How EVA Combats Bias in Decision Making (ar translation)

The human brain is a powerful tool, there’s no doubt about that. But under certain circumstances, the information that we are exposed to can impair our judgment, and we may be inclined to make biased decisions. Unfortunately, human bias can have an inevitable and detrimental influence on our decision-making.

But… we come baring some good news!

Our technologies have access to only objective data, which means that they treat information without prejudice or bias, in order to generate fair and reliable insights. With EVA’s incredible A.I technologies, all forms of bias in decision-making, cease to exist.

A page that shows recommended courses

Existing problem:

Job descriptions have the illusory effect of representing explicit and implicit bias. Some forms or job descriptions are influenced by particular words or language that may be deemed as outdated or exaggerated.

Therefore, this can discourage applicants from applying completely!


YoshiGraph is EVA’s reliable autofill text predictor. When HR recruiters are going through a rough patch trying to find the right words to write a job description, YoshiGraph jumps in to the rescue and intelligently suggests: the appropriate skills, career level, industry and years of experience based on the job requirements alone!

A personality analysis report

Existing problem:

We’re all human, and on rare occasions we can subconsciously form a biased first impression about people. When applicants are undergoing assessments, they are also likely to exhibit behaviors that don’t exactly denote their true self! Luckily, our advanced personality analysis engine, Deep Archetype, spares you from this dilemma.


Deep Archetype can simply generate a Five Factor Model personality report for each applicant by utilizing the words spoken, tone of voice and their facial features from videos, to accurately infer their personality traits.

Openness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability, are the five main traits that our Deep Archetype relies on to help you get an accurate first impression about your applicants!

A chart showing weights of importance

Existing problem:

Under certain circumstances, applicants can induce uncalled for errors in their applications. These errors might not be recognized as genuine mistakes by unintuitive filtration systems, which means that they can unfairly disqualify applicants instantly. ZuReccer eliminates the process of not fairly and accurately matching applicants to their ideal jobs, applications, and trainings due to an unwarranted language mistake.

Our recommendation engine, and your pal, ZuReccer, is optimized to recognize language in all its functions and forms. It is designed to understand abbreviations, titles, synonyms, antonyms, homographs and spelling mistakes.


ZuReccer can find and understand the relevancies between words, therefore giving applicants their fair and accurate matching to any particular: job, application, and training!

For instance, when an applicant uses the word “CAT” in their video assessment, ZuReccer is smart enough to detect that this word stands for the Common Admission Test, rather than just a purring…cat.

When this happens, applicants won’t get disqualified or eliminated from the pipeline.

Model answer and relevancy score

Existing problem:

Did you know that some reviewers skim through applications and assessments faster than the speed of light? Who can blame them though, when many of them are crammed with irrelevant answers? Applicants have the tendency to beat around the bush and digress off topic, which can turn the assessment process into a quandary.

Semantica, our model ranking comparison algorithm, eliminates the problem of leafing through various irrelevant answers in the assessment process once and for all!


This is done by automatically ranking applicants, based on how relevant their answers are in comparison to your model answer. Rather than making a biased decision on applicants, you can now get an accurate ranking on each and every one of them, based on the relevancy of their answers in comparison to yours.

With Semantica, you don’t only save time and cost, but you can make faster and more accurate decisions, without the need to rely on anyone!

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It has helped businesses worldwide make better decisions with its fact-based and unbiased approach. Businesses who have migrated to utilizing A.I solutions can now understand their current data more coherently. In addition, they can also unravel biases in their decisions, that they were previously unaware of. EVA’s A.I technologies have played a fundamental role in helping businesses worldwide overcome biases embedded in their decision-making process. By taking this necessary and critical step, EVA’s technologies can help you drive your business towards greater outcomes and infinite success!

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