6 Useful Ways Video Interviewing Software Can Future-Proof Your Assessment Process

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A group of employees working together and using a video interviewing software.

Covid19 permanently changed the course of the assessment and hiring process. There’s no doubt about that.

Companies, decision-makers, and employers who are working remotely are still finding it hard to future-proof their assessment process in these increasingly challenging times.

However, as we’re halfway into 2021, video interviews are playing an ancillary role in redefining and transforming the way we assess applicants. And the catalyst that is accelerating the way we assess is the AI-powered video interviewing software; EVA-SSESS.

In this article, we spill the tea on how embedding our video interviewing software into your assessment process is the best way to future-proof and enhance the way you assess applicants in 2021!

Improves connections with applicants

An applicant and HR professional shaking hands.

Since the majority of us are still working remotely, building strong ties and connections with applicants can be somewhat challenging. The great news is, our video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS allows you to get closer to applicants and become more transparent. Where you can easily open up a dialogue with them, send automated emails, and communicate in real-time. Video interviewing software puts more control in the hands of applicants and allows them to choose the time and place to take their assessments. Therefore, it gives them a more flexible experience and eliminates any errors or prejudices that may occur from face-to-face assessments. Therefore, by building a more seamless experience, you can effortlessly improve connections with applicants and boost their loyalty and dedication towards your organization.

Meets the demand for mobile

A candidate using his laptop to conduct a video assessment.

Gone are the days where applicants need to commute for hours to take an assessment in person. Today, mobile technology is at the heart of the process, where applicants can simply be assessed from their mobile phones, tablets, or iPads! When you use EVA-SSESS, you can future-proof your assessment strategy to meet the excessive need for mobile technology. Rather than driving all the way across the country or hopping on a plane in these uncertain pandemic times, applicants are spared from all the geographical barriers when they conduct remote video assessments with our video interviewing software.

Allows applicants to think things through

An applicant with a pensive look on her face.

With in-person assessments, applicants don’t have much time to think about their answers, since they’re confined to a certain time limit and place. Nowadays, applicants are preferring to take a one way interview since it gives them a second chance to compose their answers and gather their thoughts. For instance, with our video interviewing technology you can determine whether you’d like to keep the questions as Open or Hidden. Keeping questions as Open means that the applicants can see the questions in advance, whereas keeping them as Hidden, will give them a specific amount of time to prepare for each answer. This way, applicants will tend to ease up, devise their answers properly, and unleash their full potential.

Enhances team collaboration and decision-making

A group of employees fist bumping over the table.

Team collaboration is what makes our work processes easier. When teammates don’t work together, assessing a large number of applicants on your own can become an inevitable challenge. With video interviewing software, you can invite an unlimited number of teammates to assist you in assessing the applicants. Where they can leave their comments, feedback, ratings, and evaluations towards any video assessment, in one place only. This in tow, centralizes communication, speeds up the process, and paves the way for a more collaborative and accurate decision-making process.

Provides thorough and deep insights

An open laptop with a personality report appearing on the screen.

Nothing ruins the assessment process like hidden bias. Sometimes, when applicants conduct in-person, phone, or paper assessments, they might get too nervous and won’t be able to reveal their true identity. This can have employers and decision-makers unconsciously form a bias first impression about them. The great news is, our video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS can provide you with AI psychometric reports that help you get to know your applicants beyond paper. Where you can learn more about your applicants’ learning and communication style, programming aptitude, ability to work with customers, and performance in sales. Our tool also helps you rely on data-driven insights to make the best decisions, rather than depend on applications or resumes alone.

Boosts efficiency through automation

An employee wearing glasses, and working on her laptop.

Automation is the core factor that will help you redefine and revamp your assessment process. However, successfully implementing automation is not easy for many companies. It demands innovative and cutting-edge technology to make that magic happen. Luckily, EVA-SSESS automates all your processes from start to finish. It takes the stress out of scheduling and phone screening applicants. In less than 5 minutes, you can invite applicants to customized and personalized assessments, assess the qualifications that really matter to you, and get to know your applicants as real people, and not just as pieces of paper. Our video interviewing software helps you increase velocity without sacrificing quality so you can make the process shorter, automated, easier to manage, and more personalized.

In conclusion

With innovative video interviewing software, you will position yourself competitively, and seamlessly assess applicants during and post Covid19! Where you can easily build the assessment process you need, quickly adapt to new changes, create engaging assessments, get awesome insights, automate time-consuming tasks, and enhance team collaboration like never before. This way, you can build the foundation that you need in the short term and long term future to continuously enhance the assessment experience based on the newest trends and market changes.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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