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How to Recruit The Best Healthcare Candidates With Video Assessment Interviews

November 6, 2022

Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

Content Writer

It’s hard enough to find good healthcare talent at the best of times, and it appears that the situation is only going to get more challenging in the years to come. By 2025, it's anticipated that there won't be enough healthcare workers to meet demand, leaving the rapidly growing healthcare industry unable to fill positions on time.

As a result, these challenges are forcing a transformation in how positions are filled in the healthcare industry. Technology is starting to play a huge part in healthcare recruiting – as it should be. And, since healthcare positions are critical and must be filled rapidly, video assessment interviews are the best way to go about it. Video assessment interviews enable you to assess, interview, and hire the best talent remotely through the power of AI technology and videos.

So how do video assessment interviews automate the healthcare recruitment process?

Let’s dig a bit deeper and figure it out.

Overcome scheduling restrictions hassles

A recruiter interviewing someone using video assessment interviews.

You can’t ask candidates to drop everything to accommodate an interview. This is especially important in healthcare, where everyone’s schedules may be jammed with appointments with patients, operating rooms, and more. However, finding a time that is convenient for both the candidate and the recruiter can also be super challenging.

Luckily, with one-way video assessment interviews, a recruiter can simply come up with a list of questions and allow each candidate to upload their video responses at their own time and convenience. This way, there will be no scheduling conflicts, and the recruiter can assess videos at their own pace.

Overall, your candidates will appreciate how this innovative process will allow them to be more flexible with their schedules and eliminate all geographical barriers. Video assessment interviews also eliminate the back-and-forth email threads and show candidates that you value and respect their time.

Finally, video assessment interviews will expedite the hiring process and provide a more efficient hiring experience for both candidates and recruiters alike.

Shortlist candidates in less time

A recruiter shortlist candidates through video assessment interviews.

It takes time to set up and conduct interviews with hundreds of candidates. That's a given. And avoiding it with shortcuts isn't going to help. Nonetheless, you must strive for balance. Remember, spending more time on something does not always equal better results, especially in healthcare recruiting.

So, first and foremost, you need to consider your interview process critically. Are you bringing candidates on-site two or three times during the recruiting process? Are you interviewing them for more than 45 or 60 minutes at a time? How long does it take you to find a qualified candidate for each position?

Bear in mind, that when it comes to healthcare recruiting, everything should be as quick and efficient as possible. And devoting so much time to shortlisting candidates, interviewing them multiple times, and debating who is the best isn't going to make the process any faster.

The best thing you can do is leverage video assessment interviews, which will assist you in implementing streamlined recruitment — and say goodbye to redundant, tedious tasks. A futuristic video interviewing software, such as EVA-SSESS, allows you to assess candidates and create a shortlist of your top performers at a glance. It provides a variety of smart filtration tools to help you find the best candidates.

Moreover, the software includes a model answer feature that is mainly used by recruiters to filter out correct answers, identify ideal keywords, move candidates forward in a pipeline, and unravel soft skills faster than ever before.

Allow candidates to present themselves — beyond paper

A candidate presenting himself using video assessment interviews.

Given that the healthcare industry emphasizes patient satisfaction, you need to recruit top-notch healthcare providers that can create a great patient experience.

Luckily, you can use video assessment interviews to generate an accurate psychometric report that is backed by the Five-Factor Model and modern science. For example, EVA-SSESS provides a Five-Factor Model report for each candidate after their video assessment interview. This report will tell you more about the candidate's personality, such as how healthcare providers learn, communicate, and interact with patients. It also helps you predict job performance and determine whether or not the candidate is a good fit for the role.

This way, you will be able to improve the selection process, improve your talent decisions, and recruit the right candidate.

Collaborate closely with your team

recruiters collaborating using video assessment interviews.

Again, as previously stated, healthcare providers have extremely busy schedules. When recruiting for healthcare, you can't expect the manager to dedicate a portion of their time to the recruitment process. When fewer teams collaborate the odds of hiring the wrong candidate increase. Plus, when conducting an in-person assessment, it can be hard to involve everyone and get their feedback on candidates.

However, when using video assessment interviews, the parties involved in the hiring process tend to work better. For example, with our video interviewing software, you can easily invite your teammates to support you in the hiring process. Where they can share their feedback, leave comments, and evaluate video assessment interviews in one place.

Additionally, they can have timely discussions and watch past video interviews at any time. It will be much simpler to come to an agreement and make better hiring decisions if everyone can work together in one place. As a result, you and your team can rely on collaborative hiring to make critical decisions and transition to a high-performance culture.

Wrapping it up

The development of new treatments, technologies, and research is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Therefore, it’s time to revolutionize healthcare recruiting with video assessment interviews as well! By doing this, you'll be able to recruit the most qualified healthcare team and guarantee the best patient outcomes.

EVA-SSESS is a next-generation video interviewing software that enables businesses to pinpoint top talent and build diverse workforces fast. It uses modern science and AI to help you identify top performers in a fraction of the time – through unbiased, reliable, and secure video assessment interviews that save more than 90% of your time. 250+ companies across the world rely on EVA-SSESS to build customizable assessments, get scientifically-validated personality reports, detect ideal keywords, rank applicants, filter out correct answers, eliminate guesswork, and easily assess the skills that are tough to measure. Request a free demo.

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Reem Al-Tamimi

Reem Al-Tamimi

Recruit better, faster, and fairer

Join hundreds of recruiting teams who increased their hiring success and recruited winning teams with Elevatus.

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