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8 Great Employer Branding Tips to Boost Company Culture

October 5, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

Company culture is a hot topic these days. It seems like everyone is talking about it - and for a good reason! Strong company culture can help you attract top talent, boost productivity, and create a more positive work environment. But how do you go about creating a great company culture? It's not always easy. But have no feat. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 employer branding tips that will help you boost your company culture!

To begin with, what is employer branding?

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Employer branding is a strategy that seeks to influence how current employees and the rest of the labor market perceive an organization. The goal is to make the organization more attractive to potential employees, which can help with recruitment and retention. There are a few vital elements to employer branding. Such as:

  • Creating a positive employer brand
  • Communicating your employer brand
  • Promoting your employer brand

Why is employer branding important?

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Employer branding is essential for a few reasons. First, it can help you attract top talent. If job seekers perceive your company as a great place to work, they will be more likely to apply for open positions. Employer branding can also help you improve employee retention rates. Employees who are happy with their employer brand are less likely to look for new opportunities. Finally, employer branding can help improve your workplace culture, boost employee morale and increase overall productivity. And now, let's go over the eight great tips to boost company culture with employer branding.

1. Be transparent

A recruiter improving employer branding by making the company more transparent

Transparency in the workplace isn't just a good idea for employees – it's also good for employer branding. Transparent company culture helps to attract top talent and creates an environment where employees are highly engaged. Employers that are open and honest with their employees about the company's direction and plans are more likely to retain talented staff. Furthermore, transparency fosters a sense of trust and respect between employer and employee. As a result, businesses that embrace transparency tend to be more successful overall.

2. Focus on networking

A recruiter improving employer branding by focusing on networking

A solid employer branding strategy can help your company attract and retain top talent, starting with building strong relationships at work. Coworker relationships are the foundation of a strong employer brand, but they don't happen automatically. Building strong relationships at work takes time, effort, and sometimes dedicated team-building activities. Moreover, employer branding is more than just a buzzword – it's essential for building a robust and engaged workforce. Therefore, think of it this way: by investing in employer branding, you're investing in your company's future.

3. Make them feel appreciated

A recruiter improving employer branding by making employees feel appreciated

One of the best ways to improve employer branding is to recognize and reward your employees for their valuable contributions. Acknowledge the hard work and dedication that they put forth day in and day out. Let them know that their efforts are not going unnoticed or unappreciated. When you make your employees feel appreciated, they're more likely to be engaged and loyal to your organization. So take the time to show your staff some appreciation – it could make a big difference for your employer brand.

4. Consistency is key

A recruiter improving employer branding by staying consistent

Everyone must be familiar with the culture and its importance for the company's success. Employer branding can be a powerful tool to attract and retain top talent, but it's only effective if it's practiced consistently across all employer touchpoints. From how job ads are written to how performance reviews are conducted, employer branding should be woven into the fabric of the company culture. When done right, employer branding can help create a strong sense of community and pride among employees, leading to better business results.

5. Stay true to your beliefs

A recruiter improving employer branding by staying true to beliefs

By now, we all agree that employer branding is essential, but living your values daily is just as crucial. So if you say that employee empowerment is important to you, make sure you allow employees to make decisions and have their voices heard. Moreover, if you value transparency, update company performance and growth regularly. But living your values isn’t just about what you say. It’s also about what you do. If you want to be an employer of choice, ensure your benefits and perks are competitive. For example, if you want to create a culture of innovation, give employees the time and space to experiment. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what values are essential to your company. But once you’ve made that decision, it’s important to live up to those values daily.

6. Say no to micromanagement

A recruiter improving employer branding by saying no to micromanagement

No one likes to have their every move watched and analyzed. It's ineffective, inefficient, and does little to inspire trust in your employer brand. You hired your employees because you trust them to manage their responsibilities effectively! Micromanagement simply gets in the way of their productivity and can even damage employer-employee relationships. Therefore, if you want to create a positive work environment, it's essential to let your employees work autonomously and trust them to do their job well. Micromanaging will only lead to frustration and resentment, so it's best to avoid it altogether.

7. Offer flexible working arrangements

A recruiter improving employer branding by offering flexibility

In today's competitive marketplace, employees are increasingly looking for flexible workplaces. Workplace flexibility could mean many things, from a parent being able to take their child to school for a few hours to working remotely from home. Employers can show employees that they are invested in their well-being and career development by offering flexible working arrangements. In turn, this can help to boost morale, productivity, and retention rates. So, workplace flexibility is a great place to start if you want to build a strong employer brand and boost your company culture.

8. Motivate them

A recruiter improving employer branding by keeping employees motivated

In today's work environment, employer branding is more important than ever. A recent study found that people who believe that their work matters are four times more likely to be engaged and motivated in their jobs. This is because feeling like you're making a difference can be a powerful driver of satisfaction and productivity. So, employer branding is not only about ensuring your employees are happy – it's about creating a brand that communicates your company's values and mission. Also, it lets potential employees know they can make a difference by working for you.

The takeaway

When done right, employer branding can help you attract top talent, improve employee retention, and eventually create a strong company culture. So if you're looking to take your business to the next level, employer branding should be at the top of your list. EVA-REC is a futuristic ATS that automates and improves the hiring process with AI technology. It arms leading enterprises with world-class features that help them create a rich and immersive hiring experience for recruiters and candidates alike. With EVA-REC, companies can drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias without dehumanizing the hiring process.Want to see EVA-REC in action? Get a free walk-through demo here!

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Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

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