6 Valid Reasons Why You Should Try Video Assessment Interviews in 2021

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A female employee holding her laptop that has video assessments that she needs to watch.

Video assessment interviews aren’t exactly a new concept. In fact, video assessment interviews are a popular choice now for companies and employers who are looking to save time, money, and effort when assessing applicants. Despite the fact that video assessment interviews have been around for some time, they used to be considered more of a commodity than a necessity.

Today, things have changed and the pandemic forced companies worldwide to accelerate and boost their digital transformations with innovative technology. Video interviewing software has proven to be a wonderful way for you to optimize the assessment process, assess applicants efficiently, and make the right decisions confidently.

Therefore, let’s explore 6 fundamental reasons why you must give video assessment interviews a shot in 2021!

They automate the entire assessment process quickly

A male employee holding his laptop in one hand and doing an OK gesture with the other hand.

What makes video assessment interviews an impeccable choice for employers and decision-makers, is that it completely automates the assessment process from start to finish. Nowadays it’s becoming quite imperative for businesses to automate their processes and allow technology to take over the everyday hustle and bustle of repetitive tasks.

For instance, our video interviewing software EVA-SSESS allows employers and decision-makers to significantly reduce their assessing time from days to hours! What’s more, with EVA-SSESS, you can simply invite and assess a mass number of applicants remotely, evaluate them instantly, reveal valuable personality insights, share feedback with team members, and complete the entire assessment process in one place only!

By automating the assessment process, you can easily increase productivity, build a great relationship with applicants, and make faster decisions with ease!

They are super convenient and flexible

A female employee with blonde hair, wearing a yellow jacket, is working on her laptop.

We know how the logistics of scheduling in-person interviews or assessments can be draining and tedious. From aligning schedules between multiple team members to finding suitable time slots for applicants – the back-and-forth process of scheduling an in-person assessment can easily turn into a headache. With video interview software though, these assessment hassles cease to exist!

EVA-SSESS gives applicants the freedom to conduct their assessments at a time and place that suits their own convenience. And you can get to watch and assess them at the time that suits yours! Even better, you can always re-watch the video assessment interviews and share them with your teammate to get their feedback and comments. This makes the assessments incredibly easier, convenient, and much more flexible!

They significantly boost team collaboration

Two employees, one male and one female, working together on their laptops.

When conducting an in-person assessment, it can be hard to involve your teammates and get their feedback on the applicant, if they aren’t personally there. With our video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS, teammates can share their feedback, leave comments, and give ratings in one place and in real-time!

They can also replay and rewind particular segments in the video assessment interviews to support them in thoroughly assessing and evaluating applicants without relying on their memory or perpetuating any implicit or explicit bias. With EVA-SSESS, teammates can collaboratively work together in a timely manner, and make more accurate and better decisions together.

They offer valuable and useful insights

A recruiter with dark long hair is working on her laptop, and viewing an applicant's profile on EVA-SSESS.

Getting to know applicants from face-to-face assessments alone is not easy. Sometimes, applicants might not reflect their true identity out of stress or the desperate desire to impress. Therefore, employers and decision-makers might not get accurate insights and therefore form a biased first impression about them.

Video assessments can help you get insights that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to attain from applications alone. For instance, AI video software like ours can provide personality tests for each applicant after they conduct a video assessment interview. It provides a Five-Factor Model personality report that helps employers determine an applicant’s potential, job performance, and multiple dimensions of their personality. This way, employers can get deeper personality insights and learn more about the applicants behind the screen.

They offer structure and consistency

A male recruiter watching video assessments on his laptop.

Video assessment interviews offer a guaranteed level of structure and consistency, unlike any other form of assessment. Since assessment questions are pre-defined, and the entire process is automated, all applicants undergo the same assessment experience, unlike other conventional assessment methods.

Video assessments interviews allow you to customize the assessment process according to your needs. Where you can specify the number of retakes allowed, and the time allocated to answer each question. Employers can also specify the questions they want to use to evaluate a certain competency, and use their model answer as a point of reference. This way, all applicants are treated fairly and are given the fair chance that they deserve.

They eliminate all geographical barriers

A male recruiter sitting on his couch and working on his laptop.

Many applicants seem to complain about how far they have to travel or commute for an in-person assessment. Where they might have had to take time off from work or their families to make it on time for the assessment. Video assessments, on the other hand, eliminate this hassle once and for all. Applicants can choose the time and place that suits them best, even if that place is their favorite sofa!

As a result, employers can assess thousands of applicants in a single day, without being constrained by geographical barriers. This means that applicants can record their interviews or assessments remotely, after or during working hours, or even during the weekends.

Bottom line

Video assessment interviews give you the chance to transform your slow and process-heavy assessment process into one that is more human and authentic to your experience. What’s more, video assessments allow you to assess at your leisure and enjoy distinct assessment workflows and advanced features. With powerful AI video interviewing software companies can engage with applicants immediately in 2021, and utilize leading-edge technology to assess applicants digitally and fairly!

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