science and AI to help you identify top performers in a fraction of time – through unbiased, reliable, and secure video assessment interviews that save more than 90% of your time. 250+ companies across the world rely on EVA-SSESS to build customizable assessments, get scientifically-validated personality reports, detect ideal keywords, rank applicants, filter out correct answers, eliminate guesswork, and easily assess the skills that are tough to measure. Request a free demo and see EVA-SSESS become an integral part of your hiring process.

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

A wordsmith, storyteller, and content strategist – Tima is an MBA graduate with 6+ years of experience in the world of HR. With over 2,000 blogs under her belt, Tima's expertise and insights have helped businesses across the globe take their recruitment to the next level and stay ahead of the curve.

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