How to Beat Your Recruitment Challenges with Video Assessment Interviews

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Scaling up? Assessing remotely? Keep your pipeline moving with video assessment interviews, a premium and advanced one-way screening tool from Elevatus.
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The future of remote work is quickly becoming a norm across various industries. It’s also transforming the recruitment process as we know it today. 

Since the emergence of COVID-19 which brought about a drastic change to the recruitment process, companies have replaced face-to-face meetings with video assessment interviews.

Many companies are rushing to implement video interviews into their recruitment process. However, with more people being exposed to video interviews, there are observations of new challenges. In building up on the success of video interviews and addressing these challenges, more companies are now moving to the use of advanced AI video interviewing software to conduct video assessment interviews for better recruitment outcomes.

So, what are the recruitment challenges that video assessment interviews proffer solutions to?

Gather qualitative data

Recruiter gathering data from video assessment interviews

Let’s look at the bigger picture, there are more available data when you carry out video assessment interviews. An advanced hiring platform that imbibes video assessment interviews automatically gives you more data regarding your candidates and this will help you make more guided decisions during the hiring process.

Provides better candidate flexibility in scheduling interviews

Candidate flexibility on scheduling video assessment interviews

Gone are the days when mobility or different time zones were barriers to interviews with candidates. With video assessment interviews, candidates have the flexibility of scheduling interviews at times they will be available. Recorded video assessment interviews also give you the advantage to assess videos at your own pace and share them with your teammates at a time that best works for you.

Reduces risk of bias

Remove bias from recruitment process

As humans, we’re all inclined to make biased decisions. This could ultimately affect hiring processes and lead to the loss of top talent. On the bright side, video assessment interviews remove bias from the hiring process as candidates are objectively screened based on their skill sets. Not only that, but video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS also provides recruiters with AI psychometric reports that help them assess candidates fairly and equitably. 

If unconscious bias holds you back from making the right hires, then it’s time to employ a bias-free hiring process. For that to happen, you’re going to need video interviewing software like ours. EVA-SSESS paves the way for structured and consistent video assessment interviews, which boosts validity and eliminates bias. It provides recruiters with in-depth personality insights, ranks candidates from highest to lowest match, and uses their model answer as a benchmark when assessing candidates. What this means is that all candidates will be assessed equally and fairly, which leaves no room for hiring bias to creep in.

Improves decision making

Recruiter assess candidates through video assessment interviews

Instead of having conversations with individuals who are not close to the standards you want, you can use video assessment interviews to quickly figure out and make your hiring choice on who has what it takes, and who doesn’t. 

Video assessment interviews provide a personality report that will reveal more about the candidate’s personality, such as their learning and communication style, performance in sales, programming aptitude, and the way they deal with customers. This will ultimately allow you to get to know candidates beyond their resumes to make more informed decisions. 

Create assessment standards for candidates

Recruiters screening candidate based on company hiring process standard for video assessment interviews

Having a fast and smooth-sailing assessment process will boost the candidate experience and help them unleash their full potential. Most candidates give up on the hiring process once when they feel it is taking more time than usual.

Conventional screening steps can be time-consuming but with the help of video assessment interviews, hiring managers can make the screening and assessment process 80% faster. Also, this gives the hiring manager the needed information to make quick decisions and give appropriate replies to candidates that participate in the interview.


With a powerful technological innovation within the reach of recruiters, they are now more inclined in making the right hires with the help of video assessment interviews. Plus, video assessment interviews help candidates improve their chances to shine throughout the assessment process, and unleash their full potential.

Looking to modernize your hiring process in an efficient way while ensuring maximum productivity? Then, our video interviewing software is what you need!

EVA-SSESS is a next-generation video interviewing software that enables enterprises to pinpoint top talent faster and build diverse workforces. Helping them sail through the screening process faster and gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing HR landscape. EVA-SSESS delivers structured video assessment interviews that minimize bias, empower recruiters to evaluate candidates fairly, and make better talent decisions faster.

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Identify top talent faster

Scaling up? Assessing remotely? Keep your pipeline moving with video assessment interviews, a premium and advanced one-way screening tool from Elevatus.
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