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Hiring tools: How to Write a Great New Hire Welcome Email

July 2, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Ready to get a head start on building a positive employee experience using hiring tools?

When new employees receive a welcome email on their first day, they will feel connected to the company, and cultivate a positive first impression.

Supervisors play a crucial role in assisting new employees to be familiar and grow in the company. They have direct contact with their employees therefore, when a new hire is joining the team a welcoming email should be sent in a few clicks through hiring tools.

The email sent using hiring tools should be welcoming, convey enthusiasm and appreciation, and highlight the company's core values.

Often, the supervisor can be welcoming multiple new employees to their team while also dealing with other tasks. And, writing personalized emails to each new hire might be time-consuming.

So, how to make the process of sending emails faster and easier?

By simply sending personalized emails through hiring tools!

Below is a new hire welcome email template that supervisors can customize based on their own preferences and needs usinghiring tools.

3 tips to welcome a new hire in the best way possible

The first day at a new job usually involves training, meetings, paperwork, and getting more familiar with the working environment. But, don’t miss out on the opportunity to properly welcome a new employee to the organization and get to know them by sending an email through top hiring tools!

So, follow the below tips to make a great first impression.

Communicate and make them feel prepared

A recruiter sending an email template through hiring tools

The more your new hire knows about your firm and the goals for their first few weeks, the less worried they will be on their first day. So, as a supervisor, you should provide them with all the information they need and what to expect. 

New employees should receive an email sent using hiring tools that includes the following:

  • Working hours
  • The schedule or tasks for the first week of work
  • A list of tech tools and apps used (Slack, Asana, or Trello)
  • The company policies, benefits information, and onboarding checklist

Introduce the new employee to the team

welcoming a new employee using hiring tools

Not all new employees are social butterflies. Some are not comfortable enough to introduce themselves and socialize on the first day. The manager or supervisor should use an email template that is friendly and resonates with them to avoid any social anxiety.

To smoothly welcome new hires, make sure you take the following points into consideration:

  • Send a new employee welcome email with the help of our hiring tools to introduce your new hire and include information about their experience.
  • Organize a group activity that involves the new employee and the rest of the team.
  • Plan a meet-up out of office hours where team members can get to know each other better.

Guide them and have a clear first-of-the-week work plan 

using hiring tools to welcome new hire

Make the first week less overwhelming for the new employee by preparing presentations that will help them understand the workflow. Do not leave them wondering what they should do next.

Assign them simple tasks and provide a series of presentations they can check to get more familiar and expand their knowledge. This way, they will know what you expect of them and they’ll be more acquainted with their duties and working environment. 

Here's a welcome email template that supervisors can send to new hires today

A new hire welcome email template to use through hiring tools

Feel free to customize the following email template to fit the company’s tone of voice and values before sending it to all new employees through hiring tools.

Subject line: Welcome to the team!

Hi / Dear (employee’s name),

Welcome on board! I’m delighted that you are joining us as our new (job title). I am (Name) your supervisor and team leader. I’m sure that an employee with your background and skills will be a great asset to our team and accomplish great things.

From (X date) onwards, you’ll be part of a strong team where conscientiousness and commitment to our work set us apart. We give everybody space to use their initiative and take responsibility.

Goals are set on an individual and team level every quarter and aligned with company objectives set by the executive board. You’ll be able to prioritize and organize your work as you see fit to attain those goals.

On your first day, we’ll take some time to talk further about your role, introduce you to our team, and answer all of your questions. We’ll also talk about a work plan for your first month. It will help you familiarize yourself with your new workplace and get you started.

We ensure that every new employee feels comfortable and welcome.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person!


Last few words

Supervisors have a lot of tasks to complete and a team to manage. Which means that they may forget or postpone sending the new hires a welcome email. But, with our automated hiring tools email templates can be automated, customized, and sent in just a few clicks!

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