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6 Great Tips on How to Make the Right Hiring Decision While Recruiting Online

June 17, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

The time of the year is always so exciting – when the fresh crop of new graduates is entering the workforce, and businesses everywhere are starting to recruit! 

Doing your hiring online has become the norm these days. With so many job seekers and businesses using the internet to connect, finding the perfect candidate for your vacancy may seem like an easy task.

However, recruiting online can be tricky.

Often, you cannot meet the candidate face-to-face until after you’ve made the decision to hire them. 

If you’re like most recruiters, you may find yourself struggling with how to make the right hiring decision. It can be tough to figure out who is the most suitable fit for your company. But don’t worry – we’ve got six great tips to help you out! Keep reading to learn more about recruiting online.

1. Know What You’re Looking For

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The first step to making the right hiring decision while recruiting online is to know what you’re looking for. You need to have a clear insight into the job requirements and the skillset that you are looking for in a candidate.

You should also keep in mind the culture of your company and the type of person that would fit in well. So be sure to create a detailed job description that includes all of the must-have qualities you are looking for in a candidate. This will inevitably help ensure that you are only considering candidates who meet your criteria.

Remember to mention any skills or tools that are required for the job, as well as any soft skills that would be beneficial. Once you understand what you’re looking for, you can start to narrow down your search. When recruiting online, you will likely have a large pool of candidates to choose from.

By knowing what you’re looking for, you can weed out those that are not a good fit.

2. Do your Research

recruiting online with AI

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start doing your research. Look at the candidate’s online presence and see what you can learn about them. Check out their LinkedIn profile and see if they have any other social media accounts that you can look at.

See what kind of professional experience they have and what kind of skills they possess. You should also take a look at their personal website or blog if they have one. It can provide you with insights into their interests and personality.

Researching the candidate online will help you learn more about them, but it will also assist you in determining if they are a good fit for your company. With the help of research, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to move forward with the candidate.

3. Use Keywords

recruiting online with AI

When you’re recruiting online, keywords are your friend. Be sure to use them when you’re searching for candidates. They will help you find candidates who have the skills and experience you’re looking for. You can also utilize keywords to search for candidates on social media. This can be an excellent way to find a hidden talent that you may not have found otherwise.

The keywords will also help you narrow down your search and make it more optimized. You can use as many or as few keywords as you like, but be sure to use them wisely. Many recruiters make the mistake of searching for too many candidates.

It can be overwhelming and make it challenging to find the best person for the job. By using keywords, you can narrow down your search and find the most qualified candidates instantly.

4. Utilize Job Boards

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There are many great job boards out there that can be a fantastic resource when recruiting online. Indeed, LinkedIn and Craigslist are just a few of the most popular ones. These job boards can be a great way to find candidates that you may not have found otherwise.

When recruiting online, you should take advantage of these resources. You can post your job listing on these boards and effortlessly attract the best talent. Not only that but they can help save you a lot of time and effort in your recruiting process.

You can also search these boards for candidates that meet your criteria. It can be a fantastic way to find active job seekers who are already looking for new opportunities. In addition, you can also use job boards to narrow down your search by location, industry, or job type. It will make finding suitable candidates for your open positions easier.

However, recruiters must create an account on these platforms and post their job openings to access these job boards. The best part? You can even save a talent pool on these portals to help you with future recruiting needs.

5. Check References

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When you’re recruiting online, it’s essential to check references. It can be a fantastic way to get more information about the candidate and their work history. You can also use references to verify the information you’ve found about the candidate. For example, if you’re unsure about their employment dates, you can check with their references to get more information.

Make sure to ask for references from previous employers and co-workers. It will give you a well-rounded view of the candidate and their work ethic. If you can’t get in touch with any references, be sure to move on to the next candidate.

Most talent acquisition specialists always check references before making a final decision. When you are recruiting online, you can use Google to find contact information for references. You can also use LinkedIn to see if you have any connections in common with the references.

Once you have the contact information, be sure to reach out and set up a time to speak. Doing your due diligence and checking references is a crucial step in the recruiting process.

6. Ask for Referrals

recruiting online

If you’re struggling to find suitable candidates while recruiting online, ask for referrals. It can be a great way to find people who are already employed and are looking for a change. Many times, the best candidates are not actively looking for a job.

They may be happy in their current position but would be open to a new opportunity if it presented itself. You can tap into this hidden job market and find some great candidates by asking for referrals. Just be sure to explain what you’re looking for and what the requirements are. It will help to ensure that you’re getting referrals for qualified candidates.

Recruiters can introduce referral bonuses to increase the number of good referrals. It will help them source the best talent in the market. Once a good referral is given, the talent acquisition team should consider the candidate and convert them into an employee.


Hiring the right candidate can be a challenge for any business. But, recruiting online can help to make the process a bit easier. It can be a great way to find qualified candidates. By utilizing the tips in this article, you can streamline your recruiting process and find the best candidates for your open positions. With a little effort, you can find great candidates that you may not have found otherwise. So, what are you waiting for? Start recruiting online today with the world’s leading hiring platform!

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

A wordsmith, storyteller, and content strategist – Tima is an MBA graduate with 6+ years of experience in the world of HR. With over 2,000 blogs under her belt, Tima's expertise and insights have helped businesses across the globe take their recruitment to the next level and stay ahead of the curve.

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