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Applicant Tracking Systems

The Best Applicant Tracking Systems to Look Out for in 2022

April 14, 2023

Tima Rassool

Tima Rassool

Content Writer

A picture of a recruiter trying to decide between different Applicant Tracking Systems Do you find yourself hurled into repetitive hiring tasks that don't seem to end? Tasks that drain your productivity? Are you looking for an applicant tracking system in 2022 that can save the day and help you leave work on time? Worry no more! We know how stressful a day in the life of a recruiter could be. We also know that recruiters are on the lookout for an applicant tracking system that can automate the remote recruitment process, improve their hiring decisions, and simplify the way they hire. But hold on.

What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system is a software that manages the recruitment process. It can significantly help you reduce time on manual tasks, speed up the screening process, improve the quality of hire, and boost every single aspect of the recruitment process. So, if you’re looking to invest in an applicant tracking system that can help you with your recruitment efforts, then you came to the right place!

In this article, we are going to share with you the best applicant tracking systems to look out for in 2022!


EVA-REC's Applicant Tracking System EVA-REC is an end-to-end applicant tracking system that covers the entire hiring cycle from sourcing to hiring. What makes this platform unique, is its ability to rank candidates from highest to lowest match with a single click. With a super friendly user interface, recruiters can automate processes, centralize data, shortlist, filter, screen, and instill a memorable candidate experience. EVA-REC is the applicant tracking system of choice for companies of all sizes and shapes. It helps companies automate the hiring process, eliminate manual tasks, and transform the way they find, attract, and hire top talent. Companies that use EVA-REC can build branded career pages fast, integrate with world-class technology providers, post jobs across 2,000+ different job boards, filter resumes, rank candidates, and smoothly collaborate with teammates  – all in one complete solution.  What’s more, EVA-REC is integrated with EVA-SSESS, a video interviewing software that can help recruiters conduct video interviews and screen candidates with greater speed. Recruiters who use EVA-REC can also assign weights to the criteria most important to them when shortlisting candidates. The innovative ATS will then filter through the candidates and select the most qualified ones in seconds. Therefore, saving more than 90% of the recruiter’s time!


workable talent acquisition software Workable is a talent acquisition software that helps recruiters find, evaluate and hire candidates. Their main emphasis lies within their mobile-friendly recruitment approach, which makes recruiting on-the-go a breeze. Workable’s applicant tracking system offers a recruiting dashboard that encompasses an up-to-date status of the hiring pipeline, where recruiters can pin the most important jobs to the top of the page. Recruiters can also use this ATS to view candidates in rich profiles that include their social media accounts, resumes, and feedback from their team. All in all, Workable's scalable tools, know-how and support help recruiters make the hires fast as well as automate the hiring process from job requisition to offer letter through the use of automation and AI-powered tools. With Wokable’s ATS, recruiters can also manage interviews and set up calls. Candidates are automatically notified of their application status and recruiters can create an interview scorecard that can immensely help them structure the recruitment process.


BreezyHR end-to-end recruiting software BreezyHR is an end-to-end recruiting software that helps recruiters hire great employees with less effort. What makes BreezyHR great, is its ability to painlessly synchronize hiring efforts and team collaboration. Recruiters who use BreezyHR’s applicant tracking system can import candidates directly from LinkedIn or any other social networking platform. Recruiters can also communicate and conduct video interviews with candidates in one user interface. BreezyHR’s ATS allows hiring teams to create customizable career portals, build pipelines for various positions, track inbound candidates, broadcast job vacancies on numerous job sites, enjoy real time communication with Slack, schedule interviews and streamline the hiring process in one single place.


Recruiterbox recruitment software Recruiterbox is a recruitment software and applicant tracking system that allows recruiters to make the recruitment process more efficient. What gives Recruiterbox an edge, is that its seamlessly adjustable to the hiring needs of the business. This ATS instantly streamlines the information received from candidates, and automatically creates a candidate profile for each one. Therefore eliminating the need to individually review each resume alone. Recruiters can also benefit from this ATS by customizing each stage in the recruitment process. What's more, recruiters can move candidates smoothly between pipelines, all while keeping them notified once they move from one stage to another. Also, teams can delegate tasks between each other and create a collaborative hiring experience. If a long time elapsed since the recruiter contacted the candidate, the ATS will automatically remind the recruiter that it’s time to get back in touch and update the candidate, which makes this ATS resemble a CRM.


Teamtailor applicant tracking system Teamtailor is an applicant tracking system made for businesses of all sizes. What differentiates this ATS is its ability to provide businesses with a modern employer brand that converts. This ATS is user-friendly and can help recruiters optimize the hiring process to attract qualified candidates. Teamtailor's ATS, career site and analytics dashboard are combined together – therefore radically changing the way recruiters work with employer branding. In addition, this ATS can help recruiters create tailored recruiting funnels, customize job application forms, foster seamless team collaboration, schedule interviews in a click, filter through resumes with keywords, and greet candidates with a personalized dashboard.


SmartRecruiters enterprise-grade recruiting platform SmartRecruiters is an enterprise-grade recruiting platform that is designed to help businesses grow and optimize their hiring process. The main selling point for this ATS is that it effortlessly meets the primary recruitment needs for any business. SmartRecruiter’s applicant tracking system makes sourcing candidates much easier. In one place, recruiters can view job vacancies, make referrals, send social messages and browse their networks. Recruiters can also optimize their advertising budget with this ATS, improve lead management, schedule auto-replies, screen candidates with pre-integrated assessment tools, and search the talent database using specific keywords. Moreover, this ATS can help hiring teams work together, delegate tasks, leave useful comments, manage candidate assessments and map out the hiring workflow with ease. SmartRecruiter also offers a set of development tools that allow businesses to integrate SmartRecruiter with their HRIS or any other system.

Bottom line

An applicant tracking system offers you the perfect way to manage piles of resumes, source candidates, and hire the perfect fit. All while keeping your candidate’s information centralized in one place. To drive an efficient recruitment system remotely, you’re going to need an awesome applicant tracking system in 2022. One that covers all your recruitment needs, automates your processes, and helps you make better hiring decisions. When choosing an applicant tracking system, you’re going to have to choose the one that meets all your goals and needs. We hope that this article helped you discover the incredible ‘’must-haves’’ that you’re looking for in an ATS!

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