4 Main Reasons Why Every Recruiter Should Have Analytical Skills

It’s not always an easy job to hire recruiters. Sometime, it’s like searching for a needle in the haystack.

This is why one of the most important things to pay attention to when hiring recruiters, are their analytical skills.

What are analytical skills?

Analytical skills measure a person’s ability to evaluate information to reach a logical decision. In other words, analytical skills are very similar to problem-solving skills.

So why should every recruiter have analytical skills?

Interesting question.

In this article, we will share with you the 4 main reasons why this skill is a must have for every recruiter!

To ask the right questions when interviewing candidates

When it comes to interviewing candidates, preparation is key. Interview questions should be devised intelligently to help you dig deeper into the candidate’s character and make the right decision.

A recruiter’s analytical skills will come into play when they probe into the candidate’s answers. This way, a recruiter will know when to investigate further to unravel more details about the candidate’s skills, qualifications, and personality traits. The ability to ask candidates the right interview questions will help recruiters discover cultural fit and true potential, without wasting a significant amount of time.

To quickly analyze and assess the client’s needs

As a recruiter, your business is all about relationships. With every interaction, you have the chance to improve your client’s experience. Likewise, a great recruiter should have analytical skills to quickly anticipate and assess their client’s needs. Understanding what your clients are truly looking for, will help you build strong and long lasting work relationships.

The best way to start your relationships on the right foot, is to give your clients what they are looking for; both culturally and skill-wise. Also, it would be a bonus to stay up to date with recruitment trends to provide only the best advice and service for your clients.

To accurately analyze and write job descriptions

Posting jobs thoughtlessly, will not build a great case for you as a recruiter. Especially when it comes to the marketing part of the job. The job description you post is the first thing that candidates will read about your company. With the right analytical skills, recruiters can swiftly analyze job requirements and write accurate job descriptions.

It’s also critically important for you to take into consideration what the prospect talent is looking for in the market nowadays. This will help you significantly position the job description in the right place to attract the right candidates for the job.

To evaluate candidate resumes and applications fast

You know what they say: time is money. In the HR industry, there’s no time to waste. The ability to analyze and evaluate candidate CVs swiftly (and diligently) is a vital skill for every recruiter to have. Recruiters with analytical skills will have the right sense of urgency throughout the hiring process, and won’t comprise the quality of their work. Recruiters who have strong analytical skills can also swiftly skim through candidate CVs and meticulously analyze their eligibility for the position.

Takeaway thoughts

Fostering the right analytical skills can help you as a recruiter become a valuable asset for your company. These skills are crucially important because they clearly demonstrate your capability to resolve problems that arise your way. Asking the right interview questions, assessing your client’s needs, writing accurate job descriptions and quickly evaluating CVs, are the main reasons why every recruiter should have these analytical skills. The more you put these skills into practice, the more you will position yourself as the go-to recruitment person that people will resort to in the time of need.

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