9 Spectacular Reasons to Modernize Your Remote Recruitment Process

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A recruiter enjoying a remote recruitment process

Did you know that around 60% of employers don’t have a talent pipeline?

No wonder businesses are struggling to hire top talent in today’s challenging remote recruitment process.

To unfold the grim reality, AI and hiring technology are moving faster than ever. In fact, they’re actively shaping new HR trends. So if companies can’t keep up with the pace, or take the initiative to modernize their remote recruitment process, then they’re going to miss out on some incredible benefits.

To name a few, hiring technology has the capacity to automate, optimize, enhance and speed up every aspect of the hiring process.

If you’re looking for some powerful reasons to modernize the way you hire, then you came to the right place! Check out why you should revamp your remote recruitment process with innovative technology today.

Getting access to a powerful ATS

Who wouldn’t love to reduce the time burden of hiring? In this digital age We’re pretty sure every recruiter would love to ditch the paper forms and save as much time as possible, to finally get back home on time. When you modernize your hiring process, you can get access to a powerful applicant tracking system that is customizable, integrates with your job boards, increases your pool of qualified candidates, centralizes your data, and helps you reduce hiring costs.

Automating all HR processes

By leveraging an advanced ATS and AI recruitment software you will be able to automate time-consuming tasks and focus more on meaningful work. When you modernize your hiring process, you will be able to automate and customize your hiring pipelines, according to your own preferences and needs. For instance, our AI recruitment software can help you automate the process of screening, assessing, filtering, shortlisting and ranking candidates in one place only. This can help you reduce time to hire by 90%!

Creating a branded career page

As a recruiter, you must know that your career page is the foundation of the remote recruitment process. Therefore, by modernizing your career page with an recruitment software like ours, you will be able to seamlessly attract, engage, and convert top talent. With a modern branded career page, you can customize the colors that represent your brand, add your favicon, logo, team pictures, and videos of your company. This way, you can enhance the candidate’s response rate by an incredible 92%.

Streamlining job applications

Did you know that 60% of candidates drop out and abandon their applications because the remote recruitment process took too long? Both recruiters and candidates know the grueling effect of lengthy processes and their direct effect on the churn rate. When you modernize your remote recruitment process, you streamline job applications and eliminate any disappointment, frustration, or anger tethered to missed opportunities or chance of employment.

Leveraging video interviewing

Since the Covid19 outbreak, video interviewing got quite of the buzz. It became every HR department’s refuge in the midst of lockdown and remote work. Video assessment interviews can help you instantly compare and assess numerous candidates without slowing down the remote recruitment process. They’re also a great way for you to get more thorough personality insights, make accurate decisions, and move the right candidates forward in the hiring pipeline.

Boosting team collaboration

Team collaboration is a sport. The more team members work tightly together, the better the chances are of attracting top talent. Therefore, by modernizing your hiring process with an AI recruitment software like ours, you and your teammates can share feedback, leave comments, complete tasks, and engage in timely discussions, all in ONE place. This way, team members can explore collaborative ways to assess together, make more informed decisions together, and screen candidates in a shorter amount of time.

Enhancing the candidate experience

83% of candidates say that they would not apply to a job again after a bad experience. With our AI recruitment software, recruiters will be able to give candidates the time, effort, and chance they deserve. Where you will be able to personalize communication, keep candidates in the loop, and spend more time with candidates remotely. All while ensuring timely communication with them, which will foster and create a memorable candidate experience.

Improving quality of hire

Finding the right fit can be quite debilitating, especially when all the efforts exerted into finding the right talent, goes to waste. By modernizing your remote recruitment process with our recruitment software, you can allocate weights of importance to the criteria that is most important to you.

The criteria can be related to location, skills, gender, willingness to travel, experience or industry – and much more. After you allocate the weights of importance, our hiring solution will filter through the candidates and help you spot the most qualified ones in seconds. As a result, reducing the cost per screening by 70% and improving the quality of hire by 85%!

Making accurate hiring decisions

Many recruiters are following the outdated approach to hiring. Which means, recruiters today find themselves at a rush to hire the right talent, without having the right tools or resources. As a result, recruiters might be inclined to make biased, emotional, or inconsistent decisions when interviewing candidates.

With our modern recruitment software, recruiters can drag and drop, and filter a mass number of resumes based on keywords. Then, the hiring solution with rank candidates from highest to lowest match, and provide a matching percentage that dictates how relevant the candidate’s profile is to the job vacancy.

This can help recruiters instantly spot the best candidates and make the right hiring decision effortlessly, without the need to second guess themselves or invoke any biased decisions.

Moral of the story

Modernizing your hiring process is your secret weapon to stay on that competitive edge. Leveraging new technologies can ultimately boost the way you hire. With an AI hiring solution you can effortlessly modernize your talent acquisition function and find new innovative ways to engage and hire candidates.

So, if you’re looking for a creative way to flip turn and enhance your existing hiring process then don’t miss out on giving our recruitment software a try. Get to see for yourself how modernizing your remote recruitment process will forever revolutionize the way you hire!

Become a leader in hiring today!

Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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