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Key Onboarding Mistakes to Watch Out For: Don’t Let Your New Hires Slip Away

May 22, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

In the realm of recruitment, it’s a known fact that the candidate experience doesn’t end once the offer is accepted. In fact, it continues onto the onboarding process.

As a recruiter, HR manager, and onboarding specialist you must also know one thing for certain – you can just leave your onboarding process to chance. In fact, there’s no space for any onboarding mistakes.
So what happens when your onboarding process is fragmented, disorganized, and very, very long? Yes, you got that right! It’s another version of Run For The Hills, except it’s starring your new hire.

So, get ready to strap in, buckle up, and hold on tight, and we’re above to explore and deep dive into the world of onboarding and all the employee onboarding mistakes you should watch out for today.

So grab your favorite drink, pass us a chip, and get ready to learn how to avoid these detrimental onboarding mistakes!

The Power of Onboarding in Boosting Employee Retention and Productivity

Recruiters neglecting core onboarding mistakes

Employee turnover is no different than a leaky faucet. One day you’re dealing with a few drips, the next you’re drowning in a sea of unproductivity and demotivation. The great news is – a wonderful onboarding process spares you from this fiasco and any unnecessary onboarding mistakes. Truth be told, an organized onboarding process will help newcomers feel more valued, welcomed, and above all – productive. Meaning, they’ll feel more encouraged to stay with your company in the long run. For example, a study by techjury states that an average onboarding experience boosts new hire retention by 50%. Can you just imagine what an excellent onboarding journey can do?

Now, let your imagination run wild, and let’s explore the common onboarding mistakes to avoid, how to dodge them, and the incredible ways onboarding software can help!

Avoid These Common Onboarding Mistakes to Set Your New Hires Up for Success

When onboarding is done right – it sets the tone for their entire experience at a company. Not only does it ramp up employee engagement, reduce employee turnover, and boost your employer branding. But if you fall into the hole of onboarding mistakes, you’ll have new hires scratching their heads in confusion, wondering whether they made the right decision to join your company.

So, without further ado, keep an eye out for the following onboarding mistakes!

Lack of Clear Job Expectations

One of the many cruxes of the candidate experience are misleading job descriptions. One day a candidate applies for a senior position, only to find themselves neck deep in admin work or getting coffee for their managers.

Therefore, it’s crucially important to write clear and concise job descriptions, that leave no room for misinterpretation or even worse, onboarding mistakes. Not only will it lead to disgruntled, and confused new hires – but it will also make them feel like they’re not willing to unleash their full potential or contribute to the organization’s success.

Inadequate Training and Insufficient Orientation

No matter how well-versed you are in a certain domain, you will need some sort of orientation or training prior to starting any new job. Now put yourself in the new hire’s shoes. Imagine you’re told that tomorrow is your first day at work, and you have absolutely no idea what to expect. Now, picture that you’re well into your first day and you don’t even have your new laptop’s password or even a clear set of tasks for the week to come. How would you feel? Taken aback – to say the least!

Therefore it's crucially important to train new hires with advanced, and innovative onboarding software like EVA-BOARD! Don't let onboarding mistakes derail your hiring process - With EVA-BOARD, you can avoid onboarding mistakes and train new hires in the best way possible, without tedious manual tasks, paper forms, or endless reminder notes.

Automate the entire onboarding process, create custom onboarding checklists, and connect new hires with teammates before their first day.

Failing to Introduce New Hires to Company Culture

Recruiters creating a seamless onboarding experience through onboarding software

Culture is everything. Especially for new hires. Imagine spending more than half of your day in an office where you’re not feeling culturally fit or uncomfortable with the team environment. As a result, failing to introduce or help new hires mesh into the company culture is just another onboarding mistake you need to avoid. On the bright side – onboarding software like EVA-BOARD can help. With EVA-BOARD, you can introduce new hires to your company culture in a seamless and engaging way. Our onboarding software automates the entire onboarding process, freeing up your team to focus on what really matters - welcoming new hires into your company family.

Create custom onboarding checklists that reflect your unique company culture, values, and goals. Connect new hires with their future teammates and provide them with the information and resources they need to hit the ground running. With EVA-BOARD, you can ensure that every new hire feels valued, supported, and excited to be a part of your team.

Poor Communication and Feedback

Communication barriers are one of the main reasons why many friendships, relationships, and work bonds fail. With advanced onboarding software like EVA-BOARD, you can communicate and collaborate with new hires in real-time, ensuring that they solicit feedback and get an adequate amount of support right from the start. Our onboarding software automatically sends new hires onboarding tasks, allowing them to hit the ground running before their first day on the job.

Not only that, but you can also easily track the onboarding process with a simple deadline setting and automated reminders that keep both new hires and your internal team in the loop. With a streamlined onboarding process you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that new hires receive the feedback they need to succeed. In just days, take new hires from "just hired" to "incredibly productive" and keep them there!

Overwhelming Workload

Everyone knows that an overwhelming workload is one of the main reasons employees decide to pack their things and leave the organization. Therefore, this is one of the main onboarding mistakes you need to deter from if you want to retain a happy and thriving workforce. How can an onboarding software help? With EVA-BOARD, you can avoid the costly mistake of overwhelming new hires from day one with an unrealistic workload from the very start.

Which will most likely have them running for the hill on day two. Our onboarding software streamlines the process by auto-assigning and delegating tasks to new hires with confidence. No more manual checklists, data duplication, or missing information slipping through the cracks. EVA-BOARD enables you to set onboarding tasks for specific roles, assign owners, and set up automatic reminders. Seamlessly track tasks in one single place and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Our software ensures that new hires have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and what is expected of them. By providing a clear roadmap of tasks and deadlines, new hires can hit the ground running and become productive team members from day one.

New hires deserve better: Don’t make the same onboarding mistakes!

Creating a seamless onboarding experience

To unlock the secret to happy new hires and keeping them in the long run, following these awesome tips will be a great place to start.

Don't let your new hires feel like they've been thrown into the abyss! By crafting a memorable onboarding process, you can keep your newcomers engaged, productive, and excited about their new roles – from day one! Remember, to set your new hires up for success, start onboarding before their first day and assign a mentor or buddy. Also, provide clear job expectations, comprehensive training, regular feedback, encourage questions, and ongoing support for growth.

Ready to onboard and nurture new hires before day one?

EVA-BOARD is an advanced onboarding software that helps enterprise companies like Amazon, Virgin Mobile, Al-Habib Medical Group and Samsung streamline the entire onboarding journey to help new hires hit the ground running before they even start. Companies that use EVA-BOARD can onboard newcomers in only minutes, create unlimited onboarding processes, centralize onboarding tasks in one single place, and seamlessly share documents and request e-signatures instantly. Book your personalized demo today!

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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