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A recruiter who is reducing time to hire in remote hiring

In today’s modern HR landscape, data is everything. HR professionals are using data metrics to assess and evaluate every aspect of the remote hiring process. 

One of the most important metrics in HR is time to hire. It’s probably the most important KPI for recruiting teams.
Nowadays, the greatest race of all, is finding and hiring top talent in the market before it’s too late. But the biggest challenge for talent acquisition teams is reducing the time to hire without sacrificing the efficiency of the remote hiring process. 

You might be surprised to know that on average, it takes recruiters 1 to 4 months to make a hire. Which puts recruiters at the risk of losing 57% of qualified candidates.

So, if you’re looking for the best way to reduce time to hire in remote hiring, then this article is for you!

Let’s get to the good stuff now. 

Establish a structured hiring process

If your remote hiring process is not structured, then your time to hire will increase by default. This stands true especially if you need to start from scratch whenever it’s time to fill a new role. Now wouldn’t that be a hassle? Inserting some structure into your remote hiring process will do wonders for you.

To get started, simply grab the nearest paper to you (preferably a big one). And sketch out your remote hiring process from start to finish. Mapping out a candidate journey will also be very helpful. Be thorough and specific when sketching your hiring process. Be sure to specify the steps and how long they will take. Your hiring steps could look like the following:

Step 1: Screening profiles
Step 2: Phone screening
Step 3: Invite for a video interview or assessment
Step 4: Follow up with candidates
Step 5: Review assessments or interviews
Step 6: Schedule an interview
Step 7: Assess and evaluate the candidate
Step 8: Schedule a 2nd interview (if necessary)
Step 9: Onboarding

Now remember, the hiring process should be tailored to your company’s needs and strategy. If things are vague to you, schedule an in-take meeting with your recruiting team to discuss the best way to structure your remote hiring process.

Invest in a great Applicant Tracking System

An advanced applicant tracking system will help you automate and optimize each step of the remote hiring process. It won’t only help you hire the right people for your company, but it will also become the backbone of your entire process. It will support you in scheduling interviews, streamlining applications, filtering resumes and building a talent pipeline. It also helps you save 90% of your time and magically reduce the time to hire.

Our innovative ATS can help you filter through resumes and spot the most qualified ones in seconds. It can also reduce the time to hire by ranking candidates from highest to lowest match and provide you with the list of candidates that are the best fit for the job. This will lucratively help you reduce the cost per screening by 80% and improve the quality of hire by 75%!

Build a strong talent pipeline ahead of time

In order to optimize your remote hiring process, we strongly suggest you build a talent pipeline ahead of time. To simply put it, if you find qualified candidates, don’t let them slip away – even if you’re not currently hiring for any role. Instead, build a talent pipeline that is specifically set aside for potential candidates.

So, provide a form on your website or career page that you can use to acquire the contact information and resumes of candidates. This way, you won’t be missing out on any great candidates the next time you decide to begin remote hiring for a role.

Optimize your career page

Your career page is your first touch point with potential candidates, and it’s how they learn more about your job vacancy. Candidates visit your career page throughout the hiring process, and if they are not engaged, then they will simply opt out. Therefore, your career page will reflect highly on your employer brand. So make sure your career page vividly reflects your company culture and values.

Candidates love to learn more about your work atmosphere and team spirit through pictures and videos. Once you create a mobile-friendly and easily accessible career page, you can save time and instantly excite top talent to apply to your job vacancy. As a result, attracting top talent faster can immensely help you reduce the time to hire. 

Branch out to social media recruiting

Nowadays social media recruiting is becoming a game-changer. Social media is not only a free way to access top talent, but it’s also one of the largest diverse talent pools that recruiters have easy access to. Social media recruiting can actually give recruiters a quicker reach to candidates, faster than any other job board!

Did you know that nearly 90% of recruiters claim that they hired top talent through LinkedIn? When done correctly, social media recruiting can monumentally help recruiters reach out to passive candidates, target desired candidates, and gather more referrals – all while saving money and reducing time to hire in remote hiring!

Build a recruitment process that is transparent and personal

Personalizing the candidate’s experience goes a long way in remote recruitment. Especially when you foster a tailored recruitment approach to enhance your candidate experience and brand image. To make candidates more responsive and engaged, you’re going to have to keep them in the loop, follow up with them in a timely manner, and keep communication lines open.

This way, candidates will have a distinctive experience, especially if you’re automating most of these touchpoints and keeping the process fast, transparent and personal. As a result, candidates won’t take weeks to get back at you. Instead, you can increase their response rate and significantly reduce time to hire.

Bottom line

If you found the perfect candidate, don’t let time pass you by. Most fast, and don’t delay the offer! The reason why time to hire is long and why candidates reject offers, is because things were moving slowly, and they already accepted another job offer.

The best way to ensure that won’t happen to you is to follow these proven-to-work awesome tips! Make sure you eliminate time-wasting processes, invest in an advanced ATS, optimize your career page, leverage social media recruiting, build a personalized remote hiring process, and build a great talent pipeline in advance!

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