6 Killer Strategies to Avoid a Failing Assessment Process

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An employee pushing a huge chess piece, symbolizing trying to avoid a failing assessment process.

You’ve probably tried everything in the book, but it’s just starting to seem like your assessment process isn’t working anymore. Perhaps it has turned into an endless cycle of processes, with not enough tools or resources.

The truth is, without the right tools or technology, it will be easy for your assessment process to take a bad turn, and slip through the cracks.

It can also be inevitably frustrating for you and your teammates to see no fruitful results after giving the assessment process your all. But have you ever taken the moment to wonder why your assessment process is failing? Have you identified the problem? Or are you still trying to pinpoint where it all went wrong?

After helping numerous companies revamp, enhance, and optimize the way they assess applicants, we believe these top 6 tips can help you avert a failing assessment process.

Invest in the right technology that will transform your workflows

An employee watching a video assessment on a tablet.

The same old assessing habits, induce the same old assessing headaches. This is why investing in the right technology (hint: our video interviewing software) can help you break free from the mold and ease your heavy burdens. How? EVA-SSESS is an innovative AI video software that fully transforms and redefines the way you assess applicants.

Where it can help you take the back-and-forth struggle out of assessing by automating your processes, organizing your pipelines, personalizing communication, getting access to deeper insights, and eliminating geographical barriers. And the best part? You can do that ALL from one tab only. Saving you time, effort, and headspace!

Give applicants the flexibility to schedule their own assessments

An employee scheduling an interview on Elevatus with a candidate.

If you’re trying to bring in more than 10 applicants to the office for any sort of assessment, the back and forth process of sending emails and scheduling a suitable time can go on for days. Maybe even weeks. This scheduling fiasco becomes just like a Tetris puzzle!

There’s no doubt that scheduling an interview can be time-consuming for both you and the person you’re assessing. Instead of wasting a large amount of time on back-and-forths, allow applicants to choose their own time slots by using a calendar or interview scheduler to cut down your time and optimize the process as a result.

Keep the assessments short and simple

An employee adding questions on EVA-SSESS.

Let’s agree on this together: lengthy assessments will do you more harm than good. We’re living in an incredibly busy world, and no one has the time to spare on time-consuming processes. Including your applicants.

Alternatively, keep the applicant’s energy upbeat by creating video assessment interviews that are straightforward, short, and easy. Ask no more than 5 questions, that are straight to the point, and won’t leave applicants beating around the bush and digressing off-topic. The great news is, EVA-SSESS, our video interviewing software allows applicants to start, conduct, and complete all their assessments online and in a few minutes only. So they can go back to focusing on their other important tasks of the day.

Automate communication and reminders

A female employee automating reminders for applicants.

It’s only natural for you and your applicants to lose track of time, especially in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Given the fact that the majority of us are working remotely, sending automated reminders is crucial to keep your assessment process alive. Video assessments are not enough to boost your success if you forget to send reminders to applicants and they don’t show up!

To say the least, we strongly recommend you use automated emails and SMS messages to streamline communication. Set reminders at least 24 hours before the time of the assessment, and one hour before as well. Sending a reminder a few minutes before won’t specifically do the trick, since applicants might have completely forgotten about it and won’t manage to make it on time!

Use a structured and organized assessment process

An employee using EVA-SSESS to view applicant pipelines.

To make your workflows and the way you assess more efficient, you’ve got to make them more standardized. Your goal should be to offer a unified assessment experience for all applicants, which is structured and organized. And how do you do that? By using a video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS you can invoke a fairer and more organized process by using your model answer as a point of reference. The model answer is the ideal answer that you wish to hear from applicants. The AI engine will then generate a relevancy percentage for each question, which represents how relevant their answers are in comparison to your model answer. This can help you assess all applicants with greater structure, efficiency, and order based on pre-set questions and model answers.

Personalize and customize the experience for applicants

A group of employees working together to personalize the applicant experience with EVA-SSESS.

Despite the fact that video assessment interviews are ultra-fast and boost your efficiency, one cannot neglect the fact that an impersonal and mundane process, can definitely discourage applicants altogether.
On the bright side, our video interviewing software can help you kick the boring out of your assessments and personalize the applicant’s experience like never before.

For instance, you can send assessments that are purely customized to your company’s branding. This will help applicants feel like they are within the scope of your organization and culture, even from a distance. In addition, our video interviewing software can also allow you to customize invitation messages and emails to applicants, to ultimately help you personalize their experience.

Wrapping it all together

Video assessment interviews are proven to be a stellar way to increase and boost your efficiency, productivity, and success. When you pair awesome tactics like assessing applicants through videos with structured assessment strategies and tips, you can elevate the assessment process and ensure that it will yield spectacular results for you, year after year. So don’t get discouraged if you’re starting to feel like your assessment process is crumbling down. Revitalizing it is easy! All you have to do is invest in the right technology, give applicants more flexibility, automate communication, keep your process organized, and personalize the applicants’ experience.

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