7 Simple Ways a Hiring Platform Can Skyrocket Your ROI

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Let’s say you found a hiring genie who grants you three wishes. Undeniably, you’ll probably ask for fairies who can take care of your admin work, slash down your hiring costs, and boost your recruitment ROI.

Unfortunately, hiring genies and fairies don’t exist. But hiring platforms do. Which is technically the same thing.

The global labor market is tightening. There’s no doubt about that. Since the pandemic restrictions started to ease up, the recruitment process has been see-sawing from record highs to record lows. And oftentimes, recruiters are left with only a handful of resources at their disposal to ramp up their ROI.

To their luck, hiring platforms exist to support them in hiring top talent fast, without compromising the quality of hire or candidate experience. Namely, it supercharges their recruitment ROI.

But there are other simple ways that a hiring platform can elicit outstanding outcomes for businesses – and help them supercharge their ROI.

Helps you do more with less

recruiters using a hiring platform to recruit

Like it has with so many other industries, AI is transforming hiring as we know it. This comes with a number of benefits, especially when you’re hiring at scale. While AI will not replace recruiters, it will significantly help them do more with less. Especially since it automates manual processes like resume screening and interview scheduling.

By automating the admin, recruiters can turn their attention towards increasing the speed of hiring decisions, improving the quality-of-hire and creating meaningful experiences for all candidates, whether they were hired or not. With the help of our hiring platform EVA-REC, recruiters across the globe are now able to slash their time-to-hire in half. For example, Seagulls turned to Elevatus to step up and automate their entire hiring process. They used EVA-REC to craft a great hiring experience that fosters team collaboration and speeds up the time-to-hire by 85%. By simply giving recruiters more time to focus on meaningful moments with top talent, Elevatus improved their hiring workflows as well as their bottom line.

Positions your organization as an employer of choice

candidates applying to a job

Employer branding is everything in HR. In essence, it’s the process of defining and positioning who you are. Companies with strong employer brands tend to have a competitive advantage. Because they can hire easily, recruit more selectively, and have a lower cost per hire. All with the help of a hiring platform.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC deliberately showcases your company’s values, work culture, and personality through branded career pages.

These dynamic and personalized career pages beautifully display your company culture through contextualized employee testimonials, appealing pictures, and text. And the great news is, you don’t need to spend any big bucks or write a single line of code. All you need are a couple of minutes to spare and a few drag-and-drops.
While drafting your career page, be sure to include the benefits that you have to offer. Take a moment to deeply look at your job description and think about how it will be perceived by potential candidates.

Many recruiters make the drastic mistake of only focusing on the job requirements because they feel it might attract top talent. Don’t make that mistake! Instead, a hiring platform helps you design a page that innovatively showcases your employer brand by communicating opportunities for personal and professional growth.
This way, you’ll seamlessly establish a deeper connection with prospective candidates as soon as they relate to the content on your page.

Accelerates the hiring speed effortlessly

talent acquisition specialist

Time-consuming hiring processes can also make you lose top talent. Chances are, the candidates you spent a long time trying to hire, are also in conversation with your competitors. Simply because your company has too many stages in the hiring process, and they most likely lost interest.

The truth is, candidates, tend to lose interest in your offer when it takes them weeks – if not months – to get hired.

The silver lining is: a hiring platform simplifies and streamlines the recruitment process from acquire to hire. It helps you automate time-consuming tasks and incredibly shorten the periods between interactions. For example, our hiring platform helps recruiters zip through the screening process fast, by assigning weights to the criteria most important to them.

So perhaps you want to hire a candidate who is willing to travel, lives in close proximity, and owns a car. Simply adjust the weights to criteria, and our hiring platform will instantly provide a matching percentage for each candidate. This percentage signifies how closely their qualifications match the job requirements. To make it even easier, EVA-REC can rank them from highest to lowest match for you. Not only saving you more than 17 hours of work a week but also helping you find the perfect fit with a single click!

What could your company possibly gain by shaving off two weeks from your recruiting cycle? Quite a lot, actually. Starting with the time lost! When you spend less time per hire, not only do you move faster – but you also get the opportunity to net top talent before the competition. And you know what they say…“Finders keepers!”

