7 Simple Steps to Follow for an Effective Remote Recruitment Process

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remote recruitment process

For many businesses, Covid19 introduced a new way of hiring and remote recruitment became the new norm. Almost 50% of people started working from home, if not for the majority of their time.

So what happened to the recruitment process? Are candidates still gathering around in waiting rooms anticipating when their interviews are going to start?

The truth is, for the majority of businesses, the recruitment process has fully shifted online.

So what are the steps you need to follow to build an effective remote recruitment process?

In this article we are going to show you how to boost your remote recruiting process starting today! 

Step 1: Identify your hiring needs

recruiter using video interviewing software

First and foremost, before we get a good dive into the all the steps, this step cannot be missed. The key to getting what you want (an awesome remote recruitment process), you’re going to have to identify your hiring needs. This is where your planning skills come into play.

Get started by getting an in-depth understanding of the kind of candidates you would hire in a heartbeat. Define the job role and identify the skillsets you’re looking for in a candidate. This will help you in removing any ambiguity in the selection process. If you can’t seem to identify your hiring needs, here a few good questions to ask yourself:

Why am I hiring new employees now? What are the gaps in performance that I am seeking to fill? Are there any employees that are leaving us any time soon?

Step 2: Prepare accurate job descriptions

laptop showing video interviewing software

After identifying your hiring needs, it’s time to write clear and concise job descriptions. This step is crucially important because the first thing that candidates will read about you is your job vacancy.

A complete job description should include the title, responsibilities, location, benefits, compensation, and the necessary qualifications and skillsets required.

If you’re struggling to devise a great job description, then here’s a neat little trick: prior to writing a job description, create a candidate persona.

A candidate persona can help you identify the kind of candidates that you are looking for, where to find them, and what mindsets you expect them to nurture in their job roles. The persona should also encompass their goals, job search behavior, influencers, personality, and skills.

Step 3: Determine your remote recruitment strategy

recruiter using video interviewing software

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. This step is where you decide to attract and retain star candidates! At this point, you should determine whether you are going to hiring candidates internally or externally.

To create an efficient remote recruitment process, we encourage you to select the geographical area that you aim to target, create relevant job ads, find the best job posting sites, and select the method of recruitment. The method of recruitment could be done through employee referrals, video interviews, or social media networks.

By outlining your recruitment strategy, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your remote recruitment process. It might also come in handy to create a visual flow chart that outlines your entire hiring process as well.

Step 4: Screen and shortlist candidates

recruiter using a hiring platform

So your email is overflowing with CVs, candidate inquiries, and a sky-high number of applications. What do you do next?

Firstly, we advise you to invest in a hiring platform that can help you screen, filter and shortlist candidates in seconds!

If you’re looking for a solution that will save you the manual grunt work in the remote recruitment process, then you will love using our hiring platform EVA-REC! Once applications start rolling in, our hiring platform will sort through them, filter the most qualified ones (according to your preferences), and instantly show you the most eligible candidates by ranking them from highest to least fit.

The best part? You will be able to instantly spot the best candidates and save 90% of your valuable time!

Step 5: Conduct a faster interview process

video interviewing software

Conducting a faster interview process is every recruiter’s dream. The good news is: we’re here to turn that dream into reality. Our hiring platform can help you shorten the interview process by 30 days!

Now, after your applications start coming in, it’s time to boost your credibility and create an awesome first impression as an employer.

To get started, consider giving your candidates a memorable video interviewing experience. A video interview can help your candidates feel more relaxed, as they conduct their interviews from a comfortable setting. Also, a video interview can incredibly speed up the remote recruitment process. As you will be able to evaluate hundreds of candidates in minutes rather than days!

Step 6: Make an offer to your star candidate

laptop showing DocuSign

Once you’ve shortlisted and selected your top candidates, it’s time to check their references. A background check can help you make sure that your candidates are who they really claim to be, and it can significantly help you avoid making costly decisions.

If everything checks out, and you’re ready to make an offer, then our hiring platform is here to help. Once you spot your ideal candidate, our hiring platform can help you send an electronic offer via DocuSign with just a few clicks! All you’ve got to do is fill out the email offer template and our hiring platform will take care of the rest.

Step 7: Create an engaging employee onboarding experience

talent acquisition team

Now that your candidate accepted the offer, it’s time to welcome your rising star on board. Remote recruitment and onboarding employees can be quite challenging. The best way to kick off the remote recruitment process is to develop a two-week plan, set up all meetings in advance, start with a small project, onboard in cohorts, ask for feedback, and establish a personal connection.

Many recruiters forget about the crucial importance of establishing personal connections and bonds with new employees remotely. We’re here to remind you that it would be a great initiative to set up regular online meetings with the team, or even schedule a work lunch via Zoom!

Bottom line

Remote recruitment can become a breeze once you follow the right steps. There’s no “one size fits all” in recruitment, and we know that there are various ways to customize the following steps to fit your organizational needs and requirements. However, do share with us what additional steps your organization follows in the comments below!

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