6 Awesome Ways to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Remote Recruitment

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A recruiter who is using AI in remote recruitment

AI is becoming the new black in remote recruitment.

AI hiring platforms are offering companies a wide variety of benefits when it comes to hiring top talent. HR professionals are also leveraging its uses in various remote recruitment processes. From sourcing, shortlisting, filtering to organizing candidates in pipelines.

Today, Artificial Intelligence is allowing talent acquisition teams and HR managers to reimagine their recruitment processes in ways they would have never imagined. AI is opening a door to unlimited possibilities and opportunities. And HR has opened the door wide open.

So let’s check out the 6 awesome ways you can leverage AI in remote recruitment!

To optimize the hiring process

Think of your remote recruitment process as a machine. It’s going to need some oil to function properly. And that oil, is AI. Once your machine starts to squeak, you’ll know that something is wrong, and you might risk losing top talent to competitors. The great news is: AI helps you keep your remote recruitment process up and running efficiently. It helps you see the big picture and spot bottlenecks. This will allow you to ‘’grease’’ the areas that aren’t working well and have all your data centralized in one place. Optimization at its finest!

To reduce time-to-hire

Reducing time-to-hire is tricky. Maybe even a little confusing. On one hand, you want to find the perfect fit, and on another, you need to find that perfect fit quickly and cost-effectively, with no time to lose. Luckily, AI helps you solve this debacle by optimizing the process (as mentioned above) and helping you spot top candidates in a span of seconds. This leaves you with more time to sit and meet your next big hire, rather than stress about not having enough hours in your day. As a result, reducing time to hire by a jaw-dropping 90%!

To increase the quality of hire

Finding qualified candidates is not an easy task. Nowadays it’s quite hard to attract and engage top talent. So many talent acquisition teams find themselves weeding through unqualified candidates trying to find the perfect fit, just like looking for a needle in the haystack.

AI, on the other hand, can help you write clear, thorough, and unbiased job descriptions that are an actual representation of the role. Not only will it entice top talent to apply, but it will also increase your reliability and credibility as a company. For instance, our AI hiring platform can write job descriptions for you as long as you feed it with particular keywords related to the job role! As a result, this will drive more traffic to your branded career page and job vacancies.

To automate repetitive tasks

HR professionals are busy. From chasing after candidates, scheduling interviews, replying to emails, filling up pipelines, to screening resumes – their to-do list never seems to end! And what happens when these tasks don’t get done on time? Things get messy.

This is where AI waltzes into the remote recruitment process to automate the entire process from source to hire. From automatically ranking candidates, sending emails to filtering candidates – AI is working wonders with its automation magic. This leaves recruiters with an ample amount of time to focus more on candidates, rather than repetitive tasks.

To refine the candidate’s experience

Although AI is doing great things for HR, it’s also enhancing the candidate experience. Despite having less human interaction, AI can help recruiters personalize and automate communication throughout the entire remote recruitment process. This will not only make candidates feel valued and special, but it will also make candidates feel in the loop.

Check out what the AI in our hiring platform can do: once candidates are moved from one stage to another, they will get automated emails that inform them of their application status. From kind ‘thank you’ emails to ‘Congratulations!’ job offer emails – timely communication makes all the difference. Especially when candidates feel guided and informed throughout the entire remote recruitment process. And no one is left in the dark. Literally.

To reduce cost in hiring

Wrong hires are a costly endeavor. So is the process of hiring new employees. When you’re spending so much time screening resumes, shortlisting top talent, and scheduling interviews, you want to know that you’re exerting your time and effort on the right people.

AI will undeniably create a more cost-effective hiring funnel, that will have a powerful impact on ROI in the long term. Not only saving you 70% of recruitment costs but also mind-blowingly reducing turnover rates and saving costs on training and onboarding.

Tying it all together

Artificial Intelligence is changing the game in remote recruitment. It’s opening the virtual door to hiring success. HR professionals who are not leveraging its benefits are definitely missing out!
Once you taste the benefits of adding AI to your recruitment process, you’ll begin to slowly learn more about what you, your team, and the candidates are truly looking for. And the beautiful thing about AI is that it adapts to your needs.

This means that you can enhance your processes and HR experience with the snap of your fingers.
To all the recruiters who are struggling to attract the right talent, engage qualified candidates, create an efficient recruitment process, and hire faster – look no further. Our hiring platform is designed for recruiters like yourself, who are looking for a simple solution to their complex problems!

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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