5 Wonderful Ways a Hiring Platform Can Help You Attract Top Talent and Strengthen Your Employer Brand

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Trying to attract top talent with a weak employer brand can be rough. Especially when you don’t have a great hiring platform to lean on. When A-star candidates are interested in your company, they do a little digging in advance to get the gist of what it’s like to work at your company. They might read reviews on Glassdoor and social media, or ask former employees about their experience working at your company. And to your dismay, these reviews could be negative.

So if your employer brand is weak and is costing you top talent, don’t worry. You might think it’s impossible to jump back up on the wagon and reclaim your awesome employer brand, but it’s totally doable.

In fact, all you need are these 5 epic ways a hiring platform can help you hire top talent, and rebuild a less than stellar employer brand.

Get your story out there with a modern career page

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First, let’s chat a little about the importance of employer branding in hiring. Your employer brand is the vital reason candidates spark an interest in your company. It will help them envision what it would be like to work at your company and the benefits they’ll get from joining. So the best way to attract and keep top talent, is by using a hiring platform to showcase your brand identity in your modern career page.

Your career page is your first touch point with candidates, and the first glimpse they’ll get into your employer brand. A hiring platform like EVA-REC allows talent acquisition teams to design career pages that tell a story and convert top talent.

Storytelling is a great chance for you to make your brand personal. Where you can share testimonials from current employees, share a little background story about your company, reflect your values, show pictures of your work environment – and hit the nail right on head by simultaneously improving your employer brand and attracting top talent.

Create an exquisite candidate experience

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To understand the full gravity of your weak employer brand, take a moment to sit and comb through the candidate experience. Is the candidate experience being impaired by a poor employer brand? Are candidates questioning your employer brand throughout the remote hiring process?

A hiring platform can help you face your reality and create an awesome candidate experience that enhances your employer brand. Remember, automation also plays a critical role in crafting a candidate experience that leaves candidates wanting more.

For instance, a hiring platform like EVA-REC allows talent acquisition teams to keep the recruitment journey rich, fun, and engaging. This is done by simply using automation to create a shorter application process, move candidates quickly between stages, avoid unnecessary delays, and embrace timely communication at every step.

In addition, our hiring platform also offers fully branded content all throughout. Whether it’s through emails, the career page, or video assessment interviews – candidates will get to learn a lot about your employer brand throughout the recruitment process. And with an awesome candidate experience, you can bet that your employer brand will improve in spectacular ways as well.

Pave the way for a user-friendly process

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Candidates are looking for a hiring process that is efficient, fast, and easy to offer user satisfaction. But that’s easier said than done, right? The great news is; a hiring platform ensures that all your candidates are going through a user-friendly and pleasant hiring process. How?

A hiring platform like EVA-REC makes everything easily accessible, usable, and available for candidates. For instance, the job application is extremely fast and easy to use. Job posts and descriptions are also easily navigable and locatable to candidates on all devices. This way, candidates will soon begin to form a better outlook on your company and significantly boost your employer brand as a result.

A cost-effective way to advertise jobs

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Has your recruitment budget taken the hit since the rise of Covid19? If that’s the case, then you’re most likely looking for a smart way to save your money and drive your future hiring efforts. The question is, how can you achieve that?
It’s easy.

Actually, its two words: hiring platform.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC allows you to post your job vacancies to over 10,000 job boards with a single click, so you can expand your reach cost effectively. Meaning, this bodes really well on saving money related to print media and other outdated media outlets.

This way, you will be able to easily reach out to top talent from all around the world, get your employer brand out there, and push your jobs out in front of the right candidates.

Eliminate bias and invoke a sense of fairness

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We can all agree that nothing tarnishes your employer brand like an unfair and biased hiring process. CVs alone, don’t always tell a compelling story. The truth is, some recruiters may either resort to implicit or explicit bias when interviewing a diverse number of candidates. Interview bias occurs when recruiters judge candidates not only by their competencies and soft skills, but on nonverbal cues and unspoken criteria.

By making the hiring process more subjective than objective, recruiters are falling short of giving all candidates the chance they deserve.

On the other hand, a hiring platform like ours invokes a fairer hiring process by using AI technology to support talent acquisition teams in evaluating candidates. For instance, EVA-REC uses accurate AI matching to match candidate profiles to jobs based on the job requirements and their qualifications.

It also allows talent acquisition teams to rank candidates from highest to lowest match, and instantly spot top talent without the need to rely on guesswork or intuition.

Takeaway thoughts

It’s clear now. Employer branding is everything. But so is investing in the right hiring platform. To simply put it: don’t try to be cool, just think like a school. Learn what candidates out there are looking for (other than free snacks and a cool office playroom).

Companies who are boasting strong brands have pretty awesome hiring platforms cheering them on in the background. In fact, they can also hire more selectively, and boost the candidate experience as a result. By using a hiring platform, you can better position your company and keep hiring top talent, no matter the circumstances.

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