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Struggling to Screen Candidates in Less Time? This is Why Your HR Team Needs Video Interviewing Software

November 13, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Are you frustrated by the length of your hiring process? Are you spending too much time screening candidates? Don't have video interviewing software to help?

Nowadays top candidates don't wait around for responses from companies. Simply because they most likely have multiple other offers at their disposal. 

Unfortunately, traditional interview processes tend to rely on outdated processes and hand-written interview notes, which elongate the hiring process tremendously. 

But we have great news! With the help of video interviewing software, you'll be able to sail through the screening process in a fraction of the team and recruit the best talent at the speed of light.

Don't believe it?

Here are a few compelling reasons to use video interviewing software to speed us the screening process.

Schedule conflicts can be easily avoided

Recruiters using video interviewing software to ease the scheduling conflicts

The tasks of recruiters can sometimes overlap, making it difficult to interview candidates on time. This often leads to the hiring process to become long and tedious due to the constant delays.

Fortunately, when you rely on video interviews to screen talent early in the hiring process, you can easily work around potential scheduling conflicts. In fact, futuristic video interviewing software with integrated scheduling tools puts everyone's availability at the front center of your planning process. Each team member can update their calendars and share access to seamlessly coordinate interviews and important meetings at convenient times.

This will streamline scheduling around everyone’s needs. Also, it prevents burnout and shows you the value of the recruiter's time.

Flexible and convenient one-way video review process

A recruiter watching pre-recorded interviewis through video interviewing software

Inviting candidates to submit one-way video interviews is one of the best ways for your hiring team to stay on track to make winning hiring decisions. The best advantage of video interviewing software is one-way video interviews. They can be recorded and reviewed at any time, from anywhere, on nearly any device. This means that candidates and hiring team members alike benefit from fitting interviews into their schedules regardless of what's on the agenda.

Only the most qualified candidates from the recruiting process move on to the interview stage thanks to this screening step. Your team listens to the real person rather than relying on piles of application responses and resumes to gauge how well candidates fit the company culture and personality. The hiring process is shortened and everyone has a better experience when the most promising candidates are brought in early.

Moreover, candidates feel like they are given a fair chance to demonstrate early in the interview process why they would be a great fit for your open positions. Their confidence in your hiring process is increased by this positive first impression. Additionally, candidates who have a positive first impression of your business are more likely to make enthusiastic and devoted hires.

Interviews can be conducted from anywhere

A candidate recording an interview at home with video interviewing software

Interviewing candidates from anywhere in the world is now possible thanks to video interviewing software.

How does this happen with video interviewing software? With the help of this software, interviews can now be conducted remotely, away from the candidate. This is especially advantageous for businesses looking to hire remote workers. With the aid of video interviewing software, you can communicate with candidates from all over the world and evaluate their qualifications more effectively.

In the past, it could be time-consuming and nearly impossible to coordinate an interview with a candidate who lived in another city. With the help of video interviewing software, you can communicate with candidates worldwide with just a laptop and an internet connection.

Real-time feedback is accessible to everyone

A recruiter providing feedback for candidate through video interviewing software

Both candidates and members of the hiring team must receive feedback during the interview process. If you have the ability to watch video interviews while you are not present with your hiring team, that is great. However, the process will stall if other team members can't access your feedback.

Fortunately, through your specific video interviewing software, feedback can be directly added to video interviews. This way, candidates can learn more quickly how they did in their interview thanks to this simple access, which also keeps your team on the same page.

Overall, the quicker your hiring team responds to top candidates, the more likely they are to move on to your final interview stages and possibly accept an offer.

Wrapping it up

With video interviewing software, your team can pull up silver-medal candidates and review previous video interviews and notes, without the hassle. Whatever the circumstances, your hiring team will have everything they need to expedite candidate screening.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how video interviewing software can help you screen candidates remotely, and in less time. 

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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