6 Hiring Tools Candidates Want You to Retain Post Pandemic

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Hiring tools are popular solutions for businesses that need to coordinate hiring tasks and streamline the recruitment process.

They can help you save time and money and help you funnel more resources into the labour-intensive aspects of talent acquisition.

Consider implementing the 10 recruiter tools outlined in this article to improve hiring processes and procedures at your business.

What Are Hiring Tools?

recruiters using hiring tools to recruit top talent

Hiring tools make it easier for employers to advertise job openings and fill vacant positions. These tools aim to automate and simplify the job search for candidates and employers, helping companies organize applications and interact with talent.

Recruitment tools perform a range of functions, like:

  • Organizing and compiling applicant information
  • Posting and promoting job openings
  • Tracking the application process
  • Communicating with applicants
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Recording recruiting statistics

Benefits Of Using Hiring Tools

recruiter using hiring tools to improve the candidate experience

Hiring new employees is one of the most important duties within any organization. However, attracting candidates that have the necessary skills to perform the job and an attitude that fits into your company culture can be challenging at best.

Automating menial elements of the hiring process leaves talent acquisition managers free to focus on branding, communication and schmoozing. As you probably already know, building a high-performing team and having a pipeline of suitable candidates requires significant effort. Hiring tools can help in a number of ways.

Save Time

Recruiting software streamlines administrative tasks, reducing the amount of time recruiting professionals spend doing tedious data entry or screening tasks. It lets employers communicate with applicants quickly and efficiently, letting them fill vacant positions faster.

Attract Talent

Implementing an applicant tracking system and other recruiting tools connects you to more candidates. Plus, an ATS with an easy-to-use interface demonstrates that your business is organized and prioritizes employees, which can encourage candidates to apply.

Top Tools For Recruiters

enhancing the candidate experience through a hiring tools

Every year, new hiring tools and products enter the market in view of simplifying the hiring process. Below are the top tools to help recruiters and hiring managers streamline the recruitment process.

Job Boards

Job boards or job search engines like Indeed provide an essential service that connects businesses with applicants. Some software solutions automate external job postings on popular job sites. Many job boards prescreen candidates on your company’s behalf and assess the potential of a candidate based on the resumes in their database.

Job boards usually have options to post salary ranges, job descriptions and company profiles. Interested candidates reach out with questions or directly apply to the position online.

Premade Assessments

Pre-hire assessments evaluate a candidate’s ability before being considered for a position. Several recruitment tools provide custom or premade assessments that you can ask applicants to complete to confirm their proficiency levels for key skills.

Testing and assessment hiring tools are especially popular in technical fields such as computer science. However, you can also use them to test language fluency, problem-solving, hazard awareness and other critical scenarios.

Interviewing Software

If you are hiring for a remote position or have a high volume of applicants, consider using video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS. This lets candidates record answers to questions and submit them online. Candidates submit videos of themselves answering interview questions.

The video interviewing software takes into account the candidate’s tone of voice, facial expressions, and choice of words to assess them and generate a relevancy percentage that dictates how closely the candidates matched the recruiter’s model answer. Recruiters can efficiently evaluate responses to key questions and determine which candidates they want to invite to an in-person interview.

Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system (ATS) collects candidate information in a database and coordinates various application materials with identifying information at each step of the hiring process. Hiring tools like EVA-REC automates resume screening by highlighting resumes, cover letters and other application materials containing or omitting relevant keywords. They allow multiple staff members within a company to know which candidates have been processed, improving company-wide communication.


Candidate relationship management (CRM) software often works alongside applicant tracking software to develop ongoing interactions with candidates in your database. While applicant tracking systems manage the process of recruiting and hiring for a position, a CRM combs past applications for possible matches.

It helps you emphasize the candidate experience and makes your business more attractive to top candidates by contacting the right people at the right time for the most relevant opportunities.

Augmented Writing Software

While a job ad was once seen as something arbitrary that offers information to potential candidates, it’s now understood to be so much more. Think of your job ad as an essential marketing tool for hiring talented employees who fit perfectly into your brand identity. Hiring tools like augmented writing software helps you identify areas that need improving on your job ads and make suggestions about how to use the power of words to attract exceptional applicants.


If we were to identify some silver linings that emerged since the pandemic began, it’s the way we figured out how to make hiring more nimble. Adopting hiring tools helped candidates engage with recruiters during a global crisis and still stay on top of updates and job opportunities.

EVA-SSESS is a next-generation video interviewing software that enables businesses to pinpoint top talent and build diverse workforces fast. It uses modern science and AI to help employers and recruiters identify top performers in a fraction of time – through unbiased, reliable, and secure video assessment interviews that save more than 90% of your time.

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Pinpoint and hire great candidates at top speed!

See how our video interviewing software can help you identify and secure top talent fast with unbiased and secure AI video assessments.
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