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How to Use Onboarding Software to Onboard New Hires Before Day One

February 2, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Every company has their own fair share of onboarding challenges. Yet all companies share one common fear: new hires running for the door in their first month of employment.

As we all know and like to say, “It takes a village” to create a seamless and memorable onboarding experience. Oftentimes, it’s the recruiting team and direct manager that deal with the grunt work of the onboarding process. And let's be real here, it’s no walk in the park to create a bulletproof onboarding journey for newcomers – especially without an awesome onboarding software.

Recent studies have revealed that only 12% of employees think their company has a great onboarding process. Well, it’s time to change the numbers!

See how leveraging an end-to-end onboarding software can help you onboard new hires before day one – and leave a lasting first impression.

Don’t wait to onboard them until their first day

new hires using onboarding software to stay on top of their tasks

The first day of work can be a nerve-wracking experience for some. So if you’re waiting to kickstart the onboarding process on day one – our humble advice is to not! The pre-boarding period is just as critical and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once you recruit a new employee, the last thing you want to do is go cold turkey on them and bombard them with a large amount of onboarding material at once. Instead of waiting for the first day, opt to pre-board new hires in advance.

With onboarding software, you can get ahead of the pre-boarding game and keep new hires in the loop – all before they even start. For starters, you can create a to-do list for new hires to complete prior to their joining date. Perhaps you can ask them to send over important documents, fill out their bank information, submit a task, or complete any pending form. This essentially helps you clear out any confusion or before your new hires officially start.

Plus, you can even assign your employees onboarding tasks and delegate their responsibilities. For example, through the onboarding software, you can assign your IT team to create new email accounts for the new hires and delegate a dedicated buddy to support the new hire with any inquiries or questions that they may have.

Clarify expectations from the very beginning

A new hire learning more about the company culture through the onboarding software

Let’s not confuse the following terms: onboarding and orientation. Onboarding is a thorough and recurring process that prepares employees for their roles and responsibilities. Ensuring they have everything they need to unleash their very best. Orientation, on the other hand, is just an initial welcome for new hires.

Therefore, you need to help new hires put their best foot forward and clarify expectations before day one. Help new hires get to know more about your company, just as much as you’re getting to know them. Therefore, you can use onboarding software to send new hires a warm welcome, a general overview of the company, a glimpse into the work environment, and an outline of your regulations. The whole point of clarifying expectations is to avoid any ambiguities or misconceptions from the very start. So you can use the onboarding software to outline the training process, create a detailed plan of what’s expected from them during the probation period, and answer any frequently asked questions.

Once you set clear expectations for new hires, you can set them up for success from day one! Simply because they’ll know what’s on their plate, and they won’t feel misled by the job offer.

Get them ready to kick-start their tasks

A recruiter sending a new hire tasks to complete through the onboarding software

First days can already be a handful for new hires. From getting acclimated to a new environment, completing paperwork, to watching training videos – first days are always full of busywork. And let’s be real here – new hires don’t want to spend their entire first days signing paperwork, filling forms, watching videos, or reading hefty documents. They want to meet their new teammates and get a head start on their tasks.

Luckily, onboarding software can help them do just that.

With onboarding software, you clear out all these mundane pre-boarding tasks so new hires can spend their first days getting to know their teammates, and not completing paperwork. Where you can streamline the entire onboarding process, create custom onboarding checklists, and send new hires onboarding tasks so they can hit the ground running. Not only that, but you can also easily set a deadline and automated reminders that keep both new hires and your team in the loop.

Create a personalized onboarding experience

A recruiter ceating a personalized onboarding process

Personalizing the onboarding process isn’t just about adding the new hire’s first name in the emails. It’s about customizing the entire onboarding journey based on their role and needs. For example, onboarding software enables you to customize the onboarding process for various new hires from different job types, departments, and locations with just a few clicks. You can onboard a mass number of new hires all at once – without even breaking a sweat!

With onboarding software, all your workflows are customizable. You can personalize them completely for each group based on the job role, department, seniority, or location. For example, you can assign managerial roles a senior-level task, whereas junior roles can be tasked with attending a training session. What’s more, many onboarding software support multiple different languages! This means you can make new hires feel at home by offering a localized onboarding experience in their mother tongue.

Bottom line

Onboarding new hires can be a breeze with the right onboarding software by your side. You can’t exactly wing it on your own. By personalizing the onboarding process, allocating tasks, clarifying expectations, and onboarding new hires before day one – you’ll be well on your way to creating an onboarding experience that new hires will want to tell their friends about.

Looking to up your onboarding game? We got you covered!

EVA-BOARD is an advanced onboarding software that helps bridge the gap between hiring and onboarding. Enabling them to automate the entire pre-boarding journey, keep new hires engaged, and build exceptional first days for newcomers. Companies across the globe are relying on EVA-BOARD to onboard a group of new hires at once, streamline different onboarding workflows, delegate onboarding tasks fast, and get more clarity with real-time onboarding metrics. Request a free demo today!

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