5 Great Ways an Applicant Tracking System Beats the Talent Shortage

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A female recruiter using an applicant tracking system to beat the talent shortage

Top talent is certainly holding the cards in today’s challenging job market. There’s an increasingly competitive job market out there, and your company is probably scouring for an applicant tracking system to tame down the talent shortage storm.

Talent shortages are now a critical issue facing companies. Many HR departments are working strenuously hard to combat this staggering issue and build powerful teams for their companies. However, many still fall short of this goal.

The great news is, there are various ways that you can attract and hire top talent for your company. Check out how you can beat the talent shortage today with an applicant tracking system!

Helps you foster a data-driven approach to hiring

A female employee reading analytics on EVA-REC

AI and data can see what we humans cannot. We live in the ‘’big data era’’ and data is everything. An applicant tracking system can empower recruiting teams to use data-driven insights to make more accurate decisions. With powerful technology at hand, you can use advanced analytics to make evidence-based decisions, rather than rely on intuition and gut feeling alone.

With an ATS, you can use data-driven insights to spot bottlenecks in the hiring process, fix underlying issues, and improve your hiring efforts. For instance, our advanced ATS allows you to get fruitful insights on candidates, team members, jobs, questionnaires, and events. You can also specify the time period from which you want to gather these insights from. Lastly, you can track and get an overview of candidate sources, the total number of candidates disqualified and all the candidates who were hired. You will also get deeper insights on the time saved, cost saved, time-to-disqualify, and time-to-hire.

Simplifies the recruitment process to attract top talent

A recruiter dragging and dropping a mass number of resumes on EVA-REC

Nothing puts a strain on your recruitment process like a dreary and lengthy application process. Not only will it entice top talent to drop out, but it will also simultaneously reduce the number of quality candidates that you will get. To eradicate this setback altogether, an applicant tracking system can help you keep the recruitment and application process as simple as possible.

This means that you don’t have to overwhelm candidates with an endless process. Rather, an ATS like ours makes the application process simple and straightforward. Where candidates who sign up on your career page can sign in through LinkedIn or their Google accounts. They can also upload their CVs and their profiles will be automatically generated. All the information will be instantly parsed as well! What’s more, candidates can also view a matching percentage for every job, which signifies how well their qualifications match the job requirements!

Helps you boost the candidate’s engagement

A recruiter using EVA-REC on the laptop.

The length of the recruitment process can either satisfy or disengage top talent. Therefore, an applicant tracking system offers a winning candidate experience. For instance, applicant tracking systems that are powered by AI are mainly mobile-friendly, and allow candidates to search and apply to jobs on the go. In addition, an ATS gives candidates the freedom to self-schedule their own interviews, receive automated emails, and it also seamlessly expedites communication with candidates. With a streamlined process, candidates tend to feel more at ease and satisfied with the process. Which in tow, amplifies the candidate journey, and excites top talent throughout the remote recruitment process.

Gives you the ability to find and recruit passive candidates

A group of talent acquisition specialists using EVA-REC to move candidates between pipelines.

Ensuring that you have the right talent, in the right place, at the right time, is crucially important. Luckily, recruitment software can help you build a powerful pool of top talent.

For instance, rejected candidates can actually be the greatest candidates in the future. Simply because these candidates might be a better fit for another position. An applicant tracking system allows you to have an abundance of CVs filtered, right at your fingertips. Do you have an offline database? With our applicant tracking system, all you have to do is simply drag and drop these resumes, and it will automatically create a profile for each candidate.

You’ll notice that all the candidates’ information will be immediately parsed from their resumes, and you can easily view their resumes through our portal. Our applicant tracking system can also intelligently help you match these resumes to pre-existing job posts that you have, or directly match these resumes to any other job description.

A matching percentage will then appear next to each candidate’s profile, which signifies how well the candidate’s profile matches the job requirements. It will then rank the candidates from highest to lowest match. Therefore, incredibly saving your time by helping you spot the most qualified candidates with just a glance and a single click!

Enables you to move faster than the competition

A recruiter watching a video assessment on the phone.

Today, everyone is trying to win over top talent. Companies are competing head-to-head, trying to overcome the talent shortage and stay ahead of the competition. And this means: every minute in the recruitment process counts.
The more inefficiencies you end up battling in your recruitment process, the more you’ll stumble behind the competition. Lackluster communication with candidates, a broken interview process, and an excruciatingly lengthy recruitment process will disengage top talent and spread negative word of mouth about your company.

You want to build an automated remote recruitment process that turns your candidates into your raving fans. The best way to do that is with an ATS. An applicant tracking system allows you to move fast. From the start, candidates can use their phones to apply to jobs on the go, and you can analyze your workflows and view analytics with just a few clicks. You can also reduce your time-to-hire by 80% to safely secure top candidates before the competition.

Bottom line

While addressing the talent shortage at your company might be a daunting task, finding the right candidates that will grow your business is not an insurmountable challenge. In fact, our applicant tracking system can help you beat the talent shortage and hire the best candidates. Allowing you to follow a data-driven approach to hiring, simplify the recruitment process, boost the candidates’ engagement, find and recruit passive candidates, and move faster in the recruitment process than the competition!

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