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EVA-SESS: A Great Hiring Tool for Improving Your Interview Process

August 8, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Do you know that the best decision you can make as an HR professional or recruitment manager will be to improve your company's recruitment process through an AI hiring tool?

Artificial intelligence technology benefits many sectors and has become a vital hiring tool in HR, not just because of its ability to save time and ease the majority of the administrative duties in recruitment – but also for its ability to nurture inclusivity, build trust, and improve candidate experience.

While interviewing hundreds of candidates for a job position would have meant mobilizing fellow HR colleagues and dealing with human errors and bias, AI now makes it possible to analyze candidates faster and more efficiently. An award-winning hiring tool like EVA-SSESS uses AI to get data-driven insights on candidates throughout their video assessment interviews. Let’s see how an AI hiring tool like EVA-SSESS can help you streamline the interviewing process and pinpoint top performers with ease.

Interview more candidates in less time

Recruiters using a video interviewing software as a hiring tool

From screening hundreds of resumes and interviewing candidates, to onboarding new hires – we can all agree that these tasks can be time-consuming. On the bright side, a hiring tool helps you automate each manual tasks that are holding you back from what’s important. With AI interviews, you can interview more candidates in less time and lure in top talent from all across the globe. Not only that, but you can even interview them at any time or place that suits them best. The best thing about video interviewing software is that it’s flexible and convenient. This means that candidates can take their video assessment interviews after working hours, and you can assess them all at once – in a couple of minutes only. This will save more than 90% of your time and make your first round of screening 80% faster.

Better reflect your company culture

Talent acquisition specialist using hiring tool for customized video interview

AI is as good as the people making the rules behind it. What an AI hiring tool like EVA-SESS gives you is the ability to reflect your company culture in the hiring process. One of the interesting features of our video interviewing software is that it allows you to use open or hidden questions, based on your company’s preferences. This feature essentially enables you to either allow or prevent candidates to see the questions in advance. This feature can either give candidates more time to prepare for their answers or answer the questions on spot just like a live interview.

Building trust from the get-go

Recruiter using video Interviewing software

AI does a better job of eliminating biases than face-to-face interviews. The responses to video interviews are full of data and AI uses different data points received from the responses to analyze candidates objectively. The presence of a hiring manager or HR professional may increase the tension for candidates during interviews and hiring managers can also get overwhelmed due to lots of choices. Candidates are better relaxed, find it fascinating, and give creative responses to questions during an AI-based video interview.

Boost the candidate experience

Candidate using hiring tool for video interviews

A candidate’s experience is vital in any recruitment process. AI significantly boosts the candidate experience through improved communication between the candidates and employers. When you communicate effectively with candidates you help them build trust in the process. While an effective engagement is important for a better candidate experience, the ease of use of the tools and technology employed is also essential. During interviews, features of video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS are easy to use and interact with for both hiring managers and candidates.

AI can help predict employee success

Candidates evaluated with video assessment interviews hiring tool

A company’s success is a direct reflection of its employees' success. This is why it is important to bring the right people onboard. Having a talent acquisition strategy will build a foundation and interpret the success of employees in an organization. AI has the ability to predict the type of employee background that will match a specific position. This can be in terms of certain qualifications, educational background, work experience, and other candidate personas that suggest how a candidate will fit in a position. An assessment system can help distill what hiring managers should be looking for.


The importance of AI as a hiring tool can not be overemphasized. The main benefit of integrating AI into your recruitment process is that it will help you save HR time. The saved time can be spent on other administrative duties that AI can’t solve yet within the organization. An advanced AI video assessment software like EVA-SSESS can handle your recruitment tasks with high efficiency. Ready to get started? EVA-SSESS is an advanced video interviewing software that helps you identify and secure top talent fast with unbiased and secure AI video assessments. Request a free demo to see how our video interview software can help you sail through the screening process fast and help you identify top talent.

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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