6 Totally Achievable Talent Acquisition Resolutions for the New Year

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Now that the we’re coming to the end of 2022, it natural to have your mind wander around delicious holiday food, Christmas shopping, gingerbread cookies, and most importantly – your talent acquisition resolutions.

No different than your New Year’s resolutions, your talent acquisition goals are just as important. You may take some time to reflect back on this year’s achievements, your main challenges, and your biggest hits. 2022 marks a fresh new start, and we’re looking at wonderful changes that will take place in talent acquisition and HR technology.

So if you’re planning on setting totally achievable goals for 2022, you landed to the right place.

Without further ado, here are some totally achievable talent acquisition resolutions that you can add to your list.

Personalize your hiring outreach

If 2021 showed you that candidates weren’t too responsive with you, it might be a signal to personalize your outreach in the year to come. When your emails are cookie-cutter copy and paste, candidates get the hint that you aren’t putting much effort into communication – and worst of all – they lose interest fast. After all, it’s a candidate-driven market and it’s no longer surprising to see candidates in the driver’s seat, in full control.

Which is why it’s unbelievably important to personalize your sourcing emails. And, well, all your emails to be exact. In 2022 talent acquisition specialists should show candidates that the email is meant for them and only them. Who wants to feel like they’re just 1 of the hundreds of others who got blasted the same email?


Therefore, we recommend that talent acquisition specialists personalize emails by mentioning the candidate’s current or past role, or perhaps something interesting they’ve shared on their LinkedIn page. Whatever it is, try to pick up something unique about the candidate and use it to establish a better connection with them.

Most importantly, stay far away from copy/paste email templates that are easily found on Google. Whip up your own, add your personal touch to it, and see how response rates will shoot up in 2022.

Develop and fine-tune skill-sets

Whether you’ve got a skill gap that you’d like to cover or pick up an entirely new skill, learning new things will always add value to your current job. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a 2-year intensive course, or a mid-night study hustle.
It can be a short and powerful online course that you can even complete with your teammates.

For example, if you had to hire a large number of tech employees in 2021, opt to take a coding course or something relevant. Especially if you’re going to continue hiring tech candidates in 2022. This way, you’ll write clear and concise job descriptions that give candidates a clearer picture of the position. Not only that, but you’ll also better understand the requirements for the job and ask the right interview questions.

Another great idea would be improving and learning best practices for the onboarding process. For talent acquisition specialists, the hiring process doesn’t end once the candidate accepts the job offer. It’s what happens after that is also important. So learning a couple of things about onboarding candidates wouldn’t hurt in 2022. In fact, it will only help you fine-tune your talent acquisition efforts.

Save time and money

If you spent this year drowning in paperwork, looking at spreadsheets full of numbers, and crunching down complex calculations – you must have struggled a ton. You also must have lost a lot of valuable time on administrative tasks.
But 2022 is no place for suffering or wasting money. It’s the place for talent acquisition success. So if you’re looking to reduce the astronomical cost your talent acquisition team had to deal with this year, you can always leverage a hiring platform.

A hiring platform delivers standardization, simplification, and automation. It automates each and every part of the hiring process which slashes costs by up to 96% and saves up to 80% of the recruiter’s time. Since a hiring platform takes care of the heavy-lifting, it leaves talent acquisition teams with lighter workloads and contributes to administrative savings.

Now we’re not recommending that you buy the most expensive hiring platform out there just for the sake of it. But if 2022 is the year you want to double headcount, you can opt for the hiring platform that suits your budget, helps you reach your goals faster, and immensely saves your time in the long run.

Track the metrics that matter the most to you

A mindset of growth and achievement is what truly separates a good talent acquisition specialist from a great one. Measuring your success and failure might have been hard this year. Perhaps you didn’t have the right tools, resources, time or headspace for it. Which is only natural for busy teams who are drowning in HR work.

But in 2022, it’s time to flip the script.

Track the metrics that matter the most to you (e.g. cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, or quality-of-hire.) These metrics will help you stay afloat and act as your guide to see where there’s room for improvement. You can also strive to set sub-goals. Such as:

• By Q2 you aim to boost response rates by X%.
• By March, you aim to reduce time-to-hire from X days to Y.
• By the end of the year, you strive to boost quality-of-hire by X%.

Either way, tracking your recruitment metrics will significantly help you see what’s working and what’s not in your talent acquisition process. And if you’re finding that hard, a hiring platform can help.

An end-to-end hiring platform like EVA-REC allows you to get fruitful insights on candidates, team members, jobs, questionnaires, and events. You can also specify the time period from which you want to gather these insights from. Lastly, you can track and get an overview of candidate sources, the total number of candidates disqualified and all the candidates who were hired. You will also get deeper insights on the time saved, cost saved, time-to-disqualify, and time-to-hire.

Attract and retain top performers

This year, next year, and in all the years to come – it’s always crucial to attract and retain the best-in-class talent. In fact, it’s also a dreary talent acquisition challenge for most companies.

Since it all depends on the company’s internal structure, building a powerful company culture, improving the employer brand and fostering a superb candidate experience is paramount to attracting and retaining top talent.

But if doing all that is just another added challenge for you, fear not. Our hiring platform provides you with the opportunity to shine and optimize each and every step of the talent acquisition process; from acquire to hire. Firstly, it helps you build and manage branded career pages that put your company under the spotlight and convert top talent with ease.

Secondly, it helps you create a wonderful candidate experience that is personalized, smooth and short. Lastly, it helps you zip through the screening process fast all while keeping candidates in the loop through timely communication.
This way, top talent will be more charmed to stay than leave for the competition.

Be thoughtful of the interview process

Bear in mind that the candidate experience all too often starts from the moment candidates lay their eyes on your career page to the moment they get interviewed.

Candidates tend to seriously question the company’s validity when they ask a question in an interview, and the recruiter stutters for a response. One way to completely avoid such a mishap is to come to the interview fully prepared.
When you’re conducting an in-person interview or a video assessment interview, it’s crucially important to gives candidates everything they need to feel ready. Perhaps it’s a cup of coffee, answers to a question, the right tools or just a warm welcoming video. Remember, the smallest details make the biggest difference.

Break up the long back-to-back interviews with a quick coffee break or a nice tour around the office. Let the candidate know ahead of time what to expect in the next interview. Tell the candidates who they will be meeting and what kind of questions they will be asked.

And if candidates are conducting a video assessment interview, add an employer video that welcomes them to the assessments, divulges all the information they need, and perhaps gives them a couple of great tips and tricks.

Bonus goal: Be happy and healthy

Bad habits can impact your career path, without you even knowing it. Perhaps you have the habit of over-stressing about tasks or the talent acquisition process. This is where you need to allocate some time for yourself to unwind – and let loose. Maybe it’s a quick healthy snack, a 15 minute daily exercise, an outdoor lunch with your friends or teammates, or maybe a walking work meeting.

For 2022, enjoy your life to the fullest – and your job! Once you truly put your passion to your work, everything else will fall back into place.

To achieve some lasting change in 2022, we’ll wrap this blog post with just four words: Choose. Focus. Finish. Repeat.

Achieve all your HR goals in 2022‏

Easily collaborate with hiring teams, evaluate new candidates, share consistent feedback, and hire the best talent, all with our award-winning recruitment software.
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