Reduces administrative costs fast

recruiter calculating recruiting costs

When we talk about recruiting costs, we usually refer to advertising costs, assessment tools, fixed costs, and so on. But all too often, we may neglect to take into consideration the recruiter’s loss in productivity because of a job vacancy. Remember, keeping an open role for months is more expensive than you may think.

Hiring is not an individual job. Nor is it a one-size-fits-all solution. The success of the hiring process lies in your ability to manage all your hiring workflows cost-efficiently.

A hiring platform delivers standardization, simplification, and automation. The result is a significantly reduced cost-per-hire. Since a hiring platform namely takes care of the heavy-lifting, it leaves talent acquisition teams with lighter workloads and contributes to administrative savings.

Mitigates the risk of bad hires

recruiting team high fiving each other

Biased hiring decisions result in less diverse teams. Which hinders team productivity and lowers ROI. Think of it like the domino effect. One challenge knocks down the other, and the next thing you know, you’re down to your last domino piece. The truth is, unconscious hiring bias can cost you money, and most importantly, talent.

A hiring platform rids you from that.

For example, our hiring platform provides recruiters with actionable and accurate insights that help them find the right candidates. To illustrate further, when recruiters are looking for candidates with specific career levels, majors, or job titles, they can simply provide EVA-REC with certain keywords that they expect to see in the candidates’ resumes. Consequently, EVA-REC will then filter through these resumes to find the best candidates, and rank them from highest to lowest match. It will also generate a matching percentage that matches candidates to the right jobs. This can help recruiters instantly pinpoint the best talent and make the right hiring decision effortlessly, without the need to second guess themselves or invoke any bias.

Builds transparent lines of communication

candidates reading an email

Let’s be clear about this, strong communication is the lifeblood of any efficient hiring process. And when communication lines fade away, everything comes grinding down to a halt. For example, when you don’t keep candidates in the loop – and keep them in the dark – they will most definitely drop out of the hiring process without a glimmer of doubt.

When this happens, think of all the resources such as time and effort that have gone to waste. And think about how that will put a strain on your annual ROI.
To eliminate this from cascading into a giant setback, use a hiring platform to streamline your communication with candidates.

A hiring platform can help you skip playing phone tag with candidates and communicate with them frequently through personalized and automated emails. This way, candidates will always be updated every step of the way. Not only boosting their experience but also enticing them to join your company.
What’s more, a hiring platform helps teams build meaningful connections with each other. Where teammates can skip the email back-and-forths and collaborate together in one place instead. Allowing them to leave comments, feedback, and discuss candidates in real-time.

Develops the best-in-class candidate experience

A candidate happy with her hiring experience

Hands down, the candidate experience is a vital aspect of the hiring process. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to strengthen your employer brand and gain top talent. Not only do you want these candidates to become your raging fans, but also actively engaged.
The trick lies in keeping them updated throughout the process, as we previously mentioned. But also, you want to keep the hiring process friendly, fast, and most importantly, fair.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC can help with that. First and foremost, a hiring platform can help you provide a simple, fast, and efficient mobile-friendly experience. Where candidates can apply to jobs directly from their phones and with only a few clicks. This way, when your application process is fast, intuitive, and smooth you can effortlessly minimize dropouts.

In addition, our hiring platform can recommend online courses by Coursera and Udemy to candidates. These recommendations are based on any missing or required skills that the candidates must learn or improve in order to meet the job requirements! This is why we like to think of EVA-REC as a hiring platform with a heart. It looks after the candidates and makes sure their experience is valued and memorable!


Whether you’re scouring the market for a hiring platform to help you make your first great hire or hire candidate #500 – a hiring platform can undeniably inflate your ROI. At the end of the day, hiring platforms powered by AI are designed to cater to a wonderful hiring experience for both candidates and recruiters alike. Also, it keeps all your workflows flowing smoothly and intact. Allowing you to stay on track, ahead of the competition, and most of all – relevant. Looking to boost your recruitment ROI? Look no further. Our award-winning hiring platform is just what you need!

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Save time and post jobs on 2,000+ job boards with one click. Let the AI do the sourcing for you, and hire top talent at a single glance.
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