5 Epic Tips That Can Help You Do Well in a Video Assessment Interview

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video assessment interview

Many recruiters, employers, managers, and CEOs now find themselves in challenging situations.

Remote work has made it relatively hard for them to assess, evaluate, train, hire, educate, and survey applicants. If you’re struggling to work remotely, then it might be time to resort to advanced automation and video interviewing software for a helpful hand!

It may come as no surprise that video assessment interviews are now experiencing a popular new boom, especially with the pandemic’s lockdown measures.

If you’re looking to upgrade your assessments with an advanced video interviewing software, then don’t worry.

In this article we highlight the best tips that will help you conduct a successful video assessment interview!

Perfectly outline the entire process in advance

A picture of a female recruiter conducting a video assessment

With remote work, you can’t pop over your coworker’s desk and ask them for advice or help. Initially, we highly advise you to communicate with your team remotely and put a formal assessment plan into action. It might be useful to sit with your team beforehand, so jump on a video conferencing tool and discuss the best way to conduct your video assessment interviews efficiently.

Devise a plan, specify the steps, set a timeline, and discuss future goals. Ask yourself these questions: How do I plan to carry out the video assessment interview? Where? When? And for how long?

By outlining the entire process in advance, you will set your assessment process up for success by drawing out the details and minimizing miscommunication.

Choose the best technology for your business

A picture of doctors conducting an automated video assessment

When it comes to automation and assessments, the trick is in finding the best video interviewing software for your business. If you aren’t familiar with our video interviewing software, then allow us to give you a little snippet. Our video interviewing software allows you to remotely assess applicants, students, patients, or team members through videos.

By capturing their video responses, you can test their knowledge, skills, aptitude, conditions, or eligibility for any particular position. Therefore, it can help you assess a mass number of applicants instantly and save 90% of your time.

With the right technology, video assessment interviews will turn into a piece of cake. Applicants are 70% more engaged, processes run faster, and decisions become 95% more accurate!

Highlight and reflect your brand identity innovatively

A picture of employee creating a branded career page

It’s quite hard for applicants to experience your company culture from a distance. Your brand identity is also one of the first things that your applicants will notice during their video assessments. This is why we encourage you to showcase your culture throughout the assessment process.

With our video interviewing software, you can smoothly incorporate your brand identity throughout the applicant’s journey. Where you can customize the colors that represent your brand and add your favicon and logo. This way, you can let your applicants feel like they are within the scope of your brand, even from a distance.

Ask consistent, fair, and relevant questions

A picture of an employee conducting an automated video assessment

To give all your applicants a fair shot, we highly advise you to ask them consistent and relevant questions. These questions could cut-to-the-chase and give the floor to applicants to advocate for themselves.

Remember: there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Just make sure the questions are relevant to the assessment, and resemble the ones that have been previously set for in-person assessments. This way, you can fairly evaluate your applicants’ responses based on merit and pre-defined criteria.

Review past video assessments and take useful notes

A group picture of employees conducting an automated video assessment

If you’ve conducted a number of assessments with the same applicant before, then it’s only natural for you to forget a few things in time. To guarantee a successful video assessment interview, we suggest you review previous video assessments to refresh your memory.

The best thing about utilizing video interviewing software, is that you end up having a centralized database that you can refer to at any time or place.

To ensure a fair assessment process, you can always go back to previous video assessment interviews so you can review the notes that you took with your teammates, and use them as a reference when evaluating applicants.


If you want the all-round success of your assessment process, then you must treat it no differently than in-person assessments. Transitioning to video assessment interviews is not hard. To achieve its greatness, all you have to do is outline the process, invest in video interviewing software, showcase your company culture, ask relevant questions and review past video assessments. The best way to go about it is to embrace the wonderful features of video interviewing software, and allow its benefits to work wonders for you!

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