6 Smart Ways to Tackle Your Remote Recruitment Challenges Today

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A recruiter tackling his remote recruitment challenges

As many of us are now working remotely, managing the remote recruitment process can be hard. Despite how spotless the recruitment process can be, some HR challenges can seep into the recruiter’s everyday life.

There are various things that recruiters must take into consideration on a daily basis. From onboarding new hires, looking after employees, hiring top talent, fostering a culture of high performance – the list goes on.

These hurdles aren’t difficult to face or resolve, though. Talent acquisition teams just need a few handy tricks and some awesome hiring tools to get back on the right track.

And here’s a little twist: Solving them virtually could be easier.

This is exactly why we are here today to share with you some creative solutions to your remote recruitment challenges. All of which you can conquer today!

Use an innovative hiring solution

A recruiter tackling his remote recruitment challenges

While it’s no surprise that hiring technology is transforming the HR landscape, many recruiters are reluctant to utilize it in the remote recruitment process. Why? They feel too safe in their comfort zone. But the truth is, an innovative hiring platform can help you energize your efforts, productivity, and efficiency. To reach your full potential as a recruiter, you’re going to need an extra hand.

This extra hand is a virtual one. A hiring platform like ours can enormously help you streamline data collection from candidates, eliminate repetitive tasks, save time, find qualified candidates, automate the remote recruitment process and – most importantly – hire top talent!

Embrace new changes with grace and ease

A group of employees using EVA-REC the recruitment software

We’ve all heard the quote “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” The same goes for remote recruitment. The more reluctant you are to embrace the changes that are occurring in the HR landscape, the harder it will be for you to adapt to the new norm. Keep in mind that change is a shapeshifter. A good place to start is to transparently communicate with employees and managers before, during, and after times of change.

Equip the staff with what they need to stay on top of their game, even when the work environment changes. Whether it’s through support, resources, new tools, extra training, a pep talk, or just a heart-to-heart chat. Once employees feel well equipped with everything they need, they will feel more secure and capable of tackling and facing future changes with ease.

Communicate early and often with candidates

A female recruiter interviewing a female candidate

Believe it or not, many talent acquisition professionals are at risk of losing top talent to faster moving companies. By simply ensuring timely and collaborative communication with candidates, recruiters can significantly boost their candidate experience. To prevent losing your A-star candidates to competitors, make sure you keep communication lines opens with candidates, automatically send them reminders before their scheduled interviews, and keep them in the loop on their application status.

Groom current employees for leadership roles

A group of employees working together in the meeting room

It goes without saying that employees are the company’s most important asset. The truth is, many talented employees leave their companies because of poor relationships with their managers. From these poor relationships springs out the challenge of nurturing employees for leadership positions. Therefore, to combat this issue, you can’t exactly handcuff managers to their desks. You’re going to have to motivate employees to stay!

How do you do that? Provide consistent and regular training that aligns with their career path and professional growth. When you’re actively investing in their future and growth, employees can grow to become the leaders they aspire to be.

Create a culture that promotes continuous learning

Employees video interviewing a candidate

Employees feed on growth. And training (as mentioned above) is the golden card to keep employees engaged and stimulated. But this only stands true if they are given the right training material and the right training courses. For your company to remain competitive, employees should remain up to date with new trends, and fine-tune their skills continuously. This way, by enabling flexible learning, employees will become part of a learning culture and prevent employees from feeling bored or overloaded with work, which negatively impacts their productivity and morale.

Look after the employees’ safety and health

Two employees wearing masks why working in the office

Since the occurrence of Covid19, the physical and mental well-being of employees has been of high importance, especially during remote recruitment. This pandemic played a significant role in impacting the overall mental and emotional well-being of employees. This means that recruiters need to keep an open eye on workloads that are escalating out of control. What’s more, recruiters can also promote an open-door policy that openly discusses stress, anxiety, and heavy workloads. Maybe even opt for giving employees a mental sick leave if they’re feeling burnt out!

Bottom line

Recruiters come across various remote recruitment challenges in their professional careers. But tackling these tasks creatively can significantly help you boost the overall efficiency of your recruitment process and HR department. By simply investing in a hiring platform, embracing new changes, communicating continuously with candidates, creating a learning culture, upskilling employees, and looking after the employees’ health, you will be able to tackle your remote recruitment challenges with ease and steer your HR efforts towards greater success.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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