A group of male candidates dressed differently, getting ready for the assessment process.

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What Do Personality Tests Really Reveal During the Assessment Process?

March 19, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

A group of male candidates dressed differently, getting ready for the assessment process.

Do you wish that you can get to know your applicants on a deeper level? Maybe get game-changing personality insights that can help you assess them more accurately throughout the assessment process?

We live in an era where technology is advancing faster than the speed of light, and companies are now incorporating modern science and psychology into the assessment process to know their applicants beyond the application or CV. By using scientifically validated personality tests, employers and decision-makers can objectively and accurately assess applicants, to make better informed and more secure assessment decisions.

But what do personality tests really reveal about applicants during the assessment process?

We crack it down for you in this article!

Determine the applicant’s cultural fit

A group of employees huddled around in a circle and extending their arms out to form the shape of a circle.

Employers can use personality tests to determine whether an applicant is deemed to be a great cultural fit. How?

Through personality tests, employers can determine if applicants are a cultural fit from their personality traits. Personality tests can also reveal a lot about the optimal working environment that applicants can thrive in, and if their values are well aligned with the company.

For instance, our video interviewing software, provides a Five-Factor Model personality report for each applicant, after they conduct a video assessment interview. This report will reveal more about the applicant’s personality, such as their learning and communication style, performance in sales, programming aptitude, and the way they deal with customers. Based on their personality traits, employers can determine if they are a cultural fit, depending on the company’s values and how it operates.

Unravel communication and learning style

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It goes without saying that good communication is essential to any working environment. An applicant’s communication style is crucially important to the company, especially if they are currently working in managerial or customer-facing roles.

For example, through our video interviewing software, companies can learn more about the applicant’s communication style through the Five-Factor Model. Where they can get more information on how the applicant prefers to communicate, handle stress, and collaborate with teammates. What’s more, EVA-SSESS can unravel how applicants prefer to learn. Such as through an elaborative process, fact retention, methodical study, or synthesis analysis.

For instance, if an applicant scores high on conscientiousness, it means that they tend to prefer fact retention as a learning style. In other words, these applicants tend to be more inclined to memorize facts and meaningful information, rather than understand them; which implies concentrated, goal-oriented learning.

A great predictor of job success

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Personality tests are scientifically proven predictors of job performance and success. They can help decision-makers and employers assess the applicants’ behavioral tendencies in the work environment, and discover whether or not they’ll be top performers in the organization.

For instance, the Five-Factor Model can provide valuable insights into how the applicants’ personality traits will impact their workplace behavior, how they solve problems, and how they manage their emotions at the workplace. As a result, their personality traits can either help them grow and succeed in the organization or unfavorably impact their performance and impair their teammates’ productivity as well.

Reveal the applicant’s capability to lead

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Personality tests are also a wonderful way for employers and decision-makers to unravel the applicant’s capability to lead. For instance, if an employer is looking for an applicant that demonstrates superior leadership skills, then they will look for leader-like qualities during the assessment process. For instance, they might look for an applicant who scored high on emotional stability, extraversion, and conscientiousness.

Therefore, instead of only asking leadership assessment questions, employers can use video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS to discover if their applicants are natural-born leaders who can lead teammates in an orderly, mentor-like, and efficient manner.

Bottom line

To truly understand and get to know applicants, employers can use personality tests to dig deeper into their personality traits and get to learn more about them on a deeper level throughout the assessment process.

Through these accurate insights and information, employers can get to reveal cultural and team fit, communication and learning style, predicted job performance, and capability to lead. Therefore, they can help you determine whether your applicant’s behavioral tendencies are in line with the job requirements.

With EVA-SSESS, you can get access to AI personality reports and robust insights, with an easy-to-understand assessment breakdown of the applicant’s personality, on-the-job success, and cognitive ability. See how EVA-SSESS can transform the way you assess!

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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