7 Powerful Things Every Recruiter Should Do to Succeed Amid Covid19

A recruiter working during Covid19

Many things can flip the entire world upside down: Covid19, global warming, not having a hiring solution…

The field of recruitment is full of challenges. It’s like passing one tide, only to find the other one already waiting for you. There’s a lot on a recruiter’s plate. In fact, many of them are struggling to stay afloat. From juggling remote interviews, working remotely, screening hundreds of resumes, to managing numerous candidate pipelines…hiring during Covid19 is not easy.

So if you’re a recruiter, who is heading into a hiring spree in 2021, but some HR challenges are still lingering around amid this pandemic, then these powerful 8 tips are for you!

Be a great strategic thinker

Beyond fishing for top talent, writing awesome job descriptions, sourcing candidates, and making swift hiring decisions, you’re going to need to cultivate analytical skills to become a great strategic thinker. When you’re a strategic thinker, you will be able to manage and eliminate bias when screening candidates, align and support the company’s goals, and measure the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts.

Become an expert at communicating

Regardless of the industry you work in, nurturing your communication skills is crucially important. Recruiters need to communicate with their managers, teammates, and candidates. Which means that they must use their communication skills on a daily basis. And since a vast majority of recruiters are working remotely, enhancing communication skills goes a long way, particularly when it comes to onboarding new hires remotely and conducting live video interviews. This can help keep the human element alive even from a distance!

Get tech-savvy

We all want to automate time-wasting tasks. And the only way to do that is by leveraging AI and technology in this digital age. Believe it or not, technology puts the H back in HR. How? An AI hiring solution like ours allows you to personalize communication with candidates even when you work from home, and geographical barriers separate you two. This way, recruiters can leverage cutting-edge technology to keep the human element alive in recruitment, even during a pandemic.

Be a bit more flexible

The world around us is moving at a fast pace. And if we’re not keeping up with what’s happening, we risk getting too comfortable in our comfort zone. And what happens in your comfort zone? Nothing grows there! Take a look at new HR trends that are unfolding around you. Try new processes, ideas, or strategies that other recruiters swear by. Be flexible enough to explore new opportunities and solutions that are deemed to give you that hiring boom your HR department is longing for.

Engage with qualified candidates

We all know that in a candidate-driven market, it can be a bit tricky to attract and keep top talent. Very often, your star candidates have multiple offers to choose from, and if you don’t give them the experience they’re looking for – they’ll slip away from your fingers. If you’re looking to keep qualified candidates engaged throughout a remote recruitment process, then bear in mind that you’re going to have to step up your candidate experience game.

Start by keeping all candidates in the loop on their application status, responding to their inquiries instantly, and personalizing communication with them. As a recruiter, make sure your career page ultimately reflects your brand identity and company culture. This way, when top talent gets to see your awesome work culture, they’ll press “Apply” faster than the speed of light.

Don’t hide behind your desk!

Many recruiters make the drastic mistakes of slouching on their desks all day and gluing their eyes to the computer screen. If you are an avid thinker with creative ideas, don’t shy away from meeting with your team to share your thoughts on how you can boost the recruitment process during Covid19. If your company has an open-door policy, then use it wisely! Don’t hide behind your desk or screen. Even if you’re working remotely, invite your teammates to a virtual meeting where you can all share ideas, discuss new strategies, and find new approaches to hiring. This way, you’ll strengthen relationships with your coworkers, develop trust, and get more comfortable and confident with your ideas.

Be a risk-taker

In recruitment, playing it too ‘’safe’’ is a risk itself. Because it means that the way you hire will not grow, evolve, or become better. Recruiters succumb to the traditional way of doing work, even if it’s not yielding any fruitful results. That’s no fun, because the HR landscape is evolving right before our eyes, and there are so many opportunities out there for us to grasp. And these opportunities can do wonders for the recruitment process. So be a risk-taker, the same way candidates claim they are on their CVs. Don’t these candidates usually stand out to you?

In the same way, when you’re a risk-taker, you tend to stand out as well. Now, we are not insinuating that you gamble away your department’s resources. By being a risk-taker, we mean being someone who is reliable, open to change, and ambitious. Look outside the box, take initiative, own your new ideas, implement new changes, and make way for your HR department to let go of the old, and embrace a new recruitment transformation.

To wrap up

Challenges will always be inevitable, especially during a pandemic. But with the right course of actions, you can successfully keep these challenges at bay. Start off by breaking free from the status quo, be creative, and adapt to new HR trends. And of course, start utilizing a hiring solution that will make hiring in the midst of a pandemic a piece of cake. Don’t forget to keep a strategic mindset, communicate effectively, get tech-savvy, become flexible, engage with candidates, share your ideas, and take risks.

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