4 Excellent Strategies to Attract Top Talent with Recruiting Solutions

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How do you attract top talent? That’s definitely a question that many companies grapple with. The first step to attracting and retaining good employees is to take a good look at your recruiting solutions.


Because in the HR industry, successful companies are typically powered by technology, and there are recruiting solutions out there that can seamlessly meet all your HR needs. In fact, with the advancement of technology, recruiting tools have made it exceptionally easier for employers to automate the hiring process, gather and sort applications, streamline communication, and most importantly, attract top talent with ease.

So if your company is struggling to lure in great talent, you might have a few recruiting strategies that aren’t doing you any good. But here’s the great news: you can always rely on modern recruiting solutions to help you attract the world’s best talent – without the hassle.

So if you’re struggling from a genuine talent shortage, an outdated hiring process, and inefficient recruiting strategies – worry no more.

Use these 4 awesome strategies to attract and retain top talent with modern-day recruiting solutions.

Create and develop a candidate’s persona

recruiter using recruiting solution to create a candidate persona

Did you know that Sara is the perfect Content Writer for your company? Or that David is the Software Developer that you’ve always been looking for?

Well, Sara and David aren’t real people. They’re candidate personas.

So what exactly is a candidate’s persona?

A candidate’s persona is somewhat of a fictional candidate that ideally represents what you are looking for. Here, you specify the skills, motivation, goals, personality, influencers, and the demographics that you expect to see in the candidate.

Essentially speaking, a candidate’s persona will help you identify the traits of the right candidate. Which will incredibly help you design and craft your recruitment strategy accordingly.

Building a candidate persona is super easy. Start by gathering all the information you need. First interview stakeholders and get a good understanding of the target demographic, skills, educational qualifications, and job title you’re looking for.

Then, interview your existing team members. The traits of your awesome team members will be a great indicator of the candidate’s persona. Take a good dip into what motivates and drives them to do their best. What are their goals? What exactly interests them? Take good notes as you will be using these answers to build your candidate’s persona!

Not only that, but you need to use your research to give your candidate persona a story. Here are a few great pointers to keep in mind before writing your candidate persona:

  • Who is your candidate?
  • What defines your candidate?
  • What are 5-10 criteria needed for this role?
  • What is a good culture for this candidate?
  • What drives this candidate to succeed?

With that in mind, it’s time to get creative! Gather all the information that you gained from the steps above, and assemble them together to create a visual map of the candidate’s journey and candidate persona!

Build an employer brand everyone will talk about

improving the employer brand through recruiting solutions

Writing a cool job description is no longer enough to entice top talent to apply. Exceptionally great candidates are looking for an awesome place to thrive and grow in their careers. So really, the first thing they’ll look into is your employer brand.

And what happens when your employer brand isn’t exactly the best?

You’ll deter top talent away. And we don’t want that to happen!

A great employer brand can effectively reduce your employee turnover rate by a good 28%. Not only that, but it will also significantly help you cut back on many hidden recruitment costs.

So how can recruiting solutions help with that?

Well for starters, recruiting solutions can help you build an awesome career page that puts your employer brand under the spotlight.

As we mentioned, candidates today are hungry for lucrative opportunities. No one wants to waste time chasing after unattractive opportunities. So when you build a branded career page with recruiting solutions like an ATS, you give candidates the chance to determine whether or not the culture, role, and atmosphere are aligned with the company’s goals and values.

So through this career page, you can effortlessly showcase your perks and benefits, values, and open vacancies in a very modern and visually appealing way. Your career page will be like an open book that gives the prospective candidate a good peek into your company and entices them to seek employment there. As soon as candidates get a sneak peek of your company culture, team spirit, and work environment, they’ll definitely be more excited to apply to your vacancies.

Expand your outreach approach impeccably

improving outreach strategy with recruiting solutions

It goes without saying that your employees are your most valuable asset. But all too often, top talent is harder to find. Especially when you’ve only got a few resources or tools to work with. So to recruit the best talent, you need recruiting solutions. And through these recruiting solutions, you can simply expand your outreach strategy.

To take your outreach strategy up a notch, all you need to do is start by diversifying your candidate sourcing channels.

Think about it this way, if your existing channels aren’t yielding great results, then continuing to use them will only do you a disservice. Instead, rely on recruiting solutions like a hiring platform to take your sourcing strategy to the next level!

If you’re looking to attract top talent, you need to find out where they typically hang out online. Is it on specific job boards? Social media? Or online forums? Do some research to make sure your sourcing strategy is taking the right course.

And when you’re done, resort to your recruiting solutions to do the rest.

For example, with a modern hiring platform like EVA-REC, you can effortlessly select the sourcing channels that suit your needs and post hundreds of jobs in one single click. This way, you can say goodbye to jumping between tabs just to post a single job ad. Instead, you can use the hiring platform to centralize the entire process in one place. Where you can collect candidate information from job boards and see how many candidates came from each source.

This will allow you to organize and manage all your candidates from multiple sources effortlessly. In addition, it will become a piece of cake for you to prioritize the most relevant candidate sources, optimize your recruitment budget, and post jobs on the proper channels, every time. Not only that, but through such recruiting solutions you can even get recommendations that suggest the best job boards for you to post your jobs on!

Make recruitment automation your friend

talent acquisition specialist using recruiting software

What does the recruiter’s life equal to? One word: Multitasking. Mainly, their workday consists of replying back to candidates, scheduling interviews, finding prospective candidates, sending out job offers, and updating job descriptions. That’s just to name a few.

It’s no wonder that we see so many recruiters burnt out.

Luckily, recruitment automation is the much-needed remedy that busy recruiters are looking for.
So by using recruiting solutions and automation, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll nail this multitasking obstacle once and for all.

By using recruiting solutions to automate your hiring processes, you’ll simultaneously increase efficiency, so you can do more with less – and enjoy your time doing it too!

These automated actions can be as simple as automatically keeping candidates in the loop, posting jobs, screening candidates, parsing resumes, ranking candidates, and so much more.

So for example, let’s assume your hiring process consists of a phone screen, then a phone interview with the manager, followed by a video assessment interview. Automated recruiting solutions like an ATS help you set up and automate these workflows, as well as assign each stage to specific teammates. This means, your entire team will continue collaborating the same way they did before – but this time more efficiently.

Key takeaways

Recruiting solutions can inevitably help you overcome the pesky roadblocks that are wasting your time and money as a recruiter. Not only that, but recruiting solutions can significantly augment your capabilities as a recruiter, and help you attract only the best talent for your company.

Are you looking for recruiting solutions that can take your talent acquisition to the next level?

Look no more!

EVA-REC is an award-winning hiring platform that automates and improves the hiring process through next-generation AI technology. Small businesses to industry leaders rely on EVA-REC to find and hire the people they can depend on. With EVA-REC’s world-class features, companies can seamlessly ramp up team collaboration, streamline the hiring process, and create an immersive experience for recruiters and candidates alike. Request a free interactive demo here, and see EVA-REC in action today!

Make the right hires every time‏

Learn how our award-winning recruiting solutions can help you use AI and automation to save time, eliminate manual tasks, and make the right hires every time.
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