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5 Ways To Keep Candidates Engaged With The Amazing Power Of Video Interviewing Software

July 2, 2022

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

One of the benefits of using video interviewing software is that it can help with candidate engagement.

Getting and keeping candidates engaged right from the start is critical. Easier said than done, right? Not when you have video interviewing software available to power up your talent acquisition and candidate experience like never before But how do video interviews help in keeping top talent engaged all throughout? Read on to find out!

Give Clear Explanations And Highlight The Benefits To The Candidates

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When you invite the candidate to carry out the interview, explain clearly what it is all about. Tell them why you would like them to complete an interview through a video interviewing software rather than the alternative (i.e. CV or telephone screening). Let them know that this is a better way to gain insight into the real person and gauge their cultural fit. Keep in mind, that this may be the first time they’ve completed an automated video interview. Add a quick paragraph explaining how it will help them feel more confident with the process. One of the main reasons why candidates love automated video interviews is because it’s so convenient. This means they don’t have to take time off work or travel – they can simply complete the interview at their own time and convenience. Most people would much rather have the opportunity to show their personality rather than rely on a CV to do their selling. They will appreciate that you are using the latest technology to let them do this.

Make It Personal By Recording A Video Introduction From The Company

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To make the video interviewing process more personalized, consider recording a video introduction of the company. It would be great if the hiring manager could say a few words, and/or equally effective if you showcase other members of the team. A video of anyone from the company will add a personal touch and make the candidate feel more comfortable and at home with the idea of using video interviewing software. A professionally filmed video looks great, but we also found that simply recording yourself talking via your webcam is equally effective if money or time is tight.

Make It A Two-way Process

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An interview is a two-way process, so if you can include as much information about the company as possible, it will help the candidate feel they like the look of the company allowing them to be more enthusiastic about the job. Adding a company video at the start of the interview in the video interviewing software is a great way to show what is good about the company. If you already have recruitment videos that showcase your position’s positive points, a video interview is a great place to show them in front of a candidate. If you need to make one yourself and want to be cost-efficient, the best idea is to get a group of staff to talk about what they love about working there, from smart offices, great culture, training and promotional opportunities, to lunch on a Friday.

Branding The Video Interviews Through Customization

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Brand the video interviewing software through customization so that your interview has a professional feel. It will really help show that your company is forward thinking and using new technology. This is where automated video interviews really stand out to the candidate compared to Skype or Google Hangouts. Also, the more your candidate see your logo and branding, the more they associate themselves with your company.

Offer A Practice Interview

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You want your candidates to be as relaxed as possible, so offer them a practice interview to get used to the process beforehand. There are many sites offering free practice video interviews but it’s better to do your own branded practice interview with your video interviewing software as this will make the candidates feel like you care about their comfort and want them to be at ease.

Final Thoughts

Candidates love video interviews. Why? Because video interviews can be used to improve candidate engagement by showing that your company embraces new technology and fosters an innovative hiring process. By creating a fully branded interview with company videos and staff introductions, you can leave your candidates mega-enthusiastic to get to that second interview! EVA-SSESS is the perfectly scalable video interviewing software for businesses of all sizes and shapes. It transforms the hiring and assessment process with inclusive one-way video interviews. Enabling decision-makers to attract and cultivate a more talented workforce, through a seamless video interviewing process that reduces hiring bias and makes interviews easily accessible to everyone. Request a free demo and see how EVA-SSESS can help you attract, engage, and retain top talent.

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Tima Rassool

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