6 Emerging Remote Recruitment Trends That Every HR Department Should Know About in 2021

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Covid19 has forever left its mark in recruitment. Recruitment processes changed, hiring challenges became common, and remote recruitment trends began to emerge. It’s no secret that HR professionals had to go through extensive change last year. It taught them how to adapt to change, adopt new technologies, and scour for new remote recruitment trends that will reshape and enhance their hiring process. But, despite the fact that we’re still working remotely, we still need to get prepared for the post-Covid world. 

So what’s in store for HR in the future? In this article, we’ll take a quick look at new remote recruitment trends that every recruiter should know about in 2021.

Let’s see how innovation is shaping new trends in human resources in the years to come!

There will be more pressure to retain top talent

Remote recruitment not only impacted the way employees collaborate with their teams, but also hampered the way they value their organizations. This means that employee satisfaction took a deep blow, which in tow, significantly affected their productivity. In 2021 recruiters should make more of a conscious effort to provide all employees with the right amount of support and opportunities to retain them, and prevent them from leaving their jobs. Therefore, in order to rival the appeal of leaving, recruiters should encourage employers to empower their teams and find new ways of leveraging their skills.

Employees might feel less loyal when working from home

Today, many employees are working remotely, and organizations are doing their best to hold onto them. Given that turnover is high, workloads are heavy, and stress loads are unimaginable, employees who are scared of losing their jobs might tend to feel less loyal. This stands true when employees don’t feel like they are getting the right amount of emotional, financial, and psychological support from their employers. Therefore, recruiters should try to prioritize wellbeing, offer financial support, keep close ties, and increase the quality of communication to boost the employees’ loyalty towards the organization.

Leaders will redefine the employee experience

Heading forward, this trend is becoming extensively important to all recruiters, employers, and leaders. Given that many employees are now working remotely, their relationship with their employers has significantly changed and is evidently different than before. Redefining employee experience entails organizations taking the right measures to boost productivity, increase satisfaction, and improve loyalty. HR will have to help employers redesign the employee experience by incorporating more work-life balance, well-being, and fruitful collaboration.
They should also allow employees to have a voice of their own. Where employees are free to give their feedback and input, which in turn, employers can turn into action. This will make employees twice as engaged, encourage more than 70% of them to stay and make 90% of them more resilient to change.

Teams will play a critical role in HR

Superteams are the future. These teams encompass people and technology who work together, to produce stellar outcomes and results for the organizations. Teams are expected to be armed with innovative technologies that will allow them to create a culture that celebrates agility, growth, and adaptability. These teams will also play a critical role in implementing new technologies in HR, to effortlessly streamline the hiring process, hire collaboratively, and automate time-consuming tasks. Superteams are expected to leverage an AI recruitment software to optimize their remote recruitment process. Therefore, recruiters can expect to train teammates on any new hiring platform and refine recruitment methods together, to become more aligned with remote recruitment. 

Mental health will get the attention it deserves

There’s no doubt that this pandemic created a heavy impact on the employees’ mental health. A study carried out by SHRM found that in 2020, 35% of the employees experienced severe depression, and 41% claim to experience work burnout. HR professionals can anticipate this issue to continue in 2021. Therefore, they will expect to see employers offering employees access to licensed counselors, mental health resources, and reduce costs for mental health services.

“Data” will become the new currency

This year, HR departments are relying on data and recruitment software to enhance the hiring process, candidate experience, and employee engagement. Data will also show recruiters how HR functions are aligned to related strategies. For instance, recruiters can expect employers to leverage AI recruitment software to get data-driven insights that empower and strengthen their remote recruitment process. What’s more, recruiters can now gauge the efficiency of the hiring process and turn to data insights for direction. Data and analytics will become the new currency in human resources and will play an integral part in how various functions operate.

Bottom line

2020 was a drastic year for everyone, including HR departments. Today, a new landscape is anticipated to emerge and new HR trends are expected to spurt out like daisies. This will be an exciting year for HR professionals, as it will help them devour these new trends, to reshape the way they hire for the better. Also, more than ever, recruiters are now welcoming and embracing change with open arms and allowing innovation and personal growth to reshape the HR landscape in the best way possible.

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