5 Amazing Ways to Get Ready for a Remote Recruitment Market Bounce Back

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A hiring manager looking excited for a remote recruitment market bounce-back

There’s no doubt that the impact of Covid19 created a lull in businesses worldwide.

But thanks to the vaccine that is rolling out, we can anticipate things to slowly get back to normal. And busier times are ahead of us in remote recruitment! Before we get too excited though, we must keep in mind, that to bounce-back after all these challenging months, we’re going to have to be innovative, agile, and very, very creative. Everything can come back stronger. Including your remote recruitment process.

So how can you create a splash and get all ready and set for your next big remote recruitment bounce-back?

Buckle up! Let’s dive right in.

Get well acquainted with industry changes

A candidate looking at a career page on EVA-REC

If you’ve been out of businesses due to your low hiring activity, now is a great time to get familiar with all new HR trends that are looming around. Are candidate expectations changing? Is the talent market growing? Did someone say there’s an awesome AI hiring platform out there?

The truth is, you’re going to have to stay up to date on HR related trends that are shaping the industry. Knowing that everything has been done remotely over the past year, remote recruitment has significantly changed. Therefore, you’re going to have to familiarize yourself with the more agile, innovative, and tech-driven ways of hiring in this digital age.

Take advantage of the talent pool

Two employees wearing masks and working at the office

There’s an influx of amazing talent out there. There’s also a war over top talent on a worldwide scale today, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. The best way to do that, is to build a strong talent pool from which you can instantly use, once you start hiring again. And don’t forget to network! Take a look at the people who are on your radar, and communicate with them. Try to see what gaps are in the market by asking them questions such as how their job search is going, and where else are they applying for jobs.

Showcase your career brand wisely

A talent acquisition specialist using the hiring platform EVA-REC

As a company, you must have invested a lot of time and effort into polishing and growing your brand. The same goes to your remote recruitment process! If you’re getting ready for a recruitment bounce-back then you’re going to have to put yourself out there, and by that, we mean with a branded career page. Make sure you truly reflect your brand identity. Let your employees be your biggest marketers and include pictures, videos and testimonials of your team. Add the perks and benefits of working at your company. And make sure you reflect your company culture throughout the entire career page, so you can magnetically attract top talent and excite them to apply to your open vacancies.

Prepare your candidates for what’s next

A recruiter assessing CVs on EVA-REC

At times, we might overlook the part where we need to prepare candidates as well for what’s coming next. Which might prevent them from feeling prepared and self-assured throughout the remote recruitment process. Keep an open mind, and tell your candidates when you expect the market to pick up again. Help them get prepared and work through their CVs with them. Give them useful advice on how to fill the gaps in their CVs and how to fine-tune their skills. If you plan to fly through the recruitment process, then keep them in the loop so they can move quickly and come prepared. Meaning, we highly encourage you to prepare your candidates so they become as responsive as possible.

Keep your clients in the loop

A female recruiter drinking coffee and watching video assessment interviews

If you’re planning for a remote recruitment market bounce-back, then you’re going to have to reconnect with your clients. Keep in mind, that they’re probably not prioritizing hiring at the moment. But what you can do is share the new talent acquisition trends you recently discovered (remember how we discussed this above?). Prepare a selection of best-practices, tips and ideas on how they can leverage working remotely in these tough times. This way, your clients will feel encouraged and enticed to jump back on the hiring wagon, and resort to you when they want to make a hiring boom happen.

To wrap up

If you want to come back stronger, you have to shift your focus to become more agile. You must also consider revamping your business model as you get ready for a remote recruitment bounce back. This moment shouldn’t be lost: if you step up your game you’ll be better off and far more ready to face the challenges of the next new normal. So make sure you get well acquainted with industry changes, leverage the talent pool, showcase your career brand wisely, prepare your candidates for what’s next, and keep your clients in the loop.

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