8 Great Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Help You Attract the Right Talent

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applicant tracking system

Every company aspires to grow and hire top performers. But hiring top talent is not easy, especially when it’s crucial to the company’s success.

At the end of the day, you need to hire people who are driven, motivated, and contribute to the company’s growth. There are a lot of headaches associated with streamlining the hiring process; such as when you don’t have the right hiring technology by your side.

This is why an applicant tracking system is the perfect way for companies to attract top talent and stay ahead of the curve.

In fact, hiring in 2021 is hopeless without one.


Simply because an applicant tracking system wonderfully automates lengthy tasks, streamlines efficiencies, engages candidates, and helps you find top talent without the hassle.

In this article, we’re going to show you the spectacular ways you can hire the right talent for your business with an applicant tracking system.

Create branded career pages that convert

Never underestimate the power of a well-crafted career page. A modern and branded career page can seamlessly help you win over and convert top candidates.

But it does require careful oversight.

Simply because the only way to attract qualified candidates is with engagement and creativity – and that’s exactly what an applicant tracking system does. An applicant tracking system won’t only help you design aesthetic career pages, but it can also help you be consistent with your brand identity.

In short, creating a career page with an advanced ATS like EVA-REC, helps you provide a clear and consistent messaging that visually communicates the uniqueness of your brand. Where you can simply showcase your perks and benefits, employee testimonials, company culture, and work environment. This way, you can help top talent form a connection to your company and allow them to visualize what it would be like to work with you. This will undeniably convince them to apply to your open positions faster!

One-click job postings that maximize reach

Are you in desperate need to hire great candidates? Do you dream of seeing your job ads going viral, and attracting hundreds – wait who are we kidding…thousands – of candidates in no time?

Don’t give up just yet.

An applicant tracking system can help you maximize your outreach by posting your jobs to over hundreds – thousands – of job boards. With an applicant tracking system like ours, you can post your jobs to over 2,000 job boards! This means that you can easily post your vacancies in the right places, increase visibility, tap into a larger pool of talent, and gain the candidate traction you’re looking for.

So if your target is to hire qualified candidates, you should take advantage of this low-cost and efficient sourcing method. Not only does an applicant tracking system help you drive more eyeballs to your job ads, but it will also help you save time, money, and effort!

Improve the quality of hire significantly

Numbers don’t lie. Studies have shown that almost 78% of recruiters who are using an ATS have significantly improved the quality of hire.


An applicant tracking system can help you move fast and get those top candidates before they get snatched up by competitors. An applicant tracking system can help you parse and screen resumes automatically, standardize applicant scoring, auto-schedule candidate interviews, and send automated follow-up emails. By freeing up so much time for recruiters, an ATS grants them more time to spend interacting and communicating with qualified candidates.

In short, an applicant tracking system ensures that you and your recruitment team won’t miss out on hiring top talent again, simply because it automates and hastens the hiring process for you.

Let’s take our applicant tracking system as an example. EVA-REC is powered with the right tools that help recruiters find the right candidates based on the skills, experience, know-how, and requirements of the job. For instance, recruiters who use EVA-REC can apply weights to the criteria most important to them. The criteria can be related to location, skills, experience, willingness to travel, or industry – and much more. After the recruiter allocates the weights, EVA-REC will filter through the candidates and dwindle down the shortlist to the winning candidate.

Manage all candidates in one place

Recruiters nowadays struggle to have one centralized place to store all their information. And when hiring for numerous positions at once, it can be quite difficult to keep an eye on your talent tool.

With an applicant tracking system, you can organize your hiring process and see all your candidates in a single glance. Where you can sort candidates into pipelines, filter candidates, view hiring stages and manage reports all in one place. You no longer need to jump from one tab to another, or one system to another just to keep track of your candidates. You can also customize your workflows to suit your hiring needs!

In one place only, you can manage everything related to the hiring process. Not only will this save your sanity, but it will also make you see patterns, or bottlenecks, that can make future recruiting efforts even more efficient. And with more efficiency, you can easily find, attract, and hire the right candidates.

Quickly identify the right talent faster

It goes without saying that sometimes, sifting through hundreds of resumes can wear you out. And trying to find the perfect fit is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Luckily, an applicant tracking system takes the busy work out of hiring and helps you find the right talent with innovative features that remove unnecessary steps.

For example, an applicant tracking system uses different ways to organize and manage applications, to rule out candidates who don’t meet the qualifications for the job. To illustrate further, our applicant tracking system can help you match candidates to jobs and rank them from highest to lowest match based on a matching percentage generated for each candidate. This matching percentage is generated when you adjust the weights of the criteria (as we discussed above).

As a result, with an ATS you save 80% of your time and find the right candidates faster!

Fine-tunes the candidate experience

In the same way you are choosing candidates, candidates are choosing you too. Therefore, a candidate experience is crucially important if you want to attract and hire top talent. Indisputably, a poor candidate experience leads to more rejected offers and bad word of mouth. Given that an applicant tracking system automates and optimizes the hiring process from start to finish – it means that candidates will undergo a fast and smooth experience that hits the mark.  Especially when it also enables candidates to apply quickly and easily to jobs, which will give them the impression that your company is agile, innovative, and advanced.

Improves communication and reduces friction

Most candidates will agree that one of their biggest frustrations during the hiring process is the lack of communication. We see it happen time and time again where candidates have to wait for months just to get a simple response from recruiters. By improving communication with candidates throughout every stage, not only will you improve your employer brand, but you will also make it easier to keep top talent engaged. An ATS can also help you personalize communication with candidates, and keep communication flowing in real-time with automated follow-up emails. So when candidates are kept in the loop and get prompt responses, you’ll give them a great impression and help foster greater connections with them.

Boosts collaboration and the review process

With an outdated hiring process, it can be quite hard to arrange a suitable time between teammates to schedule meetings, evaluate candidates, and discuss applications. Between everyone’s busy schedule, it’s nearly impossible to find a suitable time for everyone to collaborate in the hiring process.

However, an applicant tracking system allows teammates to tune in and collaborate together. An applicant tracking system involves all teammates in the recruitment process, where they can leave comments, add notes, ask questions, and rate candidates together. This makes managing tasks, scheduling, and assessing candidates much easier because each teammate is contributing to the collective decision-making process.  What’s more, this significantly saves time spent arranging meetings and the process of reviewing candidates.

Bottom line

No matter the size or shape of your business, attracting new talent requires time and money. And the right applicant tracking system helps you make the most of both! An ATS gives recruiters a huge leg up and helps them find the right candidates with cutting-edge technology. As a matter of fact, it’s an instrumental part of the talent acquisition process. Be sure that by leveraging an applicant tracking system, you can easily devote your time and energy to find the best talent for your company with ease.

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