5 Amazing Ways a Hiring Platform Improves the Recruiting Workflow

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Recruiters using a hiring platform

Hiring the best and brightest talent is the heart of every HR department’s mission. And as the company grows, hiring needs begin to rapidly grow as well, which amplifies the importance of this mission.

What happens next? Recruiting teams end up juggling endless tasks that overwhelm and stress them. When they don’t have a hiring platform to keep them in track, recruiting teams won’t have the time to communicate enough with candidates, organize interviews, solicit feedback, or manage their time wisely.

And what does this lead to? Candidates slipping through the cracks.

A hiring platform can transform workflows for the better. Although team structures won’t change and nor will the need to hire top talent but a hiring platform enables these teams to function more efficiently and improve the way they hire overall.

Here are 5 ways a hiring platform paves the way for hiring success.

Fewer repetitive tasks to deal with

recruiter using a hiring platform

Simple yet time-consuming tasks don’t only drain recruiting teams. They demotivate them to work altogether. From manually filling in spreadsheets, scheduling interviews, emailing candidates, and screening resumes – more than half the day is blown away on admin work. And where’s the efficiency in that?

A hiring platform automates manual tasks and frees up 90% of the recruiter’s time. For starters, a hiring platform like EVA-REC automates recruiting workflows. It helps you manage and customize pipelines based on your own needs and preferences. It also helps you create automated triggers when moving candidates from one stage to another. Where candidates either receive a questionnaire or email, prepping them for the next stage of the hiring process. What’s more, recruiters can also shortlist and screen candidates with a few clicks.

All they have to do is simply drag and drop a large pile of resumes into the system, and EVA-REC will simultaneously parse these resumes, create a profile for each candidate, and match these resumes to pre-existing job posts or resumes. Hours – if not days – of hard work, can be done in a few seconds with EVA-REC!

By automating the admin, a hiring platform leaves recruiters with more time to focus on high level tasks. Tasks that demand their undivided attention and lead to hiring success. Such as devising offers, communicating with candidates, building a candidate journey map from scratch, and more.

More time to build meaningful connections

talent acquisition team

No one gets into recruitment to spend their days emailing hundreds of candidates one by one, or managing documents on Google Drive.

Hiring isn’t just about completing all tasks at hand, and calling it a day. Hiring is also about building meaningful connections with candidates, which help amplify your employer branding. Think about it this way, when you give candidates the time of the day and communicate with them in real time – they’ll feel more valued and appreciated. This means, that they’ll most likely leave great reviews of your company, even if they weren’t even hired.
A hiring platform can help you skip playing phone-tag with candidates and communicate with them frequently through personalized and automated emails. This way, candidates will always be kept in the loop, and never in the dark. Not only boosting their experience, but also enticing them to join your company.

But a hiring platform also helps teams build meaningful connections with each other. Where teams can skip the email back-and-forths and collaborate together in one place instead. Allowing them to leave comments, feedback, and discuss candidates in real-time. A hiring platform can simply help teams build stronger working relationships by collaborating together in one system.

Less gut-feeling, more valuable data

recruiter reading analytics

AI, data science, and advanced analytics are no longer nice-to-haves in recruitment, they are must-haves. Not only do they eliminate hiring bias, but they also eliminate guesswork. And although recruiters are no data scientists, they can still leverage data-driven insights and reports with a hiring platform.
Instead of operating on instincts, a hiring platform like EVA-REC helps recruiters get access to easy-to-read and easy-to-understand reports that shed great light on recruitment metrics. Such as time to hire, time to fill, source of hire, and more. This way, recruiters can make decisions based on real-world data found in their own personalized analytics dashboard. The recruiting team can also view all details pertaining to the jobs as well. How many jobs are open and how long they’ve been open for. Helping them dive deeper into recruitment insights that were hard for them to attain before.

Un-siloed teamwork and collaboration

talent acquisition team

Recruiting is strategic, and definitely deserves a seat at the table. As we mentioned earlier, a hiring platform eliminates communication gaps between employees and helps them collaborate together in one place. It also makes them more efficient and frees up the rest of their time for strategic efforts. Bear in mind, that teams from different departments can also collaborate together.

Basically, a hiring platform like EVA-REC solicits un-siloed teamwork between various departments. Where recruiters can create and invite their teammates across different departments to support them in the hiring process. These teammates can be assigned different tasks and given specific permissions throughout the hiring process. Recruiting teams can now simply collaborate with marketing teams, sales teams, developers and more – even if everyone is working remotely. This can bring team collaboration into one place and centralize communication like never before.

Managing applications becomes a breeze

candidate applying for a job

When hundreds and hundreds of resumes keep flowing into your inbox – managing them becomes more of a headache than a challenge. Recruiters today usually have endless resumes piling up on their desktops, emails, or other external sources. And they usually don’t have the time to filter through them all.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC has a solution for that though. Recruiters can simply drag and drop these resumes into the system (as we mentioned above), and our hiring platform will automatically create a profile for each candidate. Once that’s done, recruiters will see that all the candidates’ information will be immediately parsed from their resumes. They can also search for resumes by using specific keywords. What’s more, EVA-REC can intelligently help recruiters match these resumes with pre-existing job posts or job descriptions that they have.

A matching percentage will then appear next to each candidate’s profile. This matching percentage signifies how well the candidate’s profile matches the job requirements. EVA-REC will then rank the candidates from highest to lowest match. Therefore, incredibly saving the recruiters’ time by helping them pinpoint the most qualified candidates with just a glance!

Wrapping up

A hiring platform enables recruiting teams to work better and more efficiently. In turn, it empowers them to work more strategically and innovatively. Simply, it helps companies attract the right talent for the right job. Every time.

EVA-REC is a comprehensive hiring platform that helps small businesses to corporate giants build skillful workforces and hire top talent at scale. It basically helps companies of all sizes find, attract, and hire the right people, every time. EVA-REC offers world-first AI features and technology that are fully customizable – and create a rich and immersive hiring experience for HR teams and candidates alike. Start your 14-day free trial and see how EVA-REC can help you improve your recruiting workflows!

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