8 Excellent Ways to Engage Millennials in the Remote Recruitment Process

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a group of millennials feeling engaged throughout the remote recruitment process

There’s a certain generation that is driving the bottom line, and it’s Millennials. Millennials view their careers as more than just a paycheck. It may come as no surprise that Millennials are dominating the working landscape, especially since our beloved baby boomers are expected to retire at some point. This means that Millennials will demand different benefits than their predecessors.

However, many companies are finding it quite hard to attract, engage and motivate Millennials throughout the remote recruitment process. Adversely, it will make retaining this young generation quite of a challenge.

So what’s the best way to keep Millennials on their toes and at the edge of their seats with excitement, throughout the remote recruitment process?

Here’s how!

Adopt their language

Millennials grew up in the age of technology, which means that all tech devices were already available when they were born. This makes them not only tech-savvy but also inclined to use tech jargon. From DM me, Ping me, to PM me – you can expect to hear these abbreviations from them throughout the remote recruitment process. They’ll use such phrases to communicate faster with you, and you’re going to have to follow suit. Now, we don’t mean you should use unprofessional slang language. But you should brush up on the abbreviations Millennials use, so you can speak their language and get on the same wavelength.

Provide a larger purpose

For Millennials, it’s not all about security and salary. They aspire to achieve a certain sense of fulfillment and purpose in their careers. They want to create a great impact and contribute to the organization by putting their skills into practice. Basically, they want to spend their time wisely. When crafting your job descriptions and career page, be sure to mention that your company is committed to the bigger picture: which is helping others for the greater good.

Keep recruiting mobile

We all know how Millennials are surgically attached to their phones. This tech-savvy, strongly connected generation expects to do everything from their phones and fingertips. And when it comes to job-hunting and applying – it’s no different. So if you want to grip their attention, make sure your interview process is mobile-friendly. Go the extra mile and make sure every aspect of the recruitment process is also accessible from the smartphone! Our recruitment software allows you to engage with Millennials at any place, and from any device. Where they can even conduct their virtual interviews remotely, from their smartphones, and at a time that suits their convenience!

Streamline your job descriptions

Your job description is the first thing that will entice this young generation to apply to your company. If you’re hiring Millennials, make sure your job descriptions don’t have millions of bullet points and bulky text. Instead, keep them brief and simple. Try to use shorter sentences, paragraphs, headings, and bullet points. This way Millennials can quickly skim through the description and requirements and immediately tell if this is the kind of company that they want to join.

Make them feel valued

Millennials yearn for a sense of belonging, empowerment, and encouragement. Be inclusive, and listen to what they have to say. When you project openness and acceptance, you’ll make Millennials feel like their opinions and beliefs are valued, even in a diverse workforce that is home to several generations. Do not reprimand or disregard the opinion of a new Millennial that just joined you onboard. Instead, embrace their new approaches to work, and see how they can add greater value to your company.

Tell a strong story on social media

Never underestimate the power of a good story. It’s very easy for Millennials to learn more about you and your clients. It will just take them a few minutes to scroll through your social media pages to get a relative idea of your employer brand. Do you give your employees a voice? Is your content too rigid? Millennials really care about the story that is insinuated from your social media platforms. So make sure you paint a great picture on each medium that helps this young generation imagine themselves as part of your story.

Keep the hiring process simple and brief

Don’t make the remote recruitment process a rigorous Olympic sport. In short, if your process is rigid, outdated, lengthy, and boring – you won’t be an appealing choice to Millennials. You want to walk them through a remote recruitment process that is short and straight to the point. Keep them engaged with timely communication, fun assessments, and a streamlined process. Minimize the number of pages on the application form, reduce the number of clicks required, keep the text short, and ask for a LinkedIn profile.

Highlight growth potential

Last but not least, Millennials aspire to become superstars in every organization. They want to learn and grow. So make sure you show and highlight to them how they can grow in your company. Trace possible advancements with them, tell stories of employees who got promoted, stress on the available training sessions and benefits you have to offer, and provide constructive feedback when needed. This way, you’ll give them room for growth, and excite them to join your company even more.

To wrap up

Millennials grew up in an era where they value collaboration over competition. They want to feel like they can grow and part be of the organization. When crafting your remote recruitment process, make sure it’s tailored to this younger generation. Millennials are creative thinkers, hard workers, and technology lovers. In the same way, make sure your  process is creative, innovative and inspires Millennial candidates to carry on throughout the remote recruitment process with full excitement.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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