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6 Innovative Ways Video Interviewing Software Can Help You Hire International Talent with Ease

May 28, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Offshore teams are becoming increasingly predominant in modern-day businesses.

But the truth is, recruiters spend 3X more time on hiring international talent than on domestic hires. On average, it would take recruiters 42 days to hire a candidate. So can you only imagine how much longer it would take to hire international talent?

Well, not so fast!

Don’t rush to crunch in the numbers just yet. Because recruiters can blaze through the hiring process 90% faster with video interviewing software!

To reel in top talent from all across the globe, you don’t just need to capture their attention — you need to dazzle them.

And the great news is, video interviewing software can help you do that.

Powered by cutting-edge technology and AI, video interviewing software is the tool recruiters need to capture, lure in, identify and hire international talent effortlessly.

Not sure how? We break it all down for you here in 6 innovative ways.

Demonstrates your company as tech-savvy

recruiter using video interviewing software

Machine learning, technology and AI are the center of any organization’s mission to stand out from the crowd and create a unique candidate experience. In fact, video interviewing software cobbles these tech stacks together in one place.

It also shows candidates that your company embraces new technology trends and is evidently tech savvy. Through this hiring technology they’ll recognize the importance that your company places on innovation. They’ll also get an idea of what to expect from your culture and working environment once they join.

Keep in mind that younger candidates are more comfortable with emerging technology. So if you’re hiring tech-savvy Millennials, luring them in through video interviewing software is key. We all know that this generation lives and breathes on technology. They’re tethered to their mobile devices on a daily, if not hourly, basis. And once they see that they can apply to your company through video assessment interviews from their mobile devices – you’ll lure them in effortlessly.

Helps you easily assess soft skills

recruiter watching a video assessment interview

Soft skills are not easy to gauge. Nor can you spot them from resumes alone. Some soft skills such as emotional intelligence or initiative are not easy to pinpoint without the right tools.

One powerful advantage of using video interviewing software is that it can help you unravel soft skills fast.

Also, since video interviewing software allows candidates to conveniently record their answers at a time and place that suits them best, it makes it easier for recruiters to assess hard-to-spot skills such as creativity, complex problem-solving and resilience. Simply because candidates are relaxed and confident enough to unleash their full potential. Through video interviewing software, recruiters can assess a candidate’s behavioral and personality traits by asking the right set of interview questions and through AI-powered psychometric reports that are validated by modern science.

Unravels personality insights fast

Laptop showing a video assessment interview

There’s no doubt that personality assessments can fine-tune your talent selection – especially when you’ve got a large amount of international candidates to hire.

At the end of the day, you want to hire candidates who don’t only possess the right skills, but are also culturally fit. While technical abilities are crucial, personality traits are necessary as well.

Getting to know candidates remotely or from face-to-face interactions is not easy. This is why companies are racing to  leverage video interviewing software to assess candidates. For example, video interviewing software can analyze a candidate’s choice of words and tone of voice to create an in-depth psychometric report based on the renowned Five Factor Model.

Our video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS, automatically provides recruiters with a Five Factor Model report for each candidate, after each video assessment interview. The traits explored in this report are openness, extraversion, emotional stability, conscientiousness and agreeableness. Which can inevitably help recruiters assess for cultural fit, predict job performance, and measure multiple dimensions of a candidate’s personality.

Boosts the candidate experience

Two recruiters using video interviewing software

If you’re hiring top talent overseas, then you might be wondering how to boost their candidate experience when the entire hiring process is shifted online. Since you can’t exactly show them around the office, offer them coffee, or physically introduce them to the team.

But believe it or not, candidates still get a wonderful experience while conducting video assessments through video interviewing software. Simply because they get to zip through the screening process fast, without any hidden hurdles.
Also, sending video assessments through video interviewing software like ours is also purely customized to the company’s branding. Which means, it will help candidates feel like they are within the scope of your organization, even from a distance.

In addition, you can also customize invitation messages and emails to candidates and pair each video assessment with a welcoming employer video. This video will welcome candidates and evoke a genuine emotional connection to your company and brand.

Diminishes hiring bias for good

recruiter using video interviewing software to hire candidates

Have you ever wondered why so many assessments are engrained with bias? From hesitation, indecisiveness, lack of expertise and knowledge, bias tends to spurt out of assessments like daisies.

All candidates are seeking for the equal chance to shine, and not to be misjudged or overlooked. Especially when they’re being hired from overseas.

And luckily, our video interviewing software brings bias to bay in various ways. To start off, it helps recruiters assess candidates fairly, by simply providing a fair, secure, and consistent assessment process. All candidates are asked the same set of questions and you can seamlessly get to compare their answers to your model answer.

What is a model answer?

The model answer is the ideal answer that you expect to hear from candidates. It’s used as a benchmark when evaluating candidates. So instead of being swayed by the candidate’s gender, race, or ethnicity, the video interviewing software enables recruiters to only assess candidates by merit and qualification.

Wondering how it works? The process is simple. All recruiters need to do is provide the model answer for each question. Then, the video interviewing software will generate a relevancy percentage for each candidate, which represents how closely their answer matches your model answer. Not only does this help you mitigate bias, but it also helps you spot the most qualified international talent at a single glance.

Removes all geographical barriers

A candidate taking a video assessment interview at home

Structural barriers still exist for candidates globally. In fact, these barriers are the reason why many candidates are held back from finding new job opportunities.

The beautiful thing about video interviewing software is that it connects recruiters and candidates in one place and from any device. Rather than driving all the way across the country or hopping on a plane during the pandemic, candidates are spared from all geographical barriers when conducting video assessment interviews.
With our video interviewing software, recruiters can interview all candidates at a time and place that suits them best. Candidates can also record their video assessment interviews after working hours or during weekends – to spare them from taking time off from their current jobs.

This gives recruiters the chance to assess a mass number of international candidates fast, despite the time zone differences or geographical barriers!

To conclude

Video interviewing software is quickly becoming a core aspect of hiring. Year after year we see more and more companies rushing to incorporate this phenomenal technology. Simply because it’s helping them attract, secure, and hire top talent globally and gain a competitive advantage.

With video interviewing software, you’re well-equipped to broaden your hiring scope and hire great international candidates that can grow your business.

EVA-SSESS is a next generation video interviewing software that enables businesses to pinpoint international talent faster and build diverse workforces. It uses modern science and AI to help employers and recruiters evaluate candidates in a fraction of time. Where they can quickly identify the best and brightest talent to hire.
Start your 14-day free trial today, and see how EVA-SSESS can effortlessly help you obtain and hire the international talent your company needs to thrive and grow!

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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