7 Awesome Ways to Get Your Remote Recruitment Right

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A talent acquisition team getting their remote recruitment right

Hiring great people has always been challenging, even before Covid19 pushed everyone to leap into digital transformations. And with remote recruitment, the challenge is now even bigger.

Ask any talent acquisition professional what they think about remote recruitment, and you may see that most of them have polar opposite opinions. They either love it or find unbelievably time-consuming.

If you fall into the latter group, then this blog is for you! Here are some amazing tips that can help you get on track and get your remote recruitment right.

Invest in the right hiring technology

Advances in technology have made processes in the HR landscape relatively easier. From automation tools to recruitment software – talent acquisition teams have a wide variety of tools to choose from. And let’s be honest here, remote hiring is hard to scale without the right recruitment software.

In fact, remote recruitment will never be the same once you start adopting the right recruitment software. With our recruitment software, you can seamlessly simplify your processes and procedures by automating communication, scheduling interviews, and moving candidates between stages. It also uses AI to match candidates to jobs that are a great fit for them.

This is based on the traits, skillsets and experiences that the candidates previously share with the platform. Consequently, our recruitment software will rank candidates from highest to lowest match, by taking into consideration how closely their profiles match the designated job vacancy.

Build a remarkable employer brand online

As an HR professional, you must know that your employer brand can add great value to your remote recruitment process and company. With a strong employer brand, top candidates will be more enticed to join your company.

So make sure you put it under the spotlight. You can always opt to use a recruitment software like ours to create a branded career page that converts and excites top talent. Your career page can introduce potential candidates to your company culture, work environment, perks and benefits.

Bear in mind that your employer brand isn’t only tethered to your career page. You can boost your employer brand by creating an awesome candidate experience, stellar online presence, and job descriptions that thoroughly express your brand voice.

Define your ideal candidate

What kind of candidate will fit your position perfectly?

While you’re defining the job, take some time to also outline the ideal candidate persona. This way, you’ll be able to easily identify the most important qualities that you’re searching for in a candidate. Keep in mind, that being only ‘’qualified’’ doesn’t mean that the candidate is right for the job. It takes a great balance between abilities, skills, and cultural fit to find your ideal candidate.

However, every job position is different.

Some may only require highly trained candidates; others may require a team player or someone who can work independently. So for example, if your job vacancy is a remote one, you should define your ideal candidate as one who thrives in a remote working environment and works better alone. Again, defining your candidate persona solely depends on your company’s needs, goals and structure.

Become known as a remote-friendly company

As companies are still trying to recover from the pandemic, one thing is still certain: working remotely is here to stay. With remote recruitment, you’re going to have to embrace a remote-friendly strategy. A remote-friendly company thrives to eliminate the differences between employees who work from home or the office.

Meaning, employees get to choose where they want to work from. As long as it doesn’t affect their performance and productivity. To become a remote-friendly company, clearly state it on your career page. Publish testimonials from remote employees, share success stories, and offer remote employees equal career progression opportunities.

Bridge any gaps with video interviewing software

Hiring top talent remotely can be a challenge. There’s no doubt about that. It might be much easier for companies to get a sense of a candidate’s personality in real-life. This is because when you’re hiring remotly, you’re confined to speaking to candidates over the phone or through videos.

To hire the right person in remote recruitment, you’re going to have to dig deeper and bridge any gaps in the process with video interviewing software. This is an awesome way to eliminate communication gaps and pay a little extra attention to how candidates present themselves.

A video interviewing software like ours allows companies to learn more about candidates by using advanced personality reports and AI to assess how each individual candidate answers preselected questions. This way, talent acquisition teams can get better insights into candidates, and reveal more about their learning and communication style, performance in sales, programming aptitude, and the way they deal with customers.

Assess for cultural fit

One of the main reasons why employees choose to leave a company, is because they don’t resonate with the company’s culture or philosophy. Although your goal is to hire the right candidates, you should make sure that they’re also a great cultural fit.

When hiring a candidate remotely, give greater focus to how the candidate can mold into your organization’s culture. Go back to your candidate persona (that we discussed above) and assess whether the candidate’s personal traits match your company’s goals and vision.

It can be easier to start assessing the most important qualities first. Do you look for dedication, loyalty, positivity or trustworthiness? You can always ask interview questions that can help you probe further into the candidate’s traits and unravel whether the candidate is deemed to be a cultural fit or not.

Communicate with candidates every step of the way

Looking to get your remote recruitment right? Be ready to give candidates status updates, answer questions promptly, and be consistent in communication. When you master the art of effective communication in remote recruitment, everything else becomes easier. Especially the candidate’s experience!

First things first, map out all your touchpoints in advance and how you plan to communicate with candidates at every step. Will you text, email, or give them a call?

To make it easier for you, you can always use recruitment software like EVA-REC to keep candidates notified all throughout. Have you recently moved candidates from one stage to another? Our recruitment software will instantly send them an email updating them on their application status to keep them in the loop. This way, candidates won’t feel like they’re left in the dark in the remote recruitment process.

In short

Exploring ways to optimize your remote recruitment process is crucially necessary, especially since we anticipate remote hiring to linger on and become more widespread in the future. These tips are a great way for you to transform your remote recruitment process and hire top talent remotely in a faster, cheaper, and more efficient way. By developing your recruitment process from now, you will be able to be prepared to face whatever HR challenges the coming months or years may bring your way!

